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Python 工程師

1. Develop and maintain back-end systems. 2. Perform research and development task: Mainly digital payment related and O2O function.

Updated about 9 hours agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level


iOS Engineer


Updated about 9 hours agoMonthly TWD 70,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level


Machine Learning Scientist

predictive models with valuable findings from large-scale datasets, especially in the field of traveling related problems • Prototype and build machine learning pipelines to accelerate development life cycle • Demonstrate data visualizations with clear presentations of insights and business recommendations • Research machine learning techniques and optimization methods based on multi-source data to improve the quality of DMP product [About You] • MS/PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Math, Physics, Engineering, or equivalent experience • Excellent understanding of machine learning or statistical data...

Updated 5 days agoPer year TWD 840,000 ~ 1,680,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北松山區捷運中山國中站


資料科學研發實習 Data Scientist Internship

作環境與文化,我們誠摯歡迎你 / 妳的加入! 【職稱】 資料科學研發實習 Data Scientist Intern 【工作內容】 參與研究最新 Machine Learning 演算法參與開發測試 TensorFlow、Pytorch 等套件維護既有 Machine Learning Model設計 Training DatasetData Cleansing、ETL評估 Machine Learning 模型與 Campaign ROI 【工作...

Updated 6 days agoHourly TWD 160 ~ 200



Backend Engineer

控制系統經驗 加分條件 熟悉 web application and system security (XSS, SQL Injection, SSL, etc)熟悉 AWS 架構和服務有 Elasticsearch 的實務經驗有 big data, machine learning 的實務經驗有架構大型系統的實務經驗 (distributed system, high scalability, high availability)有國際化 (i18n, l10n) 的實務經驗 不用想了...

Updated 16 days agoMonthly TWD 999,999,999 ~ 999,999,999

Full-timeEntry level台北


Data Scientist

Responsibilities: - Develop advanced machine learning and statistical models - Data mining and feature engineering - Collaborate with engineering and product teams...

Updated 10 days agoPer year TWD 900,000 ~ 2,500,000

Full-timeEntry level台北


美商A10 Networks - Sr. FrontEnd Web Developer

A10 is more than a technology company. We provide security. We provide intelligence. And we provide automation across our portfolio of secure application solutions and services. Our mission: To enable intelligent automation with deep machine learning, ensuring business critical applications are protected, reliable, and always available. Over 5800 customers across more than 80 countries rely on our award-winning, innovative, and performant products and services to keep their businesses running. To support the growing business need, we are looking for...

Updated 6 days agoPer year TWD 1,000,000 ~ 1,400,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北台灣可遠端工作


Data Analyst (Analytics)

[About Job] -Communicate with business/engineering teams or clients to gather requirements, and solve business problems. -Study/apply/tailor machine learning to systematically explore and predict user behavior with ad response data for extracting actionable insights and building large scale data products. -Design data visualizations for clearly delivering analytic results to both business and technical audiences. -Write well-organized reports, prepare impressive slides for presentations, and contribute to communities including publishing papers. [About You] -MS/PhD in Computer Science...

Updated 13 days agoPer year TWD 840,000 ~ 1,680,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level松山區台北捷運中山國中站


Machine Learning

Responsibilities: - Actively monitor and identify data disparities and suspicious activity early. - Detect money laundering activities and prevent the adverse effects they create, including disciplinary action, substantial fines, and damage to a company’s reputation. - File suspicious activity report by data from transaction history, KYC, CIP (customer identification program), PEP (politically exposed person), and AML (anti-money laundering). - Use AI-calculated credit rating to achieve customer segmentation and rank-ordering of AML alarms....

Updated 10 days agoPer year TWD 900,000 ~ 2,500,000

Full-timeEntry level台北


Python / Django 工程師

作,並適應敏捷開發模式。內部環境自由,可自由參與其他相關電商與廣告大數據分析、SEO、PHP、資料庫、Machine Learning等專案不斷增加能力。 公司福利 每人配備一台Macbook Pro文青咖啡吧台,含有自動磨豆咖啡機、奶泡...

Updated 22 days agoPer year TWD 500,000 ~ 1,000,000

Full-timeEntry level台北大安區

Perkd Taiwan


希望的人才有對於 AWS DevOps 跟 Node JS 有經驗的工程師。  您的主要任務會是在 Database 跟網路構建工程上,以及加強整體流水線跟維持遊戲伺服器的長期運作。 - 維護軟體的穩定性,以及擴展伺服器規模  - 優秀的...

Updated 9 days agoPer year TWD 450,000 ~ 1,000,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台灣台北


Python / Django 資深工程師 / 主管

進行數據分析與優化。 會頻繁的跟PM、UI/UX設計師與後端工程師密切合作,並適應敏捷開發模式。內部環境自由,可自由參與其他相關電商與廣告大數據分析、SEO、PHP、資料庫、Machine Learning等專案不斷增加能力。...

Updated 22 days agoPer year TWD 800,000 ~ 1,200,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北大安區


A.I./M.L. Engineer

dipp is on the hunt for a full-time artificial intelligence/machine learning engineer to join our team in Taipei! If you have the ambition to build something great and be the disrupter to the current advertising industry, let's chat. View full description -->

Updated about 2 months agoPer year TWD 900,000 ~ 1,200,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


Sr. Data Engineer【挑戰基因大數據分析技術】

Apache Spark and Hadoop are emerging as a standard platform for data analysis in genomics.  Atgenomix harnesses these advanced computing technologies as one complete enterprise-grade system to accelerate the best-practice NGS workflow by >10X.  Our data parallelization seamlessly transforms conventional disk file workloads into efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant workloads whilst empowering researchers to interact with the same data in the same ways.  Atgenomix is spurring the future of parallel computing in genomics informatics. The candidate will works...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


Machine Learning Scientist 機器學習研究員

1. Design and implement data analytics platform backend infrastructure 2. Interpret data, analyze data and visualize results3. Clustering users and listings to enable more intelligent matching 4. Use machine learning and statistical algorithm to build up the prediction model 5. Design efficient, scalable, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, validation and implementation 6. Communicate and work closely with peer developers 7. Python is must...

Updated 3 months agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level松山區台北

Alfred Labs Inc. 阿福管家 - 用舊手機做監控攝影機

數據分析與AI實習 (Machine Learning/Data Science)

[Data Scientist Track]  1. Discover/Extract insights which could potentially help grow business intelligence from existing user data using mathematical/statistical methods  2. Design and propose experiments to explore new data yet to be available [AI Researcher Track]  1. Evaluate and select open source ML models which have potential use cases with Alfred  2. Conduct basic performance evaluation on selected ML models in terms of accuracy and computational requirements  3. Working with engineers for further prototyping/productization activities  4...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 28,000 ~ 45,000


Alfred Labs Inc. 阿福管家 - 用舊手機做監控攝影機

電腦視覺與機器學習研究員 CV/ML Researcher

1. Facilitate the adoption of computer-vision related machine learning/deep learning technologies in the product 2. Train/Fine-tune models to meet productization requirements and optimize execution performance on devices 3. Evaluate/Experiment ML/DL/CV related new technologies/models/services which have potential synergies with current product offerings 4. Build prototypes or proof-of-concepts demos on Android or embedded platforms 5. Co-work with other development team members in to develop and deploy ML/DL technologies in...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 120,000

Full-timeEntry level台北



1. 建置大數據資料庫 2. 開發及佈署機器學習、深度學習模型 3. 機器學習、深度學習訓練結果分析與建議 **歡迎大數據(Data Mining、AI人工智慧) 領域人才加入**...

Updated about 2 months ago

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


Data Scientist

at seeing beyond the numbers and understand how users interact with AsiaYo’s products-Run exploratory analyses into ambiguous problems and define metrics to build a quantitative understanding of AsiaYo’s business and translate analytic insights into, actionable recommendations-Build statistical models and machine learning systems to guide decision making and uncover insights in the product-Do whatever it takes to deliver business value with data, be it building a data pipeline, a report, a dashboard or a predictive model ...

Updated 2 months agoPer year TWD 850,000 ~ 1,300,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北大安區



意者請將個人履歷投遞至[email protected],主旨請複製職務名稱 此為企業正職職務,享完整福利 《工作時間》1、週一至週五 0900-18002、週休二日 《工作地點》台北市內湖區瑞光路 《工作內容》1、智能機器人演算法...

Updated about 2 months agoPer year TWD 800,000 ~ 1,200,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北內湖區


[2018校園徵才] Machine Learning & AI Engineer

【一加Machine Learning/AI軟體工程師的日常】在OnePlus的Machine Learning/AI工程師,在大量資料的支持下,運用機器學習(Machine Learning)結合人工智慧(Artificial Intelligence),打造AI的全新世界。在 OnePlus可以接觸到⼤量⽤戶回饋的實際資料,你將成為改變...

Updated 3 months agoPer year TWD 700,000 ~ 800,000

Full-timeEntry level台北台灣南港軟體園區


Full Stack Software Engineer

The Company A Silicon Valley seed-stage Healthcare Machine Learning company. The company is led by a Taiwanese-American Stanford serial entrepreneur with strong healthcare experience who has built 1,000+ person companies which have raised $100M+ USD in venture funding. Official Website: The Challenge The Ferrum Platform team is looking for an engineer to expand the internal tools running on on-premise and AWS components. As a Full Stack Software Engineer, you will seek...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 30,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeEntry level



負責龎帝各平台產品後端設計、開發、維護和專案管理工作  負責軟體開發規劃,包含軟體系統架構分析與資料庫設計  與使用者、教學設計專家、教師、產品設計師、前端工程師等一起探討、設計並實...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 80,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level


(Senior) Machine Learning/AI Engineer機器學習工程師

Experience in digital image process and computer vision (detect facial landmarks, facial expressions, …, etc.) (or)Experience in speech recognition and synthesis (lipsync, audio word2vec, …, etc.) (or)Experience in spoken content understanding and dialog systems (natural language processing, chatbot, intelligent personal assistant, …, etc.) ...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 70,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeEntry level大安區台北台灣


Platform Software Engineer

The Company A Silicon Valley seed-stage Healthcare Machine Learning company. The company is led by a Taiwanese-American Stanford serial entrepreneur with strong healthcare experience who has built 1,000+ person companies which have raised $100M+ USD in venture funding.Official Website: Challenge The Platform Engineering team is looking for an engineer to expand the hybrid machine learning data pipeline running on bare-metal appliances and the AWS components. As a Platform Engineer...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 30,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeEntry level

PicCollage 拼貼趣

Machine Learning Engineer (Photo/ video effects, AI and VR)

• Research cutting-edge image/video processing and machine learning concepts   • Work with product managers to brainstorm cool, new product ideas!   • Formulate problems, generate algorithms and experiment with solutions   • Work with mobile engineers to implement algorithms into apps   • Analyze analytics and talk with users to understand how to improve the algorithms   • Reports directly to the CTO and CEO ...

Updated 3 months agoPer year TWD 800,000 ~ 1,400,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


大數據資料科學家 / 資料分析師 (Big Data Scientist / Big Data Analyst)

1. 加入世界頂尖的智慧工廠團隊,進行製造業產品資料分析及演算法開發2. 協助團隊進行資料探勘、資料分析3. 開發人工智慧演算法...

Updated over 1 year ago

Full-timeMid-Senior level台灣台北

PicCollage 拼貼趣

Developer Interns (iOS/ Android/ Rails/ AI/ VR)

◆  若欲申請此職缺,請填寫此表單:  ◆[iOS] • You will work on PicCollage.• Work on new iOS apps too (e.g. related to video and augmented reality)[Android]• You will work on PicCollage• Build the fun and cool side projects.[Server] • Maintain in-house web applications and websites• Integrate third-party API for in-house usages, e.g. analytics, monitoring, etc• Build new applications/[iOS實習...

Updated over 1 year agoMonthly TWD 25,000 ~ 40,000


HTC Vive

Algorithm Engineer

Computer vision / Deep learning algorithm-主要應用為頭盔跟遙控器定位演算法開發及手勢辨識等應用-Reconstruct 3D depth reconstruct and AR/MR use cases development.Sensor Fusion algorithm-負責設計VR/AR追蹤定位有關的演算法,將不同特性的感應器數值以演算法融合起來,產...

Updated 6 months agoMonthly TWD 55,000 ~ 80,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


Software Engineering

a sustainable product and simply finishing a taskIs rewarded by seeing the results of the experiences they create with actual usersUnderstands the work isn't done until value is added for customers We believe that the best teams are cross-disciplinary, and that the best team members are just as comfortable working on our CI/CD pipeline as they are troubleshooting database queries, implementing new user stories, or refining our machine learning algorithms. Responsibilities Shipping codeEnsuring operational efficienciesChanging the world...

Updated 3 months agoPer year USD 45,000 ~ 50,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level

17Life 康太數位整合


1. 使用機器學習 (machine learning) 演算法以及統計方法分析使用者行為資料,使用者行為資料包括網路上的瀏覽與購買行為以及在實體零售通路上的行進動線與購買行為2. 可以參與並分析許多真實的...

Updated over 1 year ago

Full-timeMid-Senior level台灣台北



協助主工程師建構機器學習架構; 合作順利未來有機會轉正職 薪資:200 ~ 350 /小時...

Updated about 1 year ago