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Build an Effective Talent Pool

After setting up a Company Page on CakeResume, you can attract top talents to your company. Create a talent pipeline with CakeResume and maintain a pool of quality candidates.

Cultivate an Employer Brand

CakeResume helps the right talents find YOU! By setting up a Company Page, job seekers can acquire information fast about your company culture, products/service, welfare policy, etc.

Manage Job Applications Easily

CakeResume’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) helps you screen, manage, and keep track of job applications. Features like commenting & labeling allow your team to work better together.

Job Posting

Speed Up the Recruiting Process

Job seekers love CakeResume Job Search! After creating a company page on CakeResume, you can attract top talents to your company and grow your employer brand effortlessly.

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FAQs about CakeResume Job Posting

Is it free to post jobs on CakeResume? Will there be any extra charges?

A company can post up to 3 jobs for free on CakeResume. An upgrade is available to companies that would like to post more than 3 jobs.
No extra fee would be charged for receiving resumes or making hires. Do note that Starter Plan Users (Free Accounts) only have access to job applications submitted within 30 days.
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Why CakeResume Job Posting?

Trusted by many top tech companies, CakeResume is the fastest growing recruiting platform specializing in the IT sector. Using CakeResume for recruiting can help you attract top talent easily.

What kind of talent can I find on CakeResume?

Digital & Tech Talent is the major proportion of CakeResume Talent Pool, including 30% of software development professionals, and talents in the fields of design, marketing, business development, and etc.

Can I find senior-level talent on CakeResume?

There are a number of experienced and senior-level talents who have joined CakeResume. Many companies have successfully recruited senior (with 10+ years’ experience), and highly-skilled talent, including several managerial positions.

How can CakeResume help grow my employer brand?

Apart from job posting, CakeResume provides a comprehensive service for companies to improve employer branding effectively, including interview-based article writing, podcast recording (Talent Connect), speed interview hosting, career workshop organizing, and etc.