Jojo, Ng Yi Kwan

I am a Hongkonger now working in Taiwan, at Chyunn Environment Corporation, a leading waste treatment service company in southern Taiwan. Interested in the regional revitalization and other environmental topics, I am also the co-founder of Badlands Empowerment Sustainability Taskforce (BEST), an advocacy group based in Tainan, and the industry researcher at Taiwan Blockchain Academia (TBA) working on climate issues.


[email protected]

+886 900156803 

Tainan City, TW

Work Experience

Project Executive , Sep 2022 - Now

Chyunn Environment Corporation 群運環保股份有限公司   

Undergraduate Research Assistant , Apr 2022 - Jun 2022

Transportation Research and Development Center for Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan 雲嘉南區域運輸發展研究中心   

Research on the operation models and innovative practices of rural public transport, including literature review and statistical analysis.

Industry Researcher, Sep 2021 - now

Taiwan Blockchain Academia, 台灣區塊鏈大學聯盟   

The Enterprise Blockchain Development Program (EBD) is one of the main projects in TBA. It aims to drive industry innovation and digital transformation in Taiwan's financial institutions and climate action with applications of blockchain in enterprises. It is dedicated to establishing an enterprise blockchain ecosystem for academic institutions, enterprises, and government agencies in Taiwan. Duties include researching on industries, environmental policies, and interviewing the participating parties of carbon accreditation.

Financial Manager & Co- founder, Sep 2020 - now

Badlands Empowerment Sustainability Taskforce, BEST 惡地共築     

Design operational structures and financial regulations with 10 leading members. Lead the treasuring team to practise accounting ad hoc including budget planning, cashiering and delivering financial statements, etc. Through analysing financial data, and problems that arouse in projects, to carrying out progress enhancement plans for the team's financial management. We achieved an investment return rate of 200% for the first accounting term.

Project Experience

Financial Manager, Mar 2021 - Jun 2021

2021 EC-SOS Program (Ministry of education, Taiwan) , 教育部「新創團隊公司設立及營運實務訓練營」

  • Designed a business model that won reserve fund of NTD100,000 from the EC-SOS, a startup accelerating program for a  university team, to run Life Ltd. Co.(壽命有限公司) for 3 months. 
  • Successfully negotiated an interior design and construction case with Gongguan Community (公舘社區發展協協會), organised a 3-month course with 10 participants and 1 forum with 20+ participants. 
  • Controlled expenses accurately within the approved budget.

Event Planner, Aug 2020 - Nov 2020

2020 Vurel Kidi in Zuojhen, 左鎮月食祭

  • Planned 4 sessions of cultural tours connecting Ganglin (岡林) and Caoshan (草山) communities in Zuojhen, Tainan, worked from positioning tour features and communicating tour content, developing potential partners, and customer service. 
  • Coordinated with marketing, design and catering divisions, to promote local cuisines and serving over 150 participants including government officials and student groups in 4-days which received high praise.

Project Developer & Social Media Marketing, May 2020 - Jul 2020

2020 Touching Taiwan Youth Travel Program (Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education, Taiwan), 教育部青年發展署「青年壯遊臺灣-尋找感動地圖實踐計畫」

  • Conducted field survey and wrote a proposal to achieve NTD70,000 for completing a 10-day journey from Cijin District (旗津) to Liouguei Township (六龜) in Kaohsiung. 
  • Completed 40+ rephotographs of John Thomson's 1871 works, while connecting with 6 inner mountain communities. 
  • Coordinated to write contents for our Facebook page accumulating 1,500+ likes in 10-days. 
  • Controlled project costs accurately within the approved budget. 
  • Project completion presentation won NTD30,000, the second highest price.


National Cheng Kung University, B.A. Economics, 2017 ~ 2022

Research Projects/ Papers:

  • Resource and Environmental Economics:
Conducted 40+ questionnaires and used Stata to analyze the WTP of NCKU students towards eco-tour. Applying regression analysis to find relations between WTP and social and economical factors, while the WTP of the selected tour was found 60% of the market price.
  • Economic Analysis of Natural Disaster:
 “A Qualitative Analysis of Livelihood Vulnerability From Earthquakes in Colombia and Japan
Conducted 20 surveys and interviewed 6 persons from Colombia and Japan,  compared the economic effects of the earthquakes and perceived efficiency of mitigation policies in the two economically diverse countries. Results show little notice of the two country's people on improvement on mitigation, while poorer Colombia focused on recovery more than mitigation.
  • Economic Development and Happiness Economics:
Evolution of Fishery Co-management: Case Study of Economic Effects of The Pooling System of Sakuraebi in Japan
Conducted 3 interviews with stakeholders in the sakuraebi industry. Visualized data to analyze economic trend changes before and after the implementation of the pool systems. Analyzed correlation coefficients between price and catches with Excel to develop patterns of their changes of evolution, while explaining our findings with economic and societal reasonings from the interview contents.



  • Qualitative and quantitative economic analysis
  • Design and analysis of questionnaires and interviews
  • Business model design and analysis
  • Data analysis: Stata, Excel, SPSS


  • IELTS 7.5 
  • Mandarin (native)
  • Cantonese (native)

Financial management

  • Leadership: a year experience of managing a financial team in a group with over 10 members, and in 2 projects.
  • Communication: promote more transparent and efficient financial operations to the team
  • Budget planning, cashiering and delivering of financial statements

Project developing

  • 7-times experience of applying for government funding for community projects, with a 70% success rate
  • Cooperation and connection: participate from writing proposals, event planning, reaching for business partners, budget planning, and implementation