João Cunha 

Brazil · [email protected]

I'm a self-taught Front-End Engineer who's spent over a decade making the web a tiny bit better of a place. I have worked with industry-leading companies that serve over 2 billion page views per month, on products where performance and accessibility are paramount.

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University of Western São Paulo

Bachelor in Music Technology, Production and Multimedia

2004 - 2006 (dropout)


Fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Learning Russian.


Front-End Consultant Anywhere, Earth - Mar 2017 - Present

Consultancy in Front-End Engineering and Accessibility to a major Dubai telecom and a handful of selected, smaller clients.

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Senior Front-End Engineer

FetLife Vancouver, Canada · Feb 2015 to Mar 2017 · 2 yrs 2 mos

FetLife is the largest adult social network in the world, a top 600 website in most English speaking countries with over 6 million members and 2 billion page views per month.

As a team we stabilized and reduced the overall response time for the entire site, cleaned up millions of extraneous queries per second, rewrote or removed entire legacy services, prototyped a new version of the product in React.JS and cleaned up huge amounts of legacy JS and CSS, all while improving uptime and availability of the site.

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Senior Front-End Engineer & Tech Lead

Dubizzle, OLX Dubai, UAE · May 2013 to Feb 2015 · 1 yr 10 mos

Dubizzle is the largest Middle Eastern online classifieds. Emerging markets require deep focus on performance and accessibility to support old devices and slow connections.

Crafted the front-end of Dubizzle's new "Place an Ad" process from scratch, a behemoth consisted of more than fifty pages, seven different routes, and dozens of entry and exit points. I wrote about the process on Medium.

Led the engineering of UNO, a cross-department effort to rebrand Dubizzle. It defined the grounds for the future of the company's online presence.

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Front-End Engineer

Wepul Dubai, UAE · Jun 13 to May 2014 · 1 yr

Partnered three friends and launched, a microlessons (formerly skills bartering) platform. I was responsible for leveraging its early days' front-end, but have also been part of the creative process, usability testing sessions, marketing efforts, etc.

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Full-Stack Developer

Gamerchants - MMORPG E-Commerce                    Criar Digital - Digital Agency                              Tecnoponta - I.T. Training
Feb 2010 to Dec 2012 · 2 yrs 11mos                                  Sep 2009 to Feb 2010 · 6 mos                                Oct 2006 to Sep 2009 · 3 yrs


React · PWA · RWD · CSS3 · ES2017 · HTML5 · Node.js · Webpack · Rails · Gulp · Grunt · NPM · React Native · jQuery

Web Accessibility · AVA · Jest · PHP · Git · Redux · Functional JS · PostCSS · Stylus · Sass · BEM · Atomic CSS

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