Optimize Your Job Search Results

CakeResume has a large recruitment network with a team of professional consultants. We will be able to match you with a suitable job via our free 30-minute consultation session, so you can avoid unnecessary road hurdles at the same time increase your job search efficiency.

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How it Works

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Understand Your Needs

We will first schedule you a free consultation session to learn about your professional skills, personality traits, job preferences, salary expectations, and etc.

Match You With a Suitable Corporate and Position

CakeResume has a large job database. With its AI ​​matching system, we will be able to find you the right job quickly and notify you immediately.

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Schedule for the Job Interview

We will arrange an interview for you for any suitable job that interests you.

Expectation Negotiation & Hiring

After the interview, we will assist you in negotiating with the company for things like the salary expectations and offer details to help you get hired!

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Completely free!
(CakeResume reserves the right to provide its consulting services.)

Why Should You Look For a Job Through Us?

A Large Recruitment Network

A Large Recruitment Network

According to statistics, 80% of jobs are not published on the Internet. CakeResume assists thousands of companies in recruiting talents and has a huge undisclosed job database. You won't miss out on any potential opportunities with CakeResume.

Match You With a Suitable Job Based on Your Skills and Traits

Match You With a Suitable Job Based on Your Skills and Traits

On top of matching your skills with job requirements, we value that your personality traits are in line with the corporate culture, so that you can walk into the office with a smile every morning for your next job!

Bridging the Gap Between You and the Company

Bridging the Gap Between You and the Company

CakeResume's professional recruitment consultants will assist you in communicating with your company about your job and salary expectations to enhance your job search outcomes.

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