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Python 工程師

1. Develop and maintain back-end systems. 2. Perform research and development task: Mainly digital payment related and O2O function.

Updated 3 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level


Quality Engineer

This role will require the candidate to ensure that we are only shipping quality code and providing statistical information for quality i...

Updated 5 days agoPer year TWD 600,000 ~ 1,800,000

Full-timeEntry level台北



工作要求 】 熟悉 Python (Django or Flask)開發方式及框架原理 使用過 (React, Vue.js, AngularJS) 任何一種 Framework熟悉 PostgreSQL、MySQL使用過GCP or AWS服務對商業有同等熱情理解 CI CD,並且會寫測試有 Github 帳號有 3 年以上軟體開發經驗 【加分條件...

Updated 11 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 85,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


後端軟體工程師 (資淺)

班地點彈性可申請工作用電腦,公司視工作需求配予 Mac mini/Macbook Pro/Macbook Air    備註 工作時間: 星期一到五 09:30 ~ 18:30.工作時間可彈性調整試用期為開始上班後的三個月   我們使用的 Technical stack 如下 AWSDockerNginxPHPLaravelGithub Electron frameworkReact & ReduxJenkinsCI/CDNode.jsPythonBootstrapMySQLGitlabKubernetesGCP ...

Updated 5 days agoPer year TWD 500,000 ~ 700,000

Full-timeEntry level可遠端工作台北台灣


Machine Learning Scientist

with software and DevOps engineers to build production-level products • Applied experience with handling and analyzing large-scale datasets • Experience with at least one modeling framework such as R, Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, or Keras • Expertise in programming languages such as Python, R, or Java • Fluency in SQL-like programming languages • Experience in Hadoop ecosystem such as Spark, Hive • Experience with cloud services such as AWS or GCP is a plus • Knowledge and experience in deep learning models is a plus...

Updated 8 days agoPer year TWD 840,000 ~ 1,680,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北松山區捷運中山國中站


Taiwan - Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

that our product is changing the way people shop onlineInterest in exploring and learning the latest technologies in the industry.Requirements 5+ years of relevant work experienceHands on experience working with NodeJS (Most Preferred)Experience working with cloud services like AWS, Heroku or Google cloud platformExperience on different databases. Relational (PostgreSQL, MySQL, ...) or NoSQL(MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra)Extensive REST API development experienceExcellent verbal and written communication skills, a team player with strong analytical, problem solving, debugging, and troubleshooting skills. ...

Updated 16 days agoMonthly TWD 80,000 ~ 140,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北台灣松山區


Taiwan - Senior Software Engineer(DevOps)

the systems highly secureExplore new and creative DevOps approaches to ensure production stability and high availabilityWork closely with various other teams to improve operations, functionalities and efficiencyLive the start-up spirit and deliver mature craft Requirements  Previous experience working with AWS or similar cloud providerExtensive experience in Unix or GNU/Linux system administration with at least 5 years experienceExpertise with one or more of Python, Bash, Perl, GolangAt least 2 years of relevant work experience with Python, Java, PHP, JavaScripts...

Updated 16 days agoMonthly TWD 80,000 ~ 140,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北台灣松山區


Senior Backend Engineer 資深後端工程師

職務內容: 設計Adenovo業務相關之系統平台,建立快速且具擴充性及高乘載之系統 參與專案開發與程式碼審查 維護且適時重構現有專案,並完成新專案 與團隊成員協同合作,規劃並設計專案,並適時...

Updated 9 days agoMonthly TWD 70,000 ~ 150,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台灣台北


【開發團隊】伺服器工程師 Server Engineer

A Day in Akatsuki - Engineer ◼工作內容• 建立網路底層基礎設施 • 多人連線網路處理• 伺服器網站維護 • 資料庫建構與使用• 網路同步機制撰寫• 遊戲邏輯開發◼開發程式語⾔• Language: Ruby on Rails• Database: MySQL• IaaS: AWS• VCS: Git/GitHub • OS: Linux • 開發環境: Mac...

Updated 10 days agoPer year TWD 550,000 ~ 1,400,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


後端軟體工程師 Backend Software Engineer

Operating Akohub's Software-as-a-Service requires scalable and stable system architecture. We're seeking backend software engineers to build the latest Facebook marketing and messenger solutions and maintain our backend servers with our development team. Responsibilities: Participate in new product development with product development team.Maintain the existing web services.Write technical documentation. Please send your resume to [email protected]

Updated 4 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 110,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level大安區台北


[台北] 技術長 IT Engineering and Architect Director

At TechDesign, we aim to bring the electronic supply chain online and make hardware innovation accessible to everyone. We are looking for independent thinkers and passionate doers to build an ecosystem that turns ideas into reality. You will be integral in building an online platform that connects hardware creators/start-ups, design houses, and electronic suppliers together. You will be working with business stakeholders to make this platform a service and deliver seamless user experience. You will be the mastermind...

Updated 10 days ago



後端軟體開發實習 BackEnd Software Development Internship

【公司簡介】 Akohub 幫助全球電商品牌將創意內容精準傳遞給目標客群。 我們的精準行銷與消費者行為數據分析平台,提供全球獨立電商品牌最新的行銷工具與策略優化,用最有效率的預算達到最...

Updated 4 days agoHourly TWD 160 ~ 200



Backend Engineer

打造世界一流產品,歡迎與我們聯繫。工作內容 Cubo backend 架構設計、開發新功能與維護目前雲端建構在 AWS 系統上,採用 micro-service (serverless 架構),以 node.js 開發串接其他 AWS 服務單元測試與公司內行銷、客服以及 app 等不...

Updated 27 days agoMonthly TWD 50,000 ~ 80,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北市


DevOps Engineer(Ad Network)

on the optimization. [About You] - 2+ years relevant experience. - Expertise in hands-on coding and scripting in at least two languages (Shell, Python, Go, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript etc) - Experience in administration and operation of public cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, 阿里雲, IBM Cloud) - Experience in Docker operation . - Experience with CI/CD & Automation systems (eg Ansible, Puppet, Salt, Chef, Jenkins) . - Experience with monitoring, alerting, and log pipeline analysis tools (Nagios, Graylog2, etc.) - Good collaboration and communication with team...

Updated 8 days agoPer year TWD 900,000 ~ 1,200,000

Full-timeEntry level松山區台北捷運中山國中站


Data Analyst (Analytics)

and/or statistical inference, with fair understanding details under the hood and good balance between methodology and practice. -Coding, coding, coding in Python or R. -Efficient in SQL-like data query. -Linux, Git/GitLab and cloud computing experience, such as AWS, GCP, is a plus. -Hadoop ecosystem experience, such as Spark, Hive, is a plus. -Hands-on designing/implementing end-to-end data ETL pipeline experience is a plus. -Building insights dashboards experience using, for example Tableau is a plus...

Updated 16 days agoPer year TWD 840,000 ~ 1,680,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level松山區台北捷運中山國中站



《工作內容》 1.  參與各種iOS APP與相關產品開發以及功能發想 2.  維護現有的產品,不斷的優化原有功能、使用經驗及架構,推出更優秀的版本 《團隊介紹》   智慧城市的議題是引領物聯網產業、人工智慧...

Updated 20 days agoMonthly TWD 35,000 ~ 60,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level新北汐止區


Senior Backend & Blockchain Engineer 資深後端兼區塊鏈工程師

職務內容: 設計Adenovo業務相關之系統平台,建立快速且具擴充性及高乘載之系統。 參與專案開發與程式碼審查。 維護且適時重構現有專案,並完成新專案。 與團隊成員協同合作,規劃並設計專案,並適時...

Updated 9 days agoMonthly TWD 70,000 ~ 150,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北台灣


【國際營運】伺服器工程師 Server Engineer

⾏⼿機遊戲的 API 開發、底層建構• 利用開發技術改進產品維運流程與管理• 新版本程式 Merge 與 Debug • 伺服器設定、維運與效能優化• 資料庫系統開發◼開發程式語⾔• Language: Ruby on Rails• Database: MySQL• IaaS: AWS• VCS: Git/GitHub • OS: Linux • 開發環境: Mac...

Updated 10 days agoPer year TWD 550,000 ~ 1,400,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

Perkd Taiwan


希望的人才有對於 AWS DevOps 跟 Node JS 有經驗的工程師。  您的主要任務會是在 Database 跟網路構建工程上,以及加強整體流水線跟維持遊戲伺服器的長期運作。 - 維護軟體的穩定性,以及擴展伺服器規模  - 優秀的...

Updated 12 days agoPer year TWD 450,000 ~ 1,000,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台灣台北


PHP 程式設計師

1. 熟悉 PHP 網站程式開發,3 年經驗以上2. 熟悉 SQL 語法及資料庫運用3. 了解 HTML、CSS、Javascript 語法4. 了解網站系統介接 Web API 或 Web Service 的開發應用5. 曾參與開發企業電子商務網站程式或有 AWS 管理經驗者尤...

Updated 18 days agoPer year TWD 70 ~ 100

Full-timeMid-Senior level台灣台北宜蘭

Tricella Inc.

Back-end developer (Python, Django)

* Design architecture of a stable back end * Formulate test plan to validate code integrity * Self-motivated and self-managed to achieve goal * Experience with AWS and Microservices * Clearly articulate and document API’s * Cooperate with APP Engineer * Regularly meet development milestones on time ...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 50,000 ~ 120,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北



時刻旅行網站開發維護新服務開發(集資訂閱、智慧旅行社等等) 旅行電商平台開發 ...

Updated 20 days agoMonthly TWD 100,000 ~ 120,000


Cotiree (雲磁科技股份有限公司)

Front-end Engineer

effectively manage their online presence and perform digital marketing. We will leverage analytics from a unique & new dimension of customer behavior to enable precision advertising and marketing automation, helping merchants drive overall revenues.You will be responsible to develop and maintain the front-end part of our platform. You will also have the opportunity to work on all aspects of the platform – including but not limited to the cloud back-end (AWS), web-based front-end, and 3rd party integrations. ...

Updated 19 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 90,000

Full-timeEntry level台北內湖科技園區


AWS 雲端工程師

熟悉 網路架構, Router, Load balancing, Firewall, VPN 設定/管理  熟悉 MySQL, Aurora, DynamoDB 資料庫管理。  整體網路架構之維護管理與監控、流量控制、安全規劃及問題協調追蹤與排除。  熟悉DevOps自動化建構系統,配置管理系統,打包部署系統 優...

Updated 6 days agoMonthly TWD 45,000 ~ 60,000

Full-timeEntry level松山區

Oriente 香港商奧東有限公司台灣分公司

Backend Software Engineer (Junior/Senior)

Build and create new features API for our apps (customer-facing and internal). Take ownership of specific modules, maintain it and make recommendations. Join the team in product planning and design. Write clean, well-documented and efficient code. Design microservice and serverless system structure flow. ...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區捷運南京復興站


⚡️早餐吃麥片 - 全端工程師 Fullstack Engineer(熟 php / js )

案  對商業有同等熱情 有 3 年以上軟體開發經驗 【加分條件】 有 Github 帳號   熟悉網站優化與 Server 效能調整(AWS)  熟悉 Magento瞭解 MVC 架構,MVP(minimum viable product)概念參與過 Open Source Project  有自己的技術分享部落格  待過新創團隊  有專...

Updated 3 months agoMonthly TWD 80,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北



《工作內容》 1. 負責停車大聲公Backend API 規劃、開發、部屬與維護。 2. 開發後端管理Web App。 3. 負責停車大聲公DevOps,分析與監測數據。 4. 參與團隊開發設計流程,持續改善產品。 《團隊介紹》 智慧城市的議題是引領...

Updated 20 days agoMonthly TWD 35,000 ~ 60,000

Full-timeEntry level新北汐止區


⚡️早餐吃麥片 - 資深後端網頁工程師(PHP)

做為行動端雙平台的開發框架,現有內部的 Dashboard 與工具則主要使用 Python (Django) / Angular.js,Server 等雲端服務則選用 AWS (EC2 / RDS / Coludfront) 系列 面對用戶,我們是一家 Product-Driven 的公司,我們相信唯有打造好產品、挖掘挑選好商品,才能...

Updated 3 months agoMonthly TWD 80,000 ~ 90,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


後端工程師 Backend Engineer

 工作內容 - REST API 開發- WebSocket API 開發- 資料庫管理   技能需求 必備- 熟悉 NodeJS- 熟悉任一關聯式資料庫- 熟悉 Git- Linux 基本操作能力 加分項- 熟悉 Express Framework- 熟悉 PostgreSQL 或 MySQL- 曾開發過 WebSocket 應用- 曾使用過 Docker- 曾使用過 AWS   經驗需求...

Updated 11 days agoMonthly TWD 35,000 ~ 60,000

Full-timeEntry level台北大直


Accupass活動通 資深後端主管 (Senior Back-end Team Leader)

工作內容 1. 負責Accupass活動通旗下所有產品的系統架構規劃,技術方案設計及技術團隊帶領。2. 熟悉雲端Saas平台網站維運,面對複雜業務場景及產品各式需求可快速應對。 加分項目 1. 具跨境電商網...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 75,000 ~ 100,000



Accupass 活動通 後端工程師 (Back-end Engineer)

工作內容負責Accupass活動通網站系統的程式開發、架構設計和維運工作。 加分項目 有電商或網路新創產業相關經驗。 文化特色 1. 特休優於勞基法,滿一年除了有10天特休外,另有2天帶薪充電假;2. 讓...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 35,000 ~ 50,000

Full-timeEntry level台北中山區中山國小站


Python 工程師 (Python, Django)

過精準的資料探索及人工智慧來進行網路銷售分析及預測,同時您將熟悉垂直性電子商務的技術及經營模式。1. 熟悉 Python 及 Django Framework 2. 理解 CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML53. 使用 Git / AWS / Slack / Spark / Jenkins 4. 對數據資料分析有強烈興趣...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 50,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北台灣