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1.網站系統切版及前端特效程式開發 2.整合API與後端資料串接 3.跨平台web服務前端程式校調 4.釐清PM需求,與後端工程師協作,開發網頁前端互動功能 5.分析設計前端架構以提升UI質感與UX體驗 履歷請檢附作品

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 50,000 ~ 70,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北內湖區內湖科技園區


iOS APP開發工程師(PAY)

1. 負責iOS App軟體之分析、設計以及程式撰寫。 2. 研究 Apple 釋出的新技術與框架。 3. 開發公司研發設計產品App。 4. 進行軟體之測試修改與維護更新。 5. 與 UX/UI 設計師合作,評估、規劃並實作開發任務。

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 55,000 ~ 70,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level內湖內湖科技園區台北


UI/UX Designer

負責勁取股份有限公司旗下關聯品牌之視覺設計,包含網站、數位內容素材等 (網站設計為主) 品牌包含: 時刻旅行 TripMoment、虛擬時刻 VRMoment、巧遇生活、秘樂旅行社...

Updated 17 days agoMonthly TWD 35,000 ~ 50,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

HyperBot Studio

VR Developer

Seeking VR Developer We’re looking for a talented programmer in C++/C# for short term full time contract work. You'll be expected to work with industry tools and game engines to create a wide range of compelling and immersive experiences for VR/AR/Theme Park installations and more! Responsibilities Work with different disciplines artists, designers and other programmers to produce VR games and applications within schedule timelinePerformance optimizationMaintain active communication with the teamDemonstrate enthusiasm and...

Updated 24 days agoMonthly TWD 45,000 ~ 60,000

ContractMid-Senior level台灣台北


C# 網站開發工程師

精進研發數位匯流新技術於不同數位載具的創新突破。未來可能接觸 數位專題製作、前端框架、AR/VR、大數據分析與AI應用。若您也對數位媒體發展有興趣,並想在這方面大展身手,我們團隊都非常...

Updated 3 months agoMonthly TWD 36,000 ~ 50,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level

PicCollage 拼貼趣

Machine Learning Engineer (Photo/ video effects, AI and VR)

• Research cutting-edge image/video processing and machine learning concepts   • Work with product managers to brainstorm cool, new product ideas!   • Formulate problems, generate algorithms and experiment with solutions   • Work with mobile engineers to implement algorithms into apps   • Analyze analytics and talk with users to understand how to improve the algorithms   • Reports directly to the CTO and CEO ...

Updated 2 months agoPer year TWD 800,000 ~ 1,400,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


[107年度研發替代役] Audio DSP 數位聲學演算法工程師 I (DSP Algorithm and Acoustics)

職務說明 1. Develop and improve innovative audio algorithm which enhance speaker and headphone listening experience 2. Algorithm simulation on C, matlab or any available scientific computation platform.3. Micro-controller firmware integration and maintenance 4. Anechoic room audio quality measurement on circuitry, microphone, speaker and system performance on frequency response, THD, crosstalk 5. Responsible of technical article and product SPEC writing6. State-of-the-art sound technology competition analysis and market survey7. Collaborate with APP/back-end...

Updated 5 months ago

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


[107年度研發替代役] Audio DSP 數位聲學演算法工程師 II (深度學習 Deep Learning)

職務說明 1. Research and development on the state-of-the-art deep-learning application on soundscape recognition and hearing profile optimization 2. Employ deep learning and reinforcement learning to make sound system intelligent 3. Fixed-point audio signal processing algorithm design optimization on FIR/IIR filter, EQ filter, LMS/MMSE adaptive filter and HRTF4. Hands on implementation experience on statistical signal processing, signal estimation, signal enhancement5. Algorithm simulation on C, matlab or any available scientific computation tool...

Updated 4 months ago

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


日本 網路數位行銷專員(實習)

精通日文(N3以上尤佳) 1.Facebook, Google AdWords廣告投放與策略規劃 2.GA廣告投放成效ROI分析優化 3.協助國際群募專案規劃與執行 4.市場調查與競品分析5.撰寫行銷文案加分: 具有基礎美術編修能力 (AI...

Updated 3 months ago


HTC Viveport

Unity Developer

3D launcher development for mobile VR devices. ...

Updated 5 months agoMonthly TWD 50,000 ~ 70,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

HTC Vive

Algorithm Engineer

Computer vision / Deep learning algorithm-主要應用為頭盔跟遙控器定位演算法開發及手勢辨識等應用-Reconstruct 3D depth reconstruct and AR/MR use cases development.Sensor Fusion algorithm-負責設計VR/AR追蹤定位有關的演算法,將不同特性的感應器數值以演算法融合起來,產...

Updated 5 months agoMonthly TWD 55,000 ~ 80,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

PicCollage 拼貼趣

Developer Interns (iOS/ Android/ Rails/ AI/ VR)

置功能 • 快速設計機器學習模型以呈現你的想法 • 與產品及工程開發部門合作,推出最新產品功能[VR實習生] • 開發 VR 遊戲或 app (我們有 HTC Vive, PS VR, GearVR) • 和團隊一起腦力激盪,發掘將 VR 技術跟產品應用結...

Updated over 1 year agoMonthly TWD 25,000 ~ 40,000


HTC Viveport

Software Development Engineer in Test

The HTC VR Service team is looking for new talent to join our rapidly changing and expanding team. If you’re interested in working with HTC to build the next generation of competitive cloud services for VR business, then you may find your future in one of the career opportunities below. Our goal is to provide the next generation of cloud infrastructure, platform services and cloud solutions.Most of Our team are developer background an several talents who have ever...

Updated 5 months agoMonthly TWD 50,000 ~ 70,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

AirSig 3D 手勢辨識

Visual / UI Designer for App and 3D Application

1. In charge of user experience design, interface design, visual design and graphic design of web-based, mobile application and VR application2. Define, direct, and execute the experience and interaction design for web-based, mobile, VR application3. Create, improve and use wireframes, prototypes, style guides, user flows, and effectively communicate your interaction ideas using any of these methods4. Design user experience and create graphic design elements for the visual components of webpage, mobile application and VR application5. Design 3D CG...

Updated over 1 year ago

Full-timeMid-Senior level台灣台北