Joshua Anderson

I'm a Robot Technician at Starship Technologies. I have a passion for robotics and web development

Junior Web Developer
Cockeysville, MD
[email protected]


  • Computer skills - 15 years building computers and repairs
  • Html and CSS experience 

  • Automotive experience work/hobby
  • Customer Success 
  • Willingness to adapt and learn


Jr. Support and Deployment Engineer August 2018 ~ current

Duties: As a Jr. Support and Deployment Engineer, I work on various tasks involving robot repairs and deploying infrastructure to new service locations. Robots are serviced by replacing, and repairing components. Other repairs involve setting up robot via software. This also involves managing 20-40 robots daily. 

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Robot Handler Jan 2018 ~ August 2018

Duties: As a handler, my duties included being an ambassador for customer acquisition. I also provide on-site field support to autonomous robots at delivery locations to keep operations running as smooth as possible while also providing feedback to further improve robot behavior. I also provide support expanding and integrating into future delivery locations. 

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Operations Associate, Aug 2014 ~ Oct 2017

Duties: Worked with small teams throughout retailers to provide an easy curbside pick up experience. Processed orders inside retailer to pack for customer pickup. Other duties included mobile/web application testing (UAT). 

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Tire and Lube Supervisor, Mar 2014 ~ Aug 2014

Duties: Ensure technicians are fulfilling auto services for customers. Customer care was a priority whether there was a problem or not. Keep in compliance with OSHA standards. 

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Tire And Lube Technician Mar 2012 ~ Mar 2014

Duties: Fulfill various vehicle services for customers in a fast-paced environment. This included Oil changes, Battery replacements, and Tire replacement. 

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Bike Assembler, Sep 2011 ~ Mar 2012

Duties: I was to build bicycles and put them out on the floor. Other duties included stocking the toy section, zoning, and being a cashier.

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  • Bloc - Software Engineering Bootcamp -  Jul 2016 - May 2019