Joseph Chung

Product Manager

  Taipei City, Taiwan

Product Manager with 3 years of experience in consumer electronics and Fintech.

Devoted to developing products that are much closer to users.

Focus on the Internet, consumer electronics, and emerging technologies industries.


+886-953-745645 | [email protected]   


Taipei, Taiwan

May, 2020-Current

Product Manager


  • Pre-market analysis of products (including feasibility studies, competitive surveys, and pricing planning).
  • Product project schedule control (pre-launch schedule), successfully making the brand expand from the major product, mobile phone case, to charging products in 2020, and successfully launching four cases of chargers.
  • Co-work with industrial designers to confirm the product's CMF (Color\Material\Finish) and develop it with the designers.
  • Communicate with the factory (mold development, contract signing, and product delivery,). With the chargers, I successfully let the factory absorb some of the certification costs, and achieved cost reduction by the tiered price.                                                                                        * 2 RMB reduction in products up to 10,000 pcs; restored the original price after 10,000 pcs, which will help with the early promotion of the product.
  • Marketing material planning (product copywriting, packaging design, product catalogue and pictures of official website details).
  • Serve as a contact with Apple (MFi, MFM certification applications, and corporate procurement). Successfully became the fourth brand of MFM-certified mobile phone case (Made for MagSafe) in the world.
  • Follow maintenance after product launch (sales tracking, opinion collection, and planning of the second generation).

Taipei, Taiwan 

July-Dec., 2019

Project Manager


  • Held two major events at the Apple campus licensing stores, BTS (Back To School) and NOP (Notebook Ownership Program).
  • After the Apple Store opened, the sales performance of the campus store was continuously declining; however, during my tenure, the sales performance increased 15% compared with the same period the year before.
  • Analyzed the sales number at each campus store so as to allocate the number of products purchased; streamlined the stores and focused resources on two markets (Xiao-Fu, flagship store) at National Taiwan University.
  • Collaborated with the parent company (ADAM elements) to plan a product tie-up promotion.
  • Collaborated with the University Students’ Association to plan the campus promotions and co-work with TrendYoung Agency to assist in installing activities at five major campuses.

Taipei, Taiwan 


Personal Banking Intern

E.SUN Bank

  • Conducted user interviews and pain point analysis.
  • Planned and designed a mobile payments app.
  • Won first place in the final panel evaluation of the TCP (Talent Cultivating Program) of National Taiwan University.


Taipei, Taiwan | 2014 - 2018

National Taiwan University

Bachelor of Business Administration in finance

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