John Hart Philadelphia, PA

John Hart currently works as Elite Solutions Group, LLC’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Legal Operations. He participated in a joint JD/MBA program at Villanova University after a successful undergraduate. For more information visit here

Senior Vice President of Business Development and Legal Operations for Elite Solutions Group, LLC.
Pennsylvania, PS


St. Joseph's University

Dual Major in Psychology and Pre-Medicine

Villanova University


Professional Legal Services from John Hart

John Hart provides a wide range of legal services and business support to his clients in the Philadelphia, PA area. He currently works as the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Legal Operations at Elite Solutions Group, LLC. John completed a double major as an undergraduate in Pre-Med and Psychology and then went on to enter Villanova University.

While there, he entered the Villanova Law School and the Villanova Business School for a joint JD/MBA program. John Hart’s stellar academic record positions him as a leading legal professional for businesses in the Philadelphia area. John helps his clients with a wide variety of business concerns and legal matters. Some of his areas of specialization include:

  • Legal research. John Hart helps clients will large-scale research and document review.
  • Litigation support. The trial process is extremely complex, and John helps clients to prepare for difficult trials.
  • Risk management. Risk is a big factor in modern business, and John helps business clients make legally sound and informed decisions.
  • Complex negotiations. Business negotiations can be time-consuming and tedious. John leverages his experience with the legal and business worlds to help clients with the toughest negotiations.
  • Legal compliance. Many businesses must meet federal or state compliance regulations with oversight agencies, and John helps his clients stay in compliance.

These are just a few examples of how John Hart leverages his business and legal experience for the benefit of his clients in the Philadelphia, PA area. When John isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with friends and loved ones, joining cross-fit competitions, skiing, and golfing.

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