John Xydakis

John Xydakis - Accomplished Defense Attorney

  Chicago, IL, USA

Based in Chicago, attorney John Xydakis guides a law office that delivers defense litigation support in wide-ranging civil and criminal matters. The types of cases he handles include those involving breach of fiduciary duty and civil rights. In 2013 John Xydakis achieved the state’s highest punitive damages award in a jury trial.

Mr. Xydakis also handles class actions and has had an integral role in enabling thousands of consumers to recover funds they are entitled to. In one suit, he worked to hold a major automotive firm accountable for charging inflated expenses on invoices. In another case, he represented taxpayers of the City of Chicago in a settlement related to a defectively built police headquarters building.

Attorney John Xydakis has been published in the journal of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association and in Trial by Human legal guides. A graduate of the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law, he was active on the law review and graduated with magna cum laude distinction.


Work Experience

Attorney   •  Law Office of John Xydakis

February 2000 - Present

Attorney at Law Focusing on Civil and Criminal Defense Litigation

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