網站開發工程師 (Web Developer)

【工作內容】 參與各項功能開發計劃/功能發想,與產品團隊共同合作,開發web/mobile web/in-app webpage, RESTful APIs等服務,不只是寫程式,讓我們一起共同打造令人感到驕傲的產品。 【應徵條件】 1. 有PHP or c#.net 開發經驗...

4 天前更新年薪 TWD 700,000 ~ 1,000,000



Web Backend Developer 後端工程師

1. 負責開發和維護 web 服務, 包含 web/mobile web/in-app webpage, RESTful APIs   2. 會和前端工程師還有 app 工程師密切合作   3. 需要編寫注解並完成測試   4. 需要持續優化代碼 1. You will be responsible to develop and maintain web service, including web/mobile web/in-app webpage, RESTful APIs...

3 天前更新月薪 TWD 50,000 ~ 90,000


Oriente 香港商奧東有限公司台灣分公司

Android Developer

The Requirements Fluency in Mandarin and English3+ years of experience in developing native Android Applications3+ years work experience as a software engineer or relevant experience (Java)Experience with at least one back-end/server-side system to include, but not limited to: RoR, node.js, Python, etc.Familiar with agile programming techniques including pair programming, test driven equipment, and continuous integrationStrong attention to detail on every line of code, every unit test, and every commitProven track record of...

14 天前更新年薪 USD 40,000 ~ 60,000



網頁工程師 Web Developer

is a fantastic opportunity to join like-minded people to build something out of the ordinary and learn from each other. You will be tasked to: 1. Assist in user interface design, workflow design and business rules. 2. Build and integrate the website including front and back-end. 3. Maintain and support the website. 4. Work with Senior Engineer.If you think you are the right person, don't wait for this rare opportunity to slip away, contact us now! ...

10 天前更新月薪 TWD 30,000 ~ 45,000


Oriente 香港商奧東有限公司台灣分公司

QA Automation Engineer

The Requirements Fluency in Mandarin and EnglishProven work experience in software developmentExperience in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test casesHands-on experience with automated testing tools in both frontend (Android/iOS/Web) and backend (REST API) testingSolid knowledge of SQL and shell scriptReview requirements, specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedbackCreate detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test plans and test casesDesign, develop and execute automation scripts using open source toolsIdentify, record, document...

14 天前更新年薪 USD 40,000 ~ 60,000


Oriente 香港商奧東有限公司台灣分公司

Sr. Front-end developer

The Requirements Fluency in Mandarin and EnglishJavaScript Front end frameworks – React, Angular, Vue, Redux, Ember etc.CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScriptStyling pre-compilers – SASS, LESSTask runners – Gulp, Grunt.Enhance Snapask’s backend system.Data Science & Business Intelligence support.Recommendation & matching logic to be smarter.Basic understanding of managing and using Amazon Web Services, Bitnami, Heroku or other Cloud related services.Knowledge of designing and using Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Program Interfaces (APls) interface with other 3rd party services.Since you...

14 天前更新年薪 USD 40,000 ~ 60,000



Web Developer 網站開發工程師 - 後端Backend

你曾想過開發一個前所未有的社交旅遊平台,實現以下目標嗎?  1 透過技術創造每天數萬活躍User,形成口碑效應、用戶自主性快速增長 2 開發的每個功能都是使用者回饋的痛點(需求),而非偽需求...

5 天前更新月薪 TWD 35,000 ~ 70,000



Web Developer 網站開發工程師 實習 - 後端 Backend

你曾想過開發一個前所未有的社交旅遊平台,實現以下目標嗎?   1 透過技術創造每天數萬活躍User,形成口碑效應、用戶自主性快速增長   2 開發的每個功能都是使用者回饋的痛點(需求),而非偽需求...

5 天前更新時薪 TWD 140 ~ 250



[台北] 技術長 IT Engineering and Architect Director

Lead the engineering team to develop web-based platform, and related systems/modulized service solutions in order to achieve business goals.Define and build full suite of system architecture (front-end and back-end development, operations, databases and business intelligence/analytics) to support business delivery.Blueprint technology roadmap based on TechDesign’s vision and mission.Build an agile engineering development model to rapidly implement product. feature launch-and-test cycle, incorporating data analytics and UX optimization, in order to...

26 天前更新


Recruit Express新加坡商立可人事顧問有限公司

新加坡新創軟體公司(近期募資2500萬美金)-Sr. Backend Engineer

Design, develop, implement, and maintain new and existing web-based applicationsCoordinate with engineering to define and prioritize engineering projects.Able to work in a dynamic and diverse engineering culture - every day, we learn from each other, brainstorm and execute ideas, and play ping pong to unwind...Build a great product that impacts consumer online behavior - we’re proud that our product is changing the way people shop onlineInterest in exploring and learning the latest technologies in the industry....

大約 2 個月前更新年薪 TWD 1,200,000 ~ 2,200,000


CTK Pro 竑盛科技

Back-End WEB Developer 後端設計工程師

工作項目由後至前描述為目前工作方式,非重要性也非必要性- AWS configuration (後端)- PHP(後端)- Linux(後端)- CakePHP 開發 (後端)- Ionic framework 開發 (後端)- WordPress 外觀與外掛開發,Debug (後端)- React/Node/Redux 維護 (後端)- UX/UI 引導設計 (綜合技)- Google Design Sprint 引導(綜...

4 個月前更新月薪 TWD 40,000 ~ 70,000


Deep Sentinel

Senior Web/Frontend Engineer

The frontend engineer is expected to learn, review and maintain the mobile app code with our mobile engineers. Our stack python + data + deep learning + react native We’re developing in Python and our stack includes deep-learning back-end (SQL/Hadoop + caffe/Theano/TensorFlow), data pipeline, react-native for our apps, and just starting to work on web development. The company We put AI behind any home camera and prevent crime while it’s in progress...

5 個月前更新月薪 USD 120,000 ~ 200,000


Deep Sentinel

Senior Full-stack Back-end

and Performance: Optimizing servers for scalability, efficiency and maintainabilityCode quality: Helping us measure, maintaining and improve our code qualityOur stack python + data + deep learning + react native We’re developing in Python and our stack includes deep-learning back-end (SQL/Hadoop + caffe/Theano/TensorFlow), data pipeline, react-native for our apps, and just starting to work on web development. It’s a bonus point if you are comfortable with C/C++ and python extension...

5 個月前更新月薪 USD 120,000 ~ 200,000


Umbo CV Inc.

Ninja Backend Developer

1. Architect and implement features for the Umbo web services focusing on backend related implementations...

大約 1 年前更新



Data Engineer

As a data engineer at botimize, you'll enjoy a high level of ownership of the features you work on. The team members are located in Taiwan and Hong Kong. You’ll have lots of time to work with remote colleagues. We are looking for a passionate Data Engineer Intern who has the skills to wrangle data. Your work will empower millions of chatbot developers worldwide to optimize their bots for better service quality. Together, we can redesign bot analytics...

大約 1 年前更新年薪 TWD 8,000 ~ 12,000



Back-End Web Developer

在 Codementor,工程師同時具備使用者的角色,讓我們在開發的每一秒鐘,都可以設身處地為使用者著想。我們喜歡寫程式,更喜歡看到親手做出來的產品發光發熱。我們相信好的團隊和好的文化,是建構任...

10 個月前更新月薪 TWD 60,000 ~ 180,000