Joseph Levitin

Active in Philanthropy and Property Management

A committed philanthropist based out of Aventura, Florida, Menachem Yosef “Joseph” Levitin focuses his efforts on endeavors supporting his Jewish heritage. He attended the New Haven Hebrew Day School and now supports other students in receiving a Jewish education around the globe, from a comprehensive Judaic studies program at a high school in Pennsylvania to the Chenor Jewish Day School in Paris. Joseph Levitin has also helped found a synagogue and engaged in a variety of nonprofit outreach efforts.

Professionally, Menachem Yosef Levitin has extensive experience in property management. As the founder and president of Levitin Management in New Haven, Connecticut, he collaborates with investors around the world to fund the purchase and management of commercial and residential properties across the northeastern United States. His responsibilities range from construction and leasing to ensuring the diversity of his company's portfolio.

He is also involved with a local Chabad organization that connects young Jewish professionals, providing networking, community events, and other activities in support of its members.

New Haven, CT, US

Work Experience

Levitin Management



Yeshiva Venice

Non Profit Outreach

New Haven Hebrew Day School

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