Jingping Wang 王景平

More than 15+ years of experience in software development. Projects participated include from large scale insurance/banking web applications to mobile applications. In recent years, I have been engaged in software defined networking and 4G/5G user data plane networking.

  Taipei City, Taiwan

Phone: (+886)-908-021-899

E-Mail: jingping.w@tcs.com


Full Stack Engineer  • TATA Consultancy Services (TCS)

Jan. 2023 - Present

  • TaiShin Bank Richart App Frontend / 台新 Richart 數位銀行
  • TaiShin Bank Richart App Backend / 台新 Richart 數位銀行

TaiShin International Bank Richart app is the leading digital bank app in Taiwan. I was responsible in frontend/backend development in every 3 weeks sprint to fulfill the story owner’s stories/requirements.

Senior Engineer  •  Institute for Information Industry (III) 資策會

Apr. 2009 - Dec. 2022

  • 5G Core Network UPF Data Plane with Hardware Acceleration / 5G核心網路
  • Tech Building Meeting Room Network Flow Management System / 科服大樓會議室網路流量管理系統
  • In-Snergy Green Energy Management Platform / 智慧綠能聯網共通平台

 🏆 Institute for Information Industry Outstanding Employee of 2011 / 資策會102年度資優人員表揚
🏆 R&D100 Awards 2011 / R&D100 獲獎團隊

During the early stage of III, I was the main builder of the In-Snergy Energy Management Platform. The team starts with 4 people. I built the software part of the system from scratch to a whole platform, including system architecture, database design, software design/development, API server for external services, and mobile apps. Software design from backend Java system, to frontend web browser thin client and mobile applications. The team grows to almost 20 people. This project was awarded R&D100 Awards in 2011, which is the first R&D 100 Award of III. I was also awarded the III Outstanding Employee of 2011.

Later stage in III, I joined the team of SDN networking and 4G/5G Core System. Software design from backend Python system, to frontend web browser thin client. I built from scratch the UPF data plane with P4 SmartNIC hardware acceleration. The data transmission was a 67% increase and optimized from 6 Gbps to 10 Gbps. The optimization scheme also obtained patents in Taiwan, US, and Europe.

Project Manager  •  SYSPLUS Corp. 精創科技

Dec. 2007 - Dec. 2008

  • Chailease Car Loan Collection System / 中租迪和車貸催收系統
  • B&Q e-Commerce Web / 電子商務網站

Chailease is the largest lease company in Taiwan. I was mainly responsible for the Car Load Collection System, as a project manager and a software designer. Software design from backend Java system, to frontend web browser thin client.

R&D Manager  •  Frankson Corp. 億誠企業

Oct. 2006 - Nov. 2007

Mainly MIS tasks and integration of a Content Management System.

BPM Consultant  •  E-form Information 弈丰資訊

May 2005 - Jun. 2006

  • Cathay Life Insurance Business Process Management System / 國泰人壽 FileNet BPM 系統 / 影像進件系統

Mainly responsible for integration of Cathay Life Insurance BPM System. Cathay Life Insurance holds most of the market share in Taiwan.

Project Manager  • Flowring Technology Corp. 華苓科技

Sep. 2004 - May 2005

  • Flowring Official Document Management System / 華苓公文管理系統 / 交通大學、陽明大學公文系統

Mainly responsible for integration of Official Document System of 2 universities, NCTU and NYMU. Software design from backend Java system, to frontend web browser thin client.

Senior System Designer  •  Ringline Corp. 麟瑞科技

Jan. 2003 - Sep. 2004

  • Tivoli Asset Resource Management System / 資訊資產報表系統
  • Cathay Life Insurance Human Resource System / 國泰人壽台灣人事系統
  • Cathay Life Insurance Core System / 國泰人壽大陸壽險核心系統
  • Bank of Taiwan Financial Management Account System / 台灣銀行理財管理帳戶系統
  • Taiwan Cooperative Bank Remote Router Management System / 合作金庫遠端路由器管理系統

Mainly finance/insurance projects, including Cathay Life Insurance Core System and Bank of Taiwan Financial Management Account System.  Software design from backend Java system, to frontend web browser thin client.


C/C++  P4  Python  Java  JSP/Servlet  Portlet  JavaScript  HTML  CSS  XML  UML  SQL  Struts  Spring  Hibernate  Django  jQuery  CanvasJS  Wijmo  Titanium Mobile 

AIX/UNIX/Linux  Windows  DB2  Oracle  MS SQL  MySQL 

Workflow Management  Business Process Management  Enterprise Content Management 

Project Management 


National Taiwan University

Graduate School of Atmospheric Sciences  •  1995 - 1998

National Taiwan University

Atmospheric Sciences  •  1991 - 1995


Jan. 2020

Azure AI Engineer Associate


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Project Management Institute

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Sun Microsystems

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