Jordan Chen (陳衍豪)

I am working on IOT P2P service have decade experience and keep stable income for company. My experience is not just coding for customer's requirements but also keeping service running well both on backend and frontend.

  New Taipei City, Taiwan

  [email protected]




May 2021 - Present

Senior Software Engineering  Innodisk(宜鼎國際股份有限公司)

Keep our IOT system running, including developing new features and maintaining everything running well.

May 2020 - May 2021

Senior Software Engineering  Antzer-Tech (安捷科股份有限公司)

Developing IOT systems with Node.js, Docker, MQTT, MongoDB for a high performance system.

May 2007 - Feb 2020

Senior Software Engineering  Systems & Technology (康訊股份有限公司)

Fleet Web Management System maintenance and development.


1999 - 2001

National Central University

Department of civil engineering

1996 - 1999

National Central University

Department of civil engineering


Front End


Back End



Chinese (Native)
English (TOEIC 780)


Intelli Fleet Web

This is Fleet Management, where I work on Systech running. There are several necessary functions, such as real time monitor location and query history tracing. Customers can select several Map Services (Google Map,Here Map, OpenSteet Map) to show their vehicles on it. Besides, there are a bunch of reports based on what kind of accessory is installed on vehicles, such as fuel sensor, temperature sensor, camera, RFID scanner, Barcode scanner etc. Each one has a response report for them.

There are several tasks that I work with:

1. Deploy Fleet Web System on IDC or Customer's server by remote. Including database, backend service and front end service.

2. Get a customer's requirement to build new features, such as geofence setting on the map, or a new report with the vehicle's accessory (temperature sensor) etc.

3. Answer customer's questions about our system(including local Taiwan customers or abroad customers), such as vehicles not online or websites not showing properly etc.

4. Estimate the server expanding when server loading is heavy and migrate the system to bigger hardware.

5. Produce a vehicle using status based on data amount and export the billing files to our salesman.

Database: MS SQL
Back End : ASP.Net
Front End : Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS

Internet of Vehicle System

This is an IOV system for drivers who can keep monitoring their vehicles when they are not around. Tracker will launch events to the server and then send an e-mail or phone call when a motion event occurs or devices have been detached.
I also create several management functions for our partner company manager, such as, monthly count of the online vehicle number, setting an account expiration date. If the user did not pay the bill, then you can not login. The map display not just shows traces but also shows the staying time, and the trace points will auto-adjust by the map zooming in or out, keeping the map neating. And the car icon on the map can move by upside bar moving,. Also, the car icon can go forward or backward by mouse dragging the bar point.

Database: MySQL,MongoDB
Back End : NodeJS,Docker
Front End : Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS

Cold Chain System

This is a cold chain system aimed at the restaurant's food management market or freight traffic that we are developing. The temperature sensors will keep sending temperature data to a gateway that uses MQTT protocol sent to the server by LTE or WiFi. The server will check if there are any abnormal events such as over temperature ,lower temperature, low battery, then send a notification to the user. There are 3 options that you can notify (e-mail, line notify and phone call). And users can get a historical temperature curve plot. And also there are many manage page such as create account, create company, create sensor pages.

Database: MySQL,MongoDB
Back End : NodeJS,Docker
Front End : Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS

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