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Responsibilities: Single point of contact for FSO on spares issues Constrained Part Management & Resolution CIP activities (Development of new or existing business processes) Supplier capacity or related issue resolution Develop Recovery plans and communicate to internal customers Perform RCCA for Critical Escalations Coordination within OCE Spares Functions Manage Cross Functional Task Forces Product obsolesce Management New Spares product support Key Attributes for Candidate Position: Highly M
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為什麼要加入 股股? 加入股股 🐣 讓你一邊工作,一邊成為投資達人! 認真工作老闆幫你加薪 ❤️ 投資美股再幫自己加薪 💰 <您的工作內容有...> 利用自身的專案管理能力監測系統開發週期 專案
45K ~ 50K TWD / 月
2 years of experience required
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【What you’ll be doing】 - Product owner of our 3rd party integraiton service and Open API service for requirement clarification, prioritization and execution - Work with cross-functional stakeholders to gather and translate the business needs into product requirements - Establish work flow to manage different 3rd party service integration and Open API service and reduce the impact on integration - Work closely with EC engineers to define implementation plan and fulfill request by building the ser
1.1M ~ 1.6M TWD / 年
5 years of experience required
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興趣請填寫此申請表,上傳履歷表,並預約線上面談 👉 APPLY NOW 【公司詳細資訊】 投履歷與面試前,請先閱讀 📕 READ PRE-INTERVIEW INFO NOW | Job Description This is a technical position specifically for SEO / GA Specialist. Technical skills in SEO is required. If you're interested in general online marketing, please apply to our
Marketing Strategy
812K ~ 1.8M TWD / 年
3 years of experience required
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Location: 任選(林口/新竹/台中/台南) You will • Performs standard Tier I procedures including wafer measurement. • Performs preventative maintenance and wet cleans independently. Assists senior engineers with corrective maintenance as needed. • Disassembles, cleans and rebuilds kits as part of kit management quality. • Learns and applies diagnostic techniques and use of documentation and test equipment with assistance from senior engineers. • Able to diagnose and resolve basic technical problems
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# 關於 rezio - 專為目的地旅遊業者打造的預訂系統。 - 協助在地旅遊體驗商家數位轉型,與全世界接軌。 - 幫助業者輕鬆建立預約官網、整合金流支付並匯集多來源平台訂單、手機上就能接單理單控位,大
700K ~ 1.2M TWD / 年
3 years of experience required
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emerging start-up building a next-generation technology for providing security in our homes. Using the most cutting-edge form of machine learning (Deep Learning), it turning our cutting-edge cameras into an intelligent crime prediction system. We are a tight-knit, fast-paced, high-energy startup team. We put AI behind a home camera and prevent crime while it’s in progress. === About this Job === We are seeking an experienced (preferably 10+ years) Technica
2.7M ~ 3.2M TWD / 年
10 years of experience required
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協助作戰 40% 專案執行前向客戶索取所需資料,整合歷史資料供團隊參考 掌握戰況進度並整合作戰資料,關聯戰場資訊協助隊友找到突破點 專案中與客戶溝通、協調需求、取得雙方共識 整理檢測
1M ~ 1.3M TWD / 年
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Purpose of Job Design and analyze IT infrastructure within DF IT standard and guidelines with the objective to achieve operational excellence and deliver cost-effective solution for supporting business. Assignment 1. Analyze existing IT operations of the local technical team and scheduling meetings to discuss improvements 2. Guiding local technical team through technical issues and challenges, especial in P1 incident 3. Creation of standard technical design and solution across markets 4. Plan, p
40K+ TWD / 月
5 years of experience required
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1. 熟悉雲端服務IaaS/PaaS/SaaS等常見功能應用,先以AWS為主、GCP次之。 2. 企業客戶服務障礙分析與故障排除。 3. 執行企業客戶POC測試與服務上線。 4. 需與原廠TAM (Technical Account Manager)技術團隊Co-Work。 5. 主
Cloud Services
40K ~ 80K TWD / 月
2 years of experience required