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Johnny Chiang 蔣崇立

AI engineer, Computer vision engineer, Data Scientist

4+ years experience in data analysis and machine learning in the fields of  industry, commerce, biomedicine and computer vision. I am an open-minded person and willing to share. I hope that we have the opportunity to exchange experience in the future. 



 Python     Tensorflow      OpenCV

 R                Keras                SQL   

 Docker     Github                  Linux


Supervised learning, Unsupervised learning, Artificial neural network, Dimensionality reduction, Object detection, Data augmentation

Work Experience

ULSee, Inc., Taiwan                                                                

AI & Software engineer                                                                                                 Oct. 2019  Mar.2021

 Develop and design the application of fall detection in healthcare.
 Modeling the recognition of human body direction in WeWork system.
 Design and convert the efficient model for mobile device.
 Communicate and coordinate with third-parties such as Samsung. 
 Build SOP for data collection and develop related label tools.

Quark Biosciences, Inc., Taiwan                                                                 

Data Analyst and Software engineer                                                                                   Oct. 2018  Sep. 2019
 Eliminate batch effects of miRNA experiments through statistical methods.
 Analyzing the cancer related data to find useful information and supporting decision-making.
 Develop back-end API algorithms and implement software auto deployment in docker environment.

Competition Experience

E.SUN Commercial Bank, LTD. , Taiwan                                               

AI Predicting Taiwan Real Estate Competition                                                                  July. 2019  July. 2019
Used XGBoosting method to predict house price and found out the significant factors which effects house price. In just two weeks, my rank was the top 4.66%.

Chinese Applied Statistic Association, Taiwan

CASA Big Data Marketing Competition                                                                       Apr. 2016  May 2016
Used membership data and sales records to construct a mathematical model that can correctly evaluate lifetime value for each customer’s consumption. Finally, we were the top 20 from 141 teams.


National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Hsinchu, Taiwan                  Sep. 2015  June 2017

Master of Statistics  (GPA 4.11)

Adviser : Nan-Jung, Hsu

Thesis   : Two-Product Mixed-Run Run-to-Run Control for Drifted Process

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), Taipei, Taiwan            Sep. 2010  June 2015

Bachelor of Mathematics


1. Develop back-end API algorithms and implement them in shiny UI 

Projects 01 00@2x

2-1. The action detection demo with DVS sensor


2-2. The application of fall detection demo in Beitou social services organization

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