John Chen

Taipei, Taiwan

Professional Experience

Web Backend Developer  •  CBX Software

Apr 2020 - Present

  • Contributing parts of supply chain sourcing management software system by building RESTful APIs and software components, using Java, Spring Boot.
  • Experienced in performance tuning using caching mechanism, Redis.
  • Having built a tool for migrating data between two systems.
  • Experienced in inspecting code quality by writing integration tests and unit tests, using
    JUnit Test, Cucumber.
  • Experienced in refactoring legacy code in large code base.


Programming Language

Java, Javascript, Python, C/C++

Tech Stack

Postgres SQL, MongoDB, Git, Gitlab, ElasticSearch, Redis, Bash, JUnit Test, Cucumber


Algorithm Fundamentals

Design Pattern Fundamentals

Spoken Language

Chinese (Native)

English (Upper Intermediate, TOEIC 900)

Personal Projects

PIT (Politicians In Taiwan)

A website that provides the news, video clips, and posts from forums of your interested politicians.

Simple Password Validator

A simple password validator that employs basic OOP principles, design patterns, and proper Unit testing.


National Taipei University of Technology

Bachelor, Information and Finance Management, Sep 2015 - Jun 2019