John Castillo

Front-end developer  •  Yonkers, US  •  [email protected]

Full-stack developer. Coding,Business and Gaming were my first loves and now I’m very passionate about solving problems in education and finance – always looking to meet and learn from people in these fields.


Thinkful,  2017 – 2018

● Languages: JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML5
● Front-End Frameworks: React
● Back-End Frameworks: Node, Express, Mocha, Chai
● Libraries: JQuery, Redux
● Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL
● ORMs - Mongoose, Sequelize
● Deployment: Heroku, Travis CI

NYIT, Oct 2013 - Feb 2015

● Languages: Java

● Data Structures

● Algorithms and Advanced Math

Lola's LLC/L&Y Technologies, Feb 2013 - Current

● Went from very little knowledge about owning a business to being successful and actually growing the business by 40%

● Self-Taught with some help by my Father on how to manage in a very short time frame

● Accomplished growing my business by entering new markets and moving old generational style thinking into the new technological age

Stem School, Oct 2013 - Feb 2015

● Taught high school students HTML and CSS
● Kept school's website up to date with cutting edge tech
● Worked alongside teachers on improving code bases


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In-development side project that tracks a user's favorite NBA players. Giving them daily stats and seasonal stats with the ability the track the most popular players currently.

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Buyer's Remorse

A real time portfolio tracker for cryptocurrency which tracks the 4 major coins. Made with jQuery.

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A Spanish spaced repetition app built to help user's learn Spanish

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