Ting-Shao (Joey) Wei   

Masters in Development Studies . Taipei x Geneva . [email protected]

A highly effective and organized international professional with a Master’s degree in development studies, work experiences in United Nations agencies and international organizations, regional focus in the Asia Pacific, and strong abilities in research, stakeholder engagement, and project and event management. 

Professional Skills

Data Analysis & Visualization

  • Data Analysis - Excel / STATA
  • Data Visualization - Tableau 

Project and Event Management

  • Project - Microsoft / Salesforce
  • Design - Adobe Photoshop

English-Mandarin Interpretation

  • IELTS: 8.0|TOEIC: 985 
  • Translation Cases - UBI Taiwan

Career Highlights

Projects 00 00@2x

Data Analysis -
ASEAN Youth Survey

The World Economic Forum surveyed 68,574 youths from Southeast Asia to analyze the challenges that ASEAN youth faced during social distancing.

Link to Report
Projects 00 01@2x

Data Visualization -
Remittance Flow in Africa

The International Organization for Migration's visualization dashboard shows the remittance inflows and outflows among African countries.

Link to Visualization
Projects 00 02@2x

Project Management - 
APEC Gig Challenge

The UN Capital Development Fund ran the “Gig Economy Challenge” to seek solutions for improving the financial health of gig workers in APEC.

Link to Challenge
Projects 00 00@2x

Content Curation - 
COVID Action Platform

The World Economic Forum launched the COVID Action Platform to invite public and private sectors  to work on mitigating the impact of the pandemic.

Link to Webpage
Projects 00 01@2x

Translation -
UBI Taiwan Articles

The Universal Basic Income Taiwan translated English articles on basic income, economy and social welfare to promote such concept in Taiwan.

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Projects 00 02@2x

Training & Mentoring -
Think On Summer Camp

Think On Summer Camp is a project that introduces liberal arts education and global citizenship education to Vietnamese high school students.

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Work Experience

Research Analyst|World Benchmarking Alliance
Remote (Amsterdam, Netherlands).2022 / 04 - Present

Experiences 00 00@2x

Climate Change and Sustainability Services|KPMG Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan.2021 / 04 - 2022 / 03

  • Assists over 5 enterprises to publish their annual sustainability reports and provide concrete guidance on international questionnaires on sustainability
  • Implements sustainability projects including human rights due diligence and  Social Return on Investments (SROI)
  • Conducts workshops and training on circular economy, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Equator Principles (EP)

Experiences 00 00@2x

Asia Pacific Regional Team|World Economic Forum
Geneva, Switzerland.2020 / 03 - 2020 / 09

  • Conducted stakeholder mapping and nominates 50+ Asia-Pacific startups, social entrepreneurs and young global leaders to the Forum’s communities 
  • Co-managed monthly virtual senior-level meetings and invites 40+ leaders from government, businesses and international organizations in the Asia Pacific
  • Analyzed the preliminary data for the ASEAN Youth Survey 2020 on digital transformation and remote learning and working 
  • Curated content to encourage the engagement of governments and international organizations to participate in the COVID Action Platform

Experiences 00 00@2x

Financial Innovation Lab|UN Capital Development Fund
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.2019 / 08 - 2020 / 02

  • Co-organized start-up challenge with APEC 2020 on improving the financial health of gig economy workers 
  • Drafted concept note and reached out to potential partners in all 21 APEC Economies
  • Conducted workshops on financial inclusion and SDGs to 80+ participants in Malaysia

Experiences 00 01@2x

Labour Mobility and Human Development|IOM - UN Migration
Geneva, Switzerland.2019 / 04 - 2020 / 08

  • Co-drafted research report for APEC labour migration information system to solve regional skills mismatch 
  • Collected best practices from UN agency and regional organization in development of labour mobility data 
  • Conducted interviews with 10+ government officials from APEC Economies and analyzed the results 
  • Designed infographics and data visualization for the Labour Mobility and Human Development Division

Experiences 00 02@2x

Taiwan ASEAN Studies Center|Chunghua Institution for Economic Research
Taipei, Taiwan.2018 / 02 - 2018 / 06

  • Summarized and translated literature on Southeast Asian economic, social and political development 
  • Co-organized annual conference and seminar for 200+ guests from the Asia Pacific
  • Collected and analyzed trade and development data from international organization database
  • Assisted the center’s publication ASEAN Outlook by preparing research materials with Chinese-English translation

Experiences 00 03@2x

International Affairs Division, Secretariat|New Taipei City Government
New Taipei, Taiwan.2017 / 07 - 2017 / 12

  • Selected and translated New Taipei’s policies for the vice mayor to share in global forums
  • Wrote English news articles on public policies in New Taipei City for foreign readers 
  • Provided guided tour to 100 foreign diplomats to visit attractions in New Taipei City

Experiences 00 03@2x

Leadership & Extracurricular 

Human Resources and Training Director|Geneva Consulting Network
Geneva, Switzerland.2018 / 10 - 2019 / 08

  • Drafted the terms of reference; recruited and trained student consultants 
  • Organized a two-day consulting strategy workshops to 30+ graduate students

Experiences 00 00@2x

Head of Mentor|Think On Summer Camp 2018
Dalat, Viet Nam.2018 / 04 - 2019 / 07

  • Taught workshops on international development and human rights to 40 students 
  • Guided Vietnamese high school students to orchestrate an anti-bullying project 
  • Designed the curriculum, activities and agenda of the ten-day summer camp 

Experiences 00 01@2x

Translator|Universal Basic Income Taiwan
Remote.2017 / 03 - 2017 / 07

  • Translated articles from Universal Basic Income into Chinese to promote the idea of basic income in Taiwan
  • Extracted essential information from official English basic income reports as seminar discussion materials 

Experiences 00 02@2x

Director|Harvard Taiwan Leadership Conference 2016
New Taipei, Taiwan.2015 / 09 - 2016 / 08

  • Collaborated with 15 Harvard students to design a seven-day leadership course for high school students
  • Led 40+ of staff and managed the logistics to organize the largest high school conference in Taiwan
  • Managed and planned marketing strategies on Facebook Page; successfully attracted over 100 Harvard students and 2500 high school students to apply for conference participation

Experiences 00 03@2x


MA in Development Studies|Graduate Institute Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland.2018 / 09 - 2020 / 09

  • Overall GPA:5.50 / 6.00
  • Major - Mobilities, Spaces and Cities|Minor - Trade and International Finance

Educations 00 00@2x

Visiting Student|University of Malaya 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.2019 / 09 - 2020 / 01

  • Relevant Coursework: Labour and Employment in Southeast Asia|Politics and Governance in Southeast Asia|Language and Multiculturalism in Southeast Asia

Educations 00 01@2x
BA in Public Administration and Policy
BA in Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics
New Taipei, Taiwan.2014 / 09 - 2018 / 06
  • Overall GPA:3.97 / 4.00 
  • Honors: Valedictorian for the Class of 2018, Academic Excellence Award 2017
Educations 00 03@2x