JobEspresso Recruitment Platform

You can directly contact mid-senior level talenton JobEspresso, and grow your business more effectively!

JobEspresso allows you to directly contact mid-senior level talent selected by us

After joining JobEspresso Recruitment Platform, the system will automatically select suitable candidates for you. Every candidate has been through our resume/CV screening, and is actively looking for a job. You can take a look at the profiles, and contact candidates directly.





search talent

Search for Top Talent

JobEspresso Talent Database can speed up your recruitment process.

call candidate

Contact Talent Directly

Increase recruitment efficiency by directly contacting the preferred candidates.

company value

Convey Company Value

Communicate company values and culture to the candidate in person.

Book an Appointment

Have a 30-minute call with us to learn more about the procedure and pricing of JobEspresso, and help us understand your hiring needs.

View Candidate Profiles

Every candidate in the JobEspresso Talent Pool has a complete profile, which can help you assess candidates’ suitability.

Book an Appointment

Find the Right Talent Quickly

Only candidates approved by us and are actively looking for jobs can join JobEspresso Talent Pool. Therefore, you can find the right talent more efficiently.

Contact Candidates Directly

You can directly message the candidates you’re interested in. Direct communication can not only speed up the recruitment process, but increase the hiring rate.


Really excited to see the rise of a new recruitment method! Compared to other headhunting services, JobEspresso Recruitment Platform is more straightforward and efficient. Candidates on the platform are carefully selected. I was able to get in touch with several quality talents and successfully recruited a few of them.

JobEspresso recommended candidates to me precisely based on the job requirements. Though I didn’t receive a lot of candidates, most of the ones recommended are interview-worthy. Besides, being able to contact candidates directly reduces communication costs greatly. For those who want to recruit faster, I highly recommend JobEspresso!