Jody Dellinger

District & Recreation Manager, Harris County Water Control Improvement District #110, 2009-Present

Water Board Director ( VP ) , Waller County Municipal Utility District ( MUD ) 9B, 2017-Present

Owner Operator at Battleship Beanery, 2017-Present

Retired US Navy Chief (E-7), 1988-2009.

District Manager
City, US
[email protected]

Work Experience

Waller County Municipal Utility District (MUD) 9B, Water Board Director, Jul 2017 ~ Present

Water Board Director Vice President
August 2017 - Present
Katy, Texas

MUDs engage in the supply of water, conservation, irrigation, drainage, firefighting, solid waste garbage collection and disposal including recycling activities, wastewater sewage treatment, and recreational facilities.

A MUD can require its customers to use its solid waste services as a condition for receiving other MUD services. A MUD may provide solid waste and recycling services through a private company.
While they can develop, maintain, or acquire parks or recreational facilities. MUDs are prohibited from issuing bonds to pay for these facilities. They can, however, set and charge user fees.

State law gives districts the power to establish the authority, rights, and duties necessary to accomplish the specific purposes for which they are created. The powers of districts created under general law are determined by the type of district. A special law district's powers are determined by its enabling legislation. Most districts have the following powers :
■ to incur debt
■ to levy taxes
■ to charge for services and adopt rules for those services
■ to enter contracts
■ to obtain easements
■ to condemn property

The directors are elected or appointed officials, responsible for the business of the district, including those functions they have contracted to a general manager, operator, or another party. They also manage and control the financial management, employment, and purchasing needs of the district.
Directors establish policies to manage this process.

Harris County Water Control Improvement District #110. , Water Board Director Vice President, Mar 2009 ~ Present

District & Recreation Manager
March 2009 - Present
Spring, Texas

Management of Parks Recreation Facilities includes production management, direct oversight, leadership and supervision of a 4.5M 34-acre park and recreation facility, all aspects of lake management, stocking, treatment of 3 stocked fishing lakes, multiple rental pavilions, picnic areas, 5 miles trails, certified 5K trail, amphitheater, fishing docks. Recreation facilities with 700+ family memberships (approx 3500 patrons), 185,000-gallon pool, 8 tennis courts, 24-hour fitness facility housing 150K in various equipment, rental clubhouse, rental pavilion, rental classroom. Complete oversight of the 900K to 1.2M annual recreation budget, direct supervision of the District foreman, Aquatics Facility Operator (AFO)/Certified Pool Operator (CPO), Office Manager, various maintenance personnel, 20+ seasonal lifeguards. Direct planning and hosting of events for many large groups schools and churches, Scouts, weddings, musical events, festivals, and holiday activities.

Management of Water Sewer District operations includes production management, direct input, and collaboration with the elected Board of Directors and oversight of the Districts operators, contractors, contract agreements, and various entities for the operation of the District sewer plant, 2 water plants, and 8 lift stations providing water, sewer, trash service to 2400+ residents and 250+ commercial businesses. Duties also include collaboration, recruitment and managerial oversight of multiple programs and policies including but not limited to garbage collection, recycle collection, water conservation program, water restriction policy, grounds maintenance, building & plant maintenance, security, and police contracts.

Author, design, administration of the Districts website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram pages, newsletters, rental agreements, facility rules policies, fishing policy, park and facility maps, signs, flyers, contracts, and other administration.

Battleship Beanery, Business Owner, Aug 2017 ~ Present

Business Owner
July 2017 - Present
Magnolia, Texas

Sailors know good coffee

Battleship Beanery Micro-Roast was spawned by our own retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer in a sincere desire to find and roast the very best coffee beans to create the very best cup a Joe possible. Also, an avid coffee drinker, Chief brings 21 years of deck plate leadership to every single roast. Taking green coffee beans and roasting them to perfection is a dedication and a passion.

Most coffee today is roasted and canned or bagged in bulk by the big guys. Although some of the big guys can make a decent cup of coffee, by the time it goes from the roaster to the distributor, to the big chain stores or coffee houses, and then finally to your home cup it is stale and no longer at its peak freshness. Fresh coffee are beans that are roasted and then ground and brewed to the cup within three weeks of roasting. The big guys just cannot get it to the cup that fast.

Battleship Beanery roasts its beans in small micro-roast portions, then bags and delivers the beans to the customer within three weeks or less ensuring that the just-brewed cup of Joe is as fresh as possible. You may have had good coffee, but until you have had coffee within three weeks of roasting, you have never had GREAT coffee.

Give it a try, you will definitely not be disappointed

US Navy, Damage Controlman, Apr 1988 ~ May 2009

Damage Controlman
April 1988 - May 2009 21 years 2 months
Performs organizational and intermediate level maintenance and repair of damage control equipment and systems plans, supervises, and performs
tasks necessary for damage control, ship stability, preservation of watertight integrity, fire fighting, and chemical, biological, and radiological CBR warfare defense trains shipboard personnel in other ratings in damage control
procedures. Operates and maintains fire fighting, fixed-flooding, wash down, ventilation, dewatering, and air test equipment and damage control life support devices. Performs radiological and chemical monitoring and surveying serves as on-scene leader organizes and directs fire party inventories damage control equipment. Instructs and coordinates damage control parties instructs personnel in the techniques of damage control and CBR defense supervises and performs tasks in procurement and issuance of supplies and repair
parts prepares records and reports. Plans and conducts damage control
exercises maintains records and prepares progress reports supervises
training programs estimates time, personnel, and material requirements prepares quarterly maintenance schedules.

Afloat Training Group Pacific Northwest

Everett, Shipboard Damage Control Inspector/Trainer, May 2006 ~ Mar 2009

Shipboard Damage Control Inspector/Trainer
May 2006 - April 2009 3 years
Everett, WA

Shipboard Damage Control Inspector/Instructor. Conducted shipwide Damage Control training evolution's for shipboard fire fighting, emergency response, flight deck crash rescue, chemical, biological radiological emergencies, and response. Emergency shoring, pipe patching, fire fighting and maintenance for all related equipment.

USS Abraham Lincoln, Leading Chief Petty Officer/Recreation Director, Sep 2002 ~ May 2006

Leading Chief Petty Officer
September 2002 - May 2006 3 years 9 months
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)

Performed all duties associated with the Afloat Recreation Specialist position while serving onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (U.S. aircraft carrier).
Responsible for developing an enormous and comprehensive Morale, Welfare Recreation program serving 6000+ shipboard personnel and their families. As the ship's Senior Enlisted MWR resource person, developed, implemented and provided guidance for serving individual and group leisure activities, competitive sporting events, group tours, group transportation, bulk vehicle rentals, bulk hotel reservations, large scale parties, concerts and a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation activities in the US and abroad.
Director of 6 shipboard fitness facilities housing over 500K in gym fitness equipment. Initiated a robust ticket resale emblematic program with monthly sales averaging 50K. Escort for many visiting VIP's, Hollywood Stars, music and sports figures. Prepared
administered the annual 1.5M MWR budget.
Developed marketing and publicity techniques to ensure all personnel were aware of the numerous leisure opportunities available.

1. Meticulously maintained every facet of a 1.5M annual operating budget with minimal oversight.
Scores of outstanding on all quarterly annual audits.
2. The impetus behind the procurement installation of an 8K point-of-sale/rental system dramatically improving the accountability and accuracy of all recreation records and sales.
3. Orchestrated several highly visible and successful recreation party events and a mini-carnival, each including their own 100K budget and significantly enhancing morale for over 6000 sailors and families.
4. Direct oversight in rehabilitation and modernization of 6 fitness facilities,
including replacement of over 500K in gym weight cardio equipment.
5. Director for the Big Bucks bingo program. 1st ever Navy MWR to give away a 54K Chevy Corvette. Other game give-a-ways included an extensive and wide variety of prizes totaling well over 100K.

Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL, Navy Instructor/Student Advisor, Sep 1999 ~ Jun 2002

Instructor Student Advisor
September 1999 - June 2002 2 years 10 months
Great Lakes, IL
Naval Training Center

Student Advisor, Student Enrollment, Graduation Coordinator, Disciplinary Advisor, Classroom Instructor, Student Quarters Leading Chief Petty Officer, Engineering Watch Officer, Engineering Safety Officer.

USS Carney, Assistant Leading Petty Officer, Jan 1996 ~ Dec 2000

Assistant Leading Petty Officer
1996 - 2000 5 years
USS Carney (DDG 64)
Jacksonville, FL
Naval Station Mayport

Damage Controlman 1st Class, Chemical Biological Radiological Defense Specialist, Shipboard Fire Marshal, Flight Deck Crash, Rescue Team Leader,

Naval Recruiting District, Jacksonville, FL, Recruiter Canvasser, Sep 1992 ~ Sep 1995

Navy Recruiter Canvasser
September 1992 - September 1995 3 years 1 month
Orlando, FL
Naval Recruiting Station Orlando

Active and full-time recruiting for new Navy personnel, cold calls, networking, interviewing, canvassing, testing, and public speaking.


Regent University, Master of Business Administration (MBA), AA in Christian Studies Theology, 2017 ~ 2018

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Nationally Certified EMT-Basic , Non-Degree Program (e.g. Coursera certificate), 1997 ~ 2000

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Recruiter Canvasser/Career Counselor, Non-Degree Program (e.g. Coursera certificate), 1992 ~ 1995

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