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John Kaweske is the President of Bio Clean Energy, S.A., a biodiesel fuel company in Brazil with diversified assets in the clean energy sector. He has decades of experience in the biotechnology sector, making him an expert in his industry. Before creating Bio Clean Energy, John worked for over 20 years as a Managing Director within the investment banking department for a variety of firms, including Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. and Grace Investments. 

In these roles, he was in charge of reviewing startup companies within the biotech sector for potential investments; formulating business plans for startup companies, and funding startup, early stage, and growth companies. In his role with Bio Clean Energy, S.A., John Kaweske is in charge of all of the decision making across all corporate procedures. In May 2018, Bio Clean Energy, S.A., won a $36 million biodiesel supply contract from Bolivian Government oil companies. In his spare time, John Kaweske enjoys meditating.

President & CEO, Bio Clean Energy, S.A.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
[email protected]

About John Kaweske, President Of Bio Clean Energy, S.A.

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Bio Clean Energy, S.A., 2004 - Present

  • Originated and managed a biodiesel company in Brazil and developed new technologies in the clean energy sector.  
  • Successfully negotiated and closed Venture Capital funding from a premier fund in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Negotiated and closed loans with four banks in Brazil for capital expenditures and working capital.
  • Strategically planned all aspects of the company from site selection to production and financial management. 
  • Final decision maker for all corporate procedures.

Grace Investments, 2003 - Present

  • Managed a portfolio in excess of 200 million dollars for private individuals as well as for numerous foundations.

John Kaweske & Associates, Inc., 2004 - Present

  • Oversees the general operation of the company.
  • Provides critical support services such as feedstock and marketing assistance, technical support, market expertise.  
  • Provides services to facilitate clarity for investment in one's business.
  • Provides in-depth market studies that allow full visibility using up-to-date information and experience-based projections. 

Managing Director
Cardinal Capital Investment, Inc. 1994 - 2004

  • Responsible for firms Investment Banking department. 
  • Formulated business plans for start-up companies. 
  • Funded start-up, early stage and growth companies.

Managing Director
First Atlantic Capital, 1992 - 1994

  • Reviewed startup companies in the Biotechnology sector for potential investment. 
  • Structured Board of Directors, Advisory Board and seed capital for Genome Technologies, Inc. 
  • Liaison with Investment Banks and other Venture Capital Funds for follow on investments. 
  •  Analyzed complex biotechnology companies and technologies.

Pharmaceutical Consultant
Ivax Pharmaceuticals, 1991 - 1993

  • John Kaweske worked as a pharmaceutical consultant for Ivax Pharmaceuticals, where he marketed and sold pharmaceutical products to physicians in the Miami area.


Clark University
Bachelor Of Arts, Psychology, 1987 - 1991


Renewable Energy

  • John Kaweske originated and managed a biodiesel company in Brazil and developed new technologies in the clean energy sector. 


  • John has opened his own successful biodiesel company that recently won a $36 million contract from Bolivia Oil Companies. 
Venture Capital 
  •  John Managed a portfolio in excess of $200 million for both private individuals and numerous foundations.

Honors & Certifications

  • Jeb Bush Appointee, Florida Development Finance Corporation, 2000 
  • $36 million biodiesel supply contract, Bolivian Government oil companies, 2018

John Kaweske Online

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Biodiesel & Clean Energy

John Kaweske of Colorado Springs, Colorado has been in the biodiesel industry for over 20 years, making him an expert in the industry. This is what led John to create a monthly blog talking about the biodiesel and clean energy industries. Follow his monthly blog here. 

Meditation & Mindfulness

After moving to Brazil in 2004 to open Bio Clean Energy, S.A., John Kaweske found himself with quite a bit of extra time to himself. In order to help with the anxiety of his new home, John began meditating, and has since. He is passionate about sharing his experience with meditation in his monthly blog. Follow John's monthly meditation blog here.

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John Kaweske On Social Media

Throughout the years, John Kaweske has become passionate about both his professional and personal interests. From opening Bio Clean Energy, S.A. in 2004 in Brazil, to practicing meditation each day for 15 years, John has gained knowledge in a variety of areas. This is one of the reasons why he remains active on social media, as he enjoys expanding his knowledge through active research, while also sharing his own experiences and expertise with others. Make sure to follow John Kaweske on social media by clicking below:

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