Joey Tsao

About Me

I am an active internet user. I would say my internet time allocation is 30% YouTube (Sports / Gaming / Science / comedic content), 30% online forums (Chinese: PTT / Bahamut, English: Reddit), 10% music (Spotify / YouTube), 10% MOOCs and 10% social media (Facebook / Instagram). 

I believe I am heavily influenced by American culture in terms of my foreign information intake and music taste. I also enjoy memes very much, so I keep myself well aware of what is trendy at the moment. My internet usage preference gives me multiple perspectives as to judging information and staying vigilant and on top of recent news.

Education Map

NCCU English Literature / Economics 15-19

Following my fondness of the English language, I enrolled in English major at NCCU, hoping to pursue excellence in linguistic and speaking proficiency. NCCU English provides me with resources to take in information and my Economics double major endows me with the ability to process and analyze.

CYSH ERC 12-15

The English Resource Class in Chiayi Senior High School gave me the environment and opportunity to exercise and fine tune my capability in writing. 

Cabin John Middle School, Potomac, MD

In Junior High, I moved to Washington D.C. because of my family and studied there for 3 years. I am grateful for the chance to immerse in such a fast-paced and all English environment. I have also been introduced to American culture such as its music, social media and gave me paths to receive news at the drop of the hat.


English Proficiency

  • TOEFL iBT 115 (R30 L30 S29 W26)
  • TOEIC 975
  • 2015 General Scholastic Ability Test Model English Essay (15 total students selected)

Computer Skills

  • Word 
  • PowerPoint 
  • Excel 
  • Python - Basic 
  • R - Basic 
  • C++ - Basic
  • Typing skills: English - 75 WPM
                           Chinese - 70 WPM 

Experiences / Activities

5th International Seminar for Environmental Leadership in Israel (Aug. 2013)


VoiceTube, Volunteer Translator (Sept. 2017 - Mar. 2018)

Job description: Translate English subtitles into Mandarin Taiwanese Chinese

Oh!Study Autumn Education Fair, Translator

Job description: Oral interpreter for NAVITAS US, promotion of their study programs

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