Jo Chiu

A thinker enthusiastic about marketing, design and stories ✍🏻 

Lately busy in discovering any interesting ways to introduce CakeResume !

Content Marketing Strategist 

Taipei, Taiwan [email protected]

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About Jo

My English name is inspired by the character Jo March in the famous novel Little Women. She is a brave girl who never hesitates to break rules and pursue what she wants. 

Even faced with loneliness and weakness, she still tries her best to make her own way and grow from all these experiences.

(The copyright of this picture belongs to Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group.)   

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About CakeResume

CakeResume is known as an online resume builder. In addition, we are working hard to build an ecosystem where both job seekers and enterprises can find good opportunities. 

We also provide consulting services and related information sharing, hoping that everyone can get a wonderful platform to show their talents! 

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Talent Connect

Podcast produced by CakeResume.

The show invites talents in tech field to share different insights of each roles, their own career stories and values. 

Nowadays we have produced over 60 episodes including guests from Google, Facebook, Microsoft ... etc.

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Work Experiences


Content Marketing Strategist, June 2020 - Present 

Responsible for content creating to introduce the value of CakeResume, connecting talents and chances. Hope to build an ecosystem helping every job seeker and enterprise to get best matches !


MediCom Communications Consultants Co., Ltd. 

Team Assistant, Sep 2018 - Oct 2019 

Assisted with medical public relations project, such as sorting out data, preparing reports and related business management. In charge of fan page management including content writing, visual demonstration and achieved 25% more “like” in 6 months.


Elite PR Group / MediCom Communications Consultants Co., Ltd. 

Summer Intern, Jul 2018 - Aug 2018 

Assisted and won a single-activity project and an yearly project which valued over million dollars. Operated medical issues, managed media relations and achieved the KPI of press conference. 



National Taiwan University, International Business, 2014 - 2019

Among all business related subjects, I like marketing most.
I have studied marketing management, consumer behavior, service industry marketing, and global brand management. I applied what I had learned in all activities I took part in and found it really interesting!


My Wonderful Memories in NTU

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2018 NTUIB Night 

Manager of the Senior Drama 

Led 40 people and directed a 45 minutes stage show with issues of self-identification.

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NTUIB Student Association

Chief Marketing Officer

Planned and executed marketing campaigns for other departments. Established website which integrated all information.

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2017 NTUIB Night 

Manager of the Junior Drama 

Directed and performed a 45 minutes stage show with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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27th NTUIB Camp

Chief Marketing Officer 

Designed printed publication and administered website, fan page which gained 1,000 “like” in 6 months.

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NTUIB Management Camp 

Chief Marketing Officer 

Designed printed publication and administered website, fan page which gained 30% “like” in 5 months.

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2016 NTUIB Night 

General Coordinator 

Coordinated teams including marketing, design, administration, public relations and organized a group of staffs and performers which consisted of 200 people.

                             You may be touched by this story.

A zero-year-old girl  teaser trailer (2017)

The main character, Luo-Zhen, is a boy grew up in a family with severe gender stereotypes. His brother ran away from home because of a dream of being a fashion designer. Luo-Zhen also feels that his desire doesn't match with his biological sex since childhood. Finally, he starts to change his appearance, but the new life is not as good as expected......

She is a zero-year-old girl and a piecemeal girl.

This is the teaser trailer of the stage show A zero-year-old girl I wrote and directed for the 2017 NTUIB Night when I was in my third year in NTU. It was based on a true story. I chose this topic not only to encourage this brave friend, but also to hope to record my learning from her.


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