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Python 工程師

1. Develop and maintain back-end systems. 2. Perform research and development task: Mainly digital payment related and O2O function.

Updated 3 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level


Quality Engineer

This role will require the candidate to ensure that we are only shipping quality code and providing statistical information for quality i...

Updated 5 days agoPer year TWD 600,000 ~ 1,800,000

Full-timeEntry level台北

1on1 - Global Tutor Resource Sharing Platform


Hello您好, 我們是 1on1全球家教資源平台 (,我們需要網路行銷專才的夥伴,主要工作協助利用各種網路行銷技術,推廣1on1到世界的每一個角落。此職缺偏向於“合夥人職缺”, 預計提供報酬的方式...

Updated 4 days agoMonthly TWD 0 ~ 999,999

ContractMid-Senior level台北台灣全球


Taiwan - Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

that our product is changing the way people shop onlineInterest in exploring and learning the latest technologies in the industry.Requirements 5+ years of relevant work experienceHands on experience working with NodeJS (Most Preferred)Experience working with cloud services like AWS, Heroku or Google cloud platformExperience on different databases. Relational (PostgreSQL, MySQL, ...) or NoSQL(MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra)Extensive REST API development experienceExcellent verbal and written communication skills, a team player with strong analytical, problem solving, debugging, and troubleshooting skills. ...

Updated 16 days agoMonthly TWD 80,000 ~ 140,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北台灣松山區



SkyREC使用影像技術分析實體商店內消費者行為,服務超過 90 家國際品牌,包含 Timberland, NBA Store, Global Work 等時尚品牌,堪稱實體店鋪「Google Analytics」。 如此特別的解決方案需要特別的你/妳!現在我們在具備美感、設計力強的人...

Updated 30 days ago



[台北] 行銷長 Marketing Manager/Director

At TechDesign, we aim to bring the electronic supply chain online and make hardware innovation accessible to everyone. You will be integral in building an online platform that connects hardware creators/start-ups, design houses, and electronic suppliers together. You will be building a digital brand and reaching customers globally, by leveraging a full suite of marketing tools. You will help our platform raise community awareness, build content assets, grow customer base, and eventually nurture an ecosystem hosting quality suppliers...

Updated 11 days ago


Pic a Life

策略品牌行銷經理(growth hacker mindset)

才。 ・具備品牌行銷與網路行銷經驗・主導 Growth Hack 專案,利用網站本身的優化達成行銷目的・使用 Google Analytics、Amplitude 等工具作數據分析並提出改善方案・社群媒體、聯播網廣告、關鍵字廣告、Remarketing 等廣告操作與...

Updated 9 days agoMonthly TWD 35,000 ~ 45,000


台灣營養 Taiwan Nutrition

網路行銷專員 Marketing (Full Time)

plan that lay out the strategies that we are going to be using for each platform. 條件要求 【期待你具備的條件】   ❖ 熟習&操作各項分析工作,如Google Analytics 等工具   ❖ 3年以上相關工作經驗   ❖ 具備中、英文溝通能力   ❖ 對市場有敏銳的觀察力、洞察顧...

Updated 9 days agoMonthly TWD 35,000 ~ 45,000



Digital Marketing Analyst 網路行銷分析專員

工作內容: 1. Implement and improve digital advertising on the Amazon, web, and social media outlets by utilizing quantitative skills required to analyze and optimize campaign performance (Amazon PPC, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads) 2. SEO optimization for company’s website balancing between conversion goals and user experienc 3. Set up and maintain digital analytics tools on website. Provide data analysis and strategic insights on changes needed to lead generation, increase conversion, and other marketing goal 4...

Updated 26 days agoMonthly TWD 35,000 ~ 55,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北台灣

Melegant (美樂跟科技股份有限公司)

【誠徵】 Android Developer

開發經驗● 良好的溝通能力● 熟悉 Java● 熟悉 RESTful API 串接● 熟悉 Android Studio ● 熟悉 Git 版本控制 ● 了解 Design Pattern● Google Analytics● Retrofit 其他條件:加分條件: ● RxJava● Architecture Components● Lambda● Realm/Glide● Firebase● GCM/FCM● Deep link/Dynamic link● Travis CI/Jenkins CI● Fabric● Material Design● 對 UI/UX 敏感度佳●...

Updated about 1 month agoPer year TWD 750,000 ~ 2,000,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區

Nuu Test

Digital Marketing Exceutive

Achieve excellence through optimization and innovation - Be aware of on-line consumer trend to drive growth, develop and implement creative solutions to drive and convert more visitors. - Create innovative on-line sales activity to generate ORGANIC “WOM” on forums. - Overcome local constraints of pure-player e-business model to create similar user experience as e-boutique business model. Monitor and help to enhance the online sales activity via E-merchandising - Work closely with marketing team and e-distributors to ensure...

Updated 19 days agoMonthly TWD 30,000 ~ 50,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北台灣


Marketing Manager

value consumer segmentation strategies inclusive of repeat/retention programs across marketing channels - Plan, execute new and creative growth strategies in the new market What we are seeking: - BA degree and 2+ years of experience in marketing, ad agency, data analytics, ad specialist in online media/platform such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google - Self-motivator who has the special interest in digital marketing and envisions future of digital media and has a good understanding of digital technologies, mobile, Internet, social...

Updated 9 days agoMonthly TWD 40,000 ~ 70,000



日本市場 | 數據行銷實習生

SkyREC使用影像技術分析實體商店內消費者行為,服務超過 90 家國際品牌,包含 Timberland, NBA Store, Global Work 等時尚品牌,堪稱實體店鋪「Google Analytics」。 如此特別的解決方案需要特別的你/妳!現在我們在具備數據分析邏輯、行銷...

Updated about 1 month agoHourly TWD 0 ~ 200



社群行銷企劃 Marcom Manager

金獵人官方部落格邀稿、撰文與編輯・主導 Growth Hack 專案,利用網站本身的優化達成行銷目的・使用 Google Analytics、Amplitude 等工具作數據分析並提出改善方案・社群媒體、聯播網廣告、關鍵字廣告、Remarketing 等廣告操作與...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 40,000 ~ 50,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

POSITIVE GRID_佳格數位科技有限公司


digital marketing ecosystem/roadmap and delivers a marketing technology stack that is scalable, extendable, and uses consumer data to enhance the consumer journey and drives brand and business growth. Work with key stakeholders to help define an integrated digital marketing analytics and attribution approach for the Converse brand  * Continuous competitor analysis and recommendations  * Understanding of optimization of digital marketing programs through multi-touch attribution, media mix modeling, and measurement capabilities offered by Google, Doubleclick, and Facebook  * Continuous competitor analysis and...

Updated about 2 months agoPer year TWD 1,000,000 ~ 1,500,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北可遠端工作


Junior QA Engineer

流程,改善開發效率,降低問題發生機率 【在工作中你將有機會接觸到】 -- Version control system-- Virtualization-- CI/CD engineering-- Test automation-- Amazon Web Services-- Google Cloud Platform-- Web service / Mobile App verification-- Data tracking & analysis 投遞前請先回答以下問題:1.請簡單描述你(妳)短/中期的工作目標,以及...

Updated about 1 month agoPer year TWD 560,000 ~ 700,000

Full-timeEntry level台北Taipei


JUKSY街星 聯播網執行企劃

★我們將提供最新的技術與資源可讓你大展身手;並致力於創造彈性的工作環境,重視夥伴的聲音,人人皆有機會參與產品策畫、發想的過程,讓團隊的每位夥伴都能和我們一起茁壯成長。 先來瞭...

Updated about 1 month ago

Full-timeEntry level台灣台北中正區



我們需要熱誠想要打造品牌的人才, 結合最熱門的網購+跨境物流 ,你可以盡情地提出你的創意想法經營社群 Facebook , [email protected] , IG . 每日po文和評估、規劃社群網路活動,主題. 時令活動文章網誌撰寫 , 把國外...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 24,000 ~ 26,000

Full-timeEntry level信義區台北捷運世貿/101站

Alfred Labs Inc. 阿福管家 - 用舊手機做監控攝影機

數據分析與AI實習 (Machine Learning/Data Science)

[Data Scientist Track]  1. Discover/Extract insights which could potentially help grow business intelligence from existing user data using mathematical/statistical methods  2. Design and propose experiments to explore new data yet to be available [AI Researcher Track]  1. Evaluate and select open source ML models which have potential use cases with Alfred  2. Conduct basic performance evaluation on selected ML models in terms of accuracy and computational requirements  3. Working with engineers for further prototyping/productization activities  4...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 28,000 ~ 45,000



Digital Marketing Manager

規劃以帶來目標inboud lead 數量 3. 陌生拜訪開發系統商合作串接 (affiliate marketing or API integration) 4. 廣告及landing page 優化: 預算控管, 追蹤成效, 尋求利益最大化 5. 擅長資料收集、精通google analytics分析,具簡報能力及良好溝通協調能力...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 50,000 ~ 80,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北



意者請將個人履歷投遞至[email protected],主旨請複製職務名稱 ※此為正職職缺,享企業完整福利 《工作內容》1、關鍵字廣告投放及SEO2、網路文案撰寫3、行銷效益分析4、相關報表產出5、其他主管交辦 《工...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 40,000 ~ 45,000

Full-timeEntry level台北北投區捷運石牌站

GoWiFi 出國上網

數位行銷 (SEO/SEM)

1. Google、Facebook廣告投放與成效優化 2. 廣告數據監控與分析,提供廣告投放建議與方案 3. 媒體報表與結案製作 4. 市場資訊蒐集及分析 5. 協助行銷活動執行 ...

Updated 3 months agoMonthly TWD 28,000 ~ 32,000


POSITIVE GRID_佳格數位科技有限公司

Full Stack Engineer

《你會在Positive Grid做什麼》- Web、跨平台 App 開發、設計與維護- 開發官網、eCommerce、會員中心、Help center- 針對不同平台的頁面瀏覽體驗最佳化- 訪客行為分析- 與Marketing緊密合作,Growth hacking...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 55,000 ~ 70,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北可遠端工作



<專案行銷企劃> 1.負責行銷企劃案的撰寫、規劃,籌備、執行,並對其效益進行分析與建議。2.客戶提案及進行產業競爭分析及市場調查分析。 3.建立、分析現有顧客與合作夥伴之溝通,並發展客戶維...

Updated 5 months agoMonthly TWD 30,000 ~ 40,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

VeryBuy 非常勸敗

Senior Product Owner ( 主管職/PM/產品經理/產品負責人)

✭✭✭ VeryBuy非常勸敗 ✭✭✭ 工作內容:1.電子商務app、web與成長型產品、營運端產品策略與規劃執行 2.與開發/設計/營運團隊合作,打造兼顧用戶體驗與商務需求的產品3.管理與打造Product Team4.年薪100萬...

Updated 4 months agoPer year TWD 1,000,000 ~ 1,000,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北



1、數位廣告媒體操作、數據分析、帳戶優化調整 2、制定廣告投放策略,管理廣告帳戶 3、廣告專案業務窗口,溝通客戶需求 4、執行專案成效追蹤、分析報表製作(週報/月報)。 5、競品分析 6、撰寫媒體行銷...

Updated 5 months agoMonthly TWD 33,000 ~ 33,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


軟體產品經理(Software PM)

[工作內容]01. 根據市場訊息持續維護改善已上線之產品以提高用戶體驗02. 產品/功能Bug管理,定期召開產品改善會議,定期匯整改善報告03. 產品更新版本之專案管理(品質,成本,時程管控)04. 產品...

Updated 4 months ago

Full-timeEntry level台北台灣



略。◼︎ 撰寫完整的企劃提案,發揮極佳的文案寫作技巧。◼︎ 操作社群平台、數位行銷及廣告投放工具(Google Analytics、FB 廣告、GA 關鍵字廣告、電子報等)◼︎ 善用數位工具蒐集、分析有效數據。◼︎ 與客戶、業主開會、簡報...

Updated 10 months agoMonthly TWD 36,000 ~ 42,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北



並與與設計溝通視覺呈現 粉絲頁、IG 貼文與部落格文章的企劃與執行 經營電子報、LINE 等行銷操作管道, 接觸消費者獲取意見並推廣商品 活動、企劃結果數據整理和分析,利用 Google Analytics 工具 薪資:8~10k/ 月...

Updated about 1 year ago





Updated 12 months ago



Marketing Research Analytics Intern

- Research for market demands using tools such as Keyword Planner, Google trends, etc.- Document the research methodologies so the same process can be used by the team.- Develop different experiments to better match found demands to potential products/services.- Create marketing digital assets and graphics to support different experiments.- Utilize various Facebook Ads campaigns (PPE, WC - Views, AddToCart, Purchases, etc) to run experiments.- Analyze result, refine process and repeat!...

Updated about 1 year agoHourly TWD 140 ~ 170


Mingliu Group 名留集團總部

[誠徵] 數位網路行銷 Digital Marketing

帶來目標inboud lead 數量  5. 廣告及landing page 優化: 預算控管, 追蹤成效, 尋求利益最大化   6. 擅長資料收集、精通google analytics、Facebook pixel分析 7. 媒體報表與結案製作,具簡報能力及良好溝通協調能力 8. 市場資訊蒐集及分析...

Updated 2 days agoMonthly TWD 40,000 ~ 60,000