John Kaweske

John Kaweske is the President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., a biodiesel fuel company in Brazil with diversified assets in the clean energy sector. He has decades of experience in the biotechnology sector, making him an expert in his industry. Before creating Bio Clean Energy, John worked for over 20 years as a Managing Director within the investment banking department for a variety of firms, including Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. and Grace Investments. In these roles, he was in charge of reviewing startup companies within the biotech sector for potential investments; formulating business plans for startup companies, and funding startup, early stage, and growth companies. In his role with Bio Clean Energy, S.A., John Kaweske is in charge of all of the decision making across all corporate procedures. In May 2018, Bio Clean Energy, S.A., won a $36 million biodiesel supply contract from Bolivian Government oil companies. In his spare time, John Kaweske enjoys meditating.

President & CEO, Bio Clean Energy, S.A.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
[email protected]

About John Kaweske, President Of Bio Clean Energy, S.A.

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Bio Clean Energy, S.A., 2004 - Present

  • Originated and managed a biodiesel company in Brazil and developed new technologies in the clean energy sector.  
  • Successfully negotiated and closed Venture Capital funding from a premier fund in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Negotiated and closed loans with four banks in Brazil for capital expenditures and working capital.
  • Strategically planned all aspects of the company from site selection to production and financial management. 
  • Final decision maker for all corporate procedures.

Grace Investments, 2003 - Present

  • Managed a portfolio in excess of 200 million dollars for private individuals as well as for numerous foundations.

John Kaweske & Associates, Inc., 2004 - Present

  • Oversees the general operation of the company.
  • Provides critical support services such as feedstock and marketing assistance, technical support, market expertise.  
  • Provides services to facilitate clarity for investment in one's business.
  • Provides in-depth market studies that allow full visibility using up-to-date information and experience-based projections. 

Managing Director
Cardinal Capital Investment, Inc. 1994 - 2004

  • Responsible for firms Investment Banking department. 
  • Formulated business plans for start-up companies. 
  • Funded start-up, early stage and growth companies. 
  • Participated on the Board of Director of several companies. 
  • Closed M&A transactions.

Managing Director
First Atlantic Capital, 1992 - 1994

  • Reviewed startup companies in the Biotechnology sector for potential investment. 
  • Structured Board of Directors, Advisory Board and seed capital for Genome Technologies, Inc. 
  • Liaison with Investment Banks and other Venture Capital Funds for follow on investments. 
  •  Analyzed complex biotechnology companies and technologies.

Pharmaceutical Consultant
Ivax Pharmaceuticals, 1991 - 1993

  • Marketed and sold pharmaceutical products to physicians in the Miami area.  
  • Managed telemarketing department.


Clark University
Bachelor Of Arts, Psychology, 1987 - 1991


Venture Capital

John Managed a portfolio in excess of $200 million for both private individuals and numerous foundations. 

Renewable Energy

John originated and managed a biodiesel company in Brazil and developed new technologies in the clean energy sector.


John has opened his own successful biodiesel company that recently won a $36 million contract from Bolivia Oil Companies. 

Mergers & Acquisitions 

Business Strategy



  • English
  • Portuguese 
  • Spanish

Honors & Certifications

  • Jeb Bush Appointee, Florida Development Finance Corporation, 2000
  • $36 million biodiesel supply contract, Bolivian Government oil companies, 2018


Engineering & Plant Services

John Kaweske works with with some of the most experienced personnel in the field today, capable of improving the use of your current technologies or providing assistance in updating your technologies and practices. Because of John's strong knowledge and background in biodiesel production technologies and patients, he can help you gain the advantage that is vital in today's increasingly competitive market. 

Financial Modeling 

John Kaweske has evaluated biodiesel facilities for more than a decade. His unique knowledge of the feedstock coupled with the technical and marketing aspects of the business enables him to develop a financial model that is both accurate and insightful to proposed plants. Existing plants can gain valuable benchmarking information, giving them much more competitive in today's market. John Kaweske’s models have received funding by well-known lending institutions and rating agencies for integrated and stand-alone facilities.

Market Studies

Successful biodiesel marketing is site-specific. The renewable fuel industry competes in a complex, well-established fuel industry. Market studies exam what the opportunities and challenges that exist in today's world, including price, quality and regulatory issues. Understanding the industry and market participants can make or break a companies chances at success. John Kaweske helps producers get the most out of their product and co-product values and links producers with key strategic partners for long-term success.   


Process Safety Management Program

As the industry matures, it’s increasingly important to take all the necessary steps to ensure personnel safety. Even incredibly intelligent individuals make simple errors caused by process safety ignorance. Please take the time to evaluate your Process Safety Management program or inquire as to how John Kaweske & Associates can help in this incredibly important part of the business. Our fully developed PSM program is created internally and customized to your plant.

Feasibility Studies

John Kaweske conducts comprehensive feasibility studies based upon USDA feasibility study guidelines. There are five different categories to evaluate for an acceptable feasibility study. These include, but are not limited to: · Economic feasibility · Market feasibility · Technical feasibility · Financial feasibility · Management feasibility Feasibility studies for new plants are the most important step you will ever take, not only because they help you make “Go, No-Go” decisions, but comprehensive studies also provide tremendous business insight to prospective plant operators.

Feedstock Procurement and Analysis

John Kaweske & Associates will optimize your processes for feedstock procurement and logistics management. From early planning to execution and follow up, we will identify the lowest cost feedstock, develop a feedstock procurement plan, and execute it utilizing the knowledge of procurement experts.

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