Joyce Hsu (Zih-Huei)

Smart Factory | AIoT | Digital Transformation Data center
Sales Account management| Business development|Product line management

• 8+ year experience in sales and product line management for optical communication/Data center (Datacom)/Telecom industries.

• 1+ year of experience in sales and project management of Smart factory solutions (including AI, IoT, Software MES/SCM/WMS/EIM, ESG, System integration and consulting service.)
• Proven sales record of exceeding business revenue/profit goal.
• Design win oriented to drive the demand creation for customers.
• Solid experience collaborating with manufacturing/logistic and global team to support customers.
• Analyze sales data, market information and competition for business planning and strategy.

 [email protected]


Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation

Section Leader 

Business Integration Department. , VC Solution Div. 

Apr 2022 ~ Now

  • Build and develop business of Smart factory solutions (including AI, IoT, Software MES/WMS/SCM/EIM, ESG, System integration and consulting service). 
  • Hunted and explored potential customers through communicating with decision makers including C-level, factory director and management/IT/production team.
  • Support marketing activities/events including seminar, exhibition, etc. to approach potential customers. 
Successful cases
  • Die casting manufacturer in Vietnam (automotive application) : SCM (Supply Chain Management system) implement integration with ERP 
  • Industrial sealing manufacturer: WMS (Warehouse Management system) implement and integration with ASRS 
  • Plasma cleaning equipment manufacturer: EWR (Enterprise War Room) customization

Section Leader 

Intelligence Solution Department. , Industrial Solution Div. 

Jun 2020~ Apr 2022

  • Managed and built up long-term relationship with key accounts, developed understanding of customers’ requirements and ensured their satisfaction for business growth,.
  • Strived for sales rights of 2 new product lines with higher ASP and earned design-wins in 3+ customers. 
  • Identified customers’ spec/technical requirement and collaborated with global team and coordinated internal resources to support customization solutions and meet customers’ expectations. 
  • Supported AIoT project to do research and SWOT analysis of IoT/AI/Smart factory/Intelligent manufacturing solutions of global competitors and surveyed potential local SI partners.


Account Manager

Advanced Material Dept. 1, Industrial Solution Div.

Apr 2019 ~ Jun 2020


Atellias Technology LTD.

Sales Manager                                                               

Jul 2018 ~ Apr 2019

  • Created sales activities by cold calling/visiting customers and approached 20+ customers in China/Taiwan/Japan for products promotion. 
  • Approached and visited China customers in Shenzhen/Suzhou/Shanghai/Wuhan/Dongguan/Hongkong to engage new business opportunities. 
  • Explored new suppliers of optical modules/components and offered suitable solutions to Japan industrial customers. 
  • Generated reports and strategies by collecting customers’ feedback, competitor analysis and market information. 
  • Supported establishment, registration and financial affairs of TW office.

Product knowledge
  • Optical communication for Datacom/Telecom/Consumer: VCSEL, DFB/EML, PIN/MPD/APD, IC (Laser driver/TIA/CDR), TE Cooler (TEC), AWG/Mux/DeMux, TO-can/TOSA/ROSA, Housing of optical module/transceiver, Prober/sorter/AOI for LD/LED 
  • Wireless/RF application: Chip Capacitor(SLC), Submount, thin film resistor
Company introduction
Atellias Technology LTD. is a distributor/agent of optical communication component, module and equipment which is founded by previous sales VP of GigPeak/IDT (acquired by Renesas). Atellias provides customers with various key components and materials to support customers to turn ideas into products and flexible solutions at different levels of integration. Atellias supports Japan tier 1 customers, US, China and Taiwan customers for Datacom, Telecom, Sensing and industrial applications.


Litrax Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales Manager                                                               

Data Communication Department

Dec 2017 ~ Jul 2018

  • Sales account management:
    • Consistently outperformed beyond the sales goals and overachieved quota (~120% achievement rate).
    • Expanded existing customers' contribution and developed new opportunities for continuous growth.

  • Marketing survey:
    • Investigated on competitors' activities by conducting marketing survey on pricing strategy, product roadmap, and user experiences.
    • Devised marketing strategies by positioning assigned products as the best solutions for prospective customers.

  • Product line management/Technical Sales:
    • Managed II-VI Laser Enterprise VCSEL/PD and Knowles capacitor(SLC) product lines, actively collaborated with team members and supplier to update business outlook, design in tracking and monthly forecast to maximize the share.
    • Communicated between suppliers and customers to ensure the project going smoothly, negotiated for commercial terms and resolved disputes.
    • Acted as a coordinator of technical contact and timely resolved technical quality issues. Drove product and technical issues to resolution by collecting, analyzing and trouble-shooting approaches.
    • Coordinated three-way commercial and technical meetings in annual conferences such as OFC (The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition in U.S.).

Account Manager                                                         

Data Communication Department 

Aug 2015 ~ Dec 2017

  • Successfully designed win consumer interconnect 4k/8k TV project from Worldwide top1 provider, and created more than US$10M revenue. 
  • Increased business growth by 20%+ by having new products ordered in 2+ years. 
  • Ensured customers’ satisfaction by managing the details of project solution and schedule. 
  • Executed sales plan, accurately forecast revenue streams and achieved targeted revenue.

Inside Sales                                                                    

Data Communication Department 

Jul 2013 ~ Jul 2015 

  • Managed sales orders and ERP including order acknowledgements, order entry, routing and backlog management.
  • Ensured accurate and timely follow-through upon shipment of orders. 
  • Supported sales to follow up sampling result, customer project status and push new orders. 
  • Maintained database of customer data, quotation records, price list and monitored inventory level.


  • IIVI LE (II-VI Laser Enterprise): VCSEL, PD 
  • IDT (GigOptix/GigPeak): IC (LDD/TIA), CDR
  • Oclaro (Lumentum): DFB/EML, Tunable TOSA, APD 
  • Albis: PD, APD, MPD 
  • Knowles (Compex): Chip capacitor (SLC), Submount, thin film resistor
  • Year Round: Housing of optical module, handle for switch
  • Shijia Photons: PLC, AWG, Box type TOSA/ROSA 
  • Phononic: TEC 
  • Datacom (Data Center/Cloud Computing, Super Computer/High-Performance Computing HPC, Industrial) 
  • Telecom (FTTx EPON/GPON/10G PON, Wireless & LTE/5G Base station) 
  • Consumer AOC (HDMI, Thunderbolt, OUSB, Cable for 4k/8k TV) 

Customer region

  • Taiwan, China, Japan, US, Korea

Company introduction

Litrax Technology is a total solution provider for fiber optics components (laser diode, photo diode, IC, and etc). Litrax serves as the distributor and local agent for oversea manufacturers, and promotes their products into the transceiver module makers. The end-customers are players in the Data Center and Telecommunication industries, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Huawei, and etc. Website:


Microsoft Taiwan Corporation

Intern - Internet Marketing Internship Program 

Sep 2012 ~ Jun 2013        

  • Generated and developed day-to-day content for social networks
  • Planned and executed social strategy and campaigns
  • Managed auction website and contacted customers
  • Wrote articles for posting on blogs, edited pictures for promotion on Facebook


ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Sales & Marketing Intern                                            

Apr 2012 ~ Jun 2013

  • Promoted/sold products in the first-hand, rather intense environments of major distributors, large exhibitions and press conference. (e.g. Computex, Information Technology Show, Road Show)
  • Controlled NT$2.5M quarterly budget and produced financial report and achievement report of monthly review.
  • Slashed event siting rental 15% by negotiating pricing and fees to optimize budget.
  • Managed administrative affairs for consumer learning program and resolved customer complaints.
  • Produced financial report and achievement report of monthly review.
  • As a leader of writers team which belongs to Internet Marketing Group, generated articles like interviews and press releases of intern program activities to promote and manage Facebook Page


Gigazone International Co., Ltd

Sales Promoter                                               

Apr 2012 ~ Jul 2012

GIGAZONE is subsidiary company of GIGABYTE. 

  • Promoted products (power/monitor) to consumers in stores of dealers 
  • Listening to what customers want and helping them find the perfect product for their needs.
  • Generated weekly sales report and price survey of competitors
  • Collected market information and updated feedback from consumers and distributors

Paragraph image 06 00@2x
Introduced new ASUS products to global press, customers, visitors in Computex 
Paragraph image 06 01@2x
Supported ASUS product presentation for consumers
Paragraph image 06 02@2x
Final presentation of Microsoft Internet Marketing Internship Program


National Chung Hsing University

Bachelor of Science (BS) , Life Sciences, 2009 ~ 2013

Pingtung Girls’ High School

Class for the Math and Science Gifted Students (數理資優班) , 2006~2009



  • Mandarin Chinese (Native)
  • English (Full professional proficiency)
  • Japanese (Basic)
  • German (Basic)


  • Microsoft office: Excel (Pivot & VBA), Powerpoint, Access, Outlook
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • X-Mind (Mind mapping)
  • Salesforce
  • Python (Beginning)
  • R programming (Beginning)
  • AWS Amazon Web Service (Beginning)

Paragraph image 06 00@2x
TOEIC Gold Certificate 
 (Score 950/990) 

  • Issued date: Feb, 2018 
  • Credential ID: 18247401
Paragraph image 06 01@2x

AWS Awsome Day Conference 
Awsome Day 線上研討會 

  • Issued date: Apr, 2020
Paragraph image 06 02@2x

AI ValueUp Workshop

  • Issued date: Apr, 2022
Paragraph image 06 00@2x

e-Enterprise Data Analyst (DPA) Certificate

  • Big Data Process and Analysis 
  • 巨量資料處理與分析 
  • Computer Skills Foundation, CSF 
  • Issued date: Dec, 2016 
  • Credential ID: 421170100001350
Paragraph image 06 01@2x

AWS Cloud Computing Architecture Basic Course Certificate

  • Issued date: Oct, 2019 
  • Course credit: 2 credits
  • Credential ID: 10896418
Paragraph image 06 02@2x

AWS Cloud Computing Architecture Advanced Course Certificate

  • Issued date: Dec, 2019 
  • Course credit: 2 credits
  • Credential ID: 10896662
Paragraph image 06 00@2x
AWS Cloud Computing Advanced Practice Course Certificate

  • Issued date: Oct, 2020
  • Credential ID: 10996484
Paragraph image 06 00@2x
Lightwave Seminar 
Expanding Horizons for Fiber-Optic Connectors and Connectivity 
  • Issued date: Jul, 2020
Paragraph image 06 01@2x
Lightwave Seminar 
Advances in Data Center Interconnect 
  • Issued date: Jul, 2020
Paragraph image 06 02@2x
Lightwave Seminar 
Enabling 400G and Beyond

  • Issued date: Aug, 2020



  • German 1A 

Feb, 2017~Jun, 2017

NCHU Language Center

  • German 2A 

Oct, 2017~Jan, 2018

NCHU Language Center

  • German 3   

Jun, 2018~Sep, 2018

NCHU Language Center


  • Business English Writing 

Apr, 2014~Jun, 2014



  • English Speaking  

Aug, 2017~Sep, 2017




  • Japanese 2A 

Feb, 2016~Jun, 2016

NCHU Language Center

  • Japanese Basic (基礎~初級三)

May, 2019~Apr, 2020


Japanese Intermediate (中級一~中級二)

Jun, 2020~Sep, 2020 


Cloud Computing

  •  AWS (Amazon Web Service) 

Jul, 2019~Oct, 2019


AWS Cloud Computing Architecture - Basic Course 

Shih Chien University

Oct, 2019~Dec, 2019


AWS Cloud Computing Architecture - Advanced Course 

Shih Chien University

Apr, 2020

AWSome Day Online Conference 2020
AWS Taiwan

Sep, 2020~Dec, 2020
AWS Cloud Computing Advanced Practice Course
Shih Chien University 

My Qwiklab public profile:

Oct, 2020
研討會: 彈性運用 Amazon SageMaker,加速您的機器學習旅程
Seminar: Amazon SageMaker for Machine Learning
AWS Taiwan

Nov, 2020
研討會: 如何快速和安全地將 Windows工作負載遷移到AWS
Seminar: How to move Windows workloads to AWS quickly and safely
AWS Taiwan

  •  GCP (Google Cloud Platform)
Jun, 2021
Google Cloud Study Jam 2021

My Qwiklab public profile:


  • Excel/Access  

Jul, 2016~Oct, 2016


National Taichung University of Science and Technology

  • Excel VBA, Pivot & Power BI
           Nov, 2019~Dec, 2019
          National Taipei University of Business

  • Power BI  
           Nov, 2016~Dec, 2016  
          中國生產力中心 China Productivity Center 

  • Mind mapping 

May, 2017~Jul, 2017    



  • AI & Big data analysis
  • AiValueUp workshop
① CRISP-DM introduction: data mining process model 
② Knime: analytics platform operation

March, 2022 
Hitachi, Ltd.


  • R language 

Mar, 2017~Jun, 2017 


National Taichung University of Science and Technology  

  • Python 

Jul, 2018~Sep, 2018



Nov, 2022~Dec, 2022



  • Google Analytics & SEO

Dec, 2017~Jan, 2018



International Trade

  • International Trade 

Mar, 2014~Jul, 2014


逢甲大學 國貿系


  • Zero Second Thinking Workshop

May, 2019


Lecturer: Yuji Akaba


Business thinking

Jan, 2021~ Now


  • Business Development Program 商業開發學程
  • Specialized Staff Program 超級幕僚學程
  • Case study
  • 2021 Bizthinking Academy 2nd Year Anniversary event (Preparatory Team member )
  • Project management program 專案管理學程

Paragraph image 01 00@2x

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Google Cloud Study Jam 

Paragraph image 01 00@2x

Business Thinking Academy 商業思維學院

Jan, 2021~ Now  

  • Business Development Program 商業開發學程 
  • Specialized Staff Program 超級幕僚學程 
  • Case study 
  • Bizthinking Academy 2nd Year Anniversary event (Preparatory Team member )
  • Project management program 專案管理學程 

Paragraph image 06 00@2x
Paragraph image 06 01@2x
Paragraph image 06 02@2x


Paragraph image 01 00@2x

Hitachi High-Tech Welfare E-Platform implement

 Jun 2021 – Sep 2021 

 <Project description>

  • Proposed the E-platform idea to improve the efficiency and flexibility for all colleagues comparing to original hard copy gift certificate method. 
  • Pitched internally to get the approval including surveying partners, comparison analysis of different platforms, benefit for the transformation. 
  • Managed project schedule, strived for resources and led the welfare committee members to implement the E-platform for whole company. 
  • Reviewed contract, negotiated discount, defined SOP and prepared detailed Q&A to help all colleagues use the E-platform easily. 


  • Efficiency: purchasing and delivery process has been shorten from 2 weeks to 3~4 days. 
  • Flexibility: original there was 2 options of department store gift certificates, after the deployment of E-platform, there are 30+ options gift certificates including department stores, super markets, restaurants, convenience stores and 250k+ products which colleagues can select it by their own. 
  • Cost optimization: reduced traffic cost and shipping fee of purchasing/delivery process and colleagues can get additional discount from the E-platform.
  • CSR/SDGs: reduced paper use and carbon emissions for environment protection and Sustainable Development Goals.


National Chung Hsing University Volunteer Team 


2010 – 2011

24th Young Science Camp 



Course team 課程組 & Team leader 

Female Student Leadership Training Camp  



Multinational Enterprise Employment Training Camp 



National Chung Hsing University Friendly Ambassador 


Jan 2011 – Jun 2013

NCHU International Pioneer Club 


Sep 2012 – Jun 2013  

Funding team 創社團隊

1st International Pioneer Training Program of CUST 



Team leader

Welcome Party for Foreign Students 



Preparatory Team 


Winter Festival for Global Society  

興大國際文化節 冬季慶典 


Preparatory Team 活動籌備與執行

My County Talk 


Preparatory Team 活動籌備與執行

Your Next Stop : Go Abroad! 

國際週: 世界大小,由我決定! 


Preparatory Team 活動籌備與執行 & Art Design 美編組

Microsoft - Innovate For Good

微軟 Innovate For Good - 科技讓公益好『正點』


Youth International Organization and Social Enterprise Talent Training Camp 



Youth International Affairs Talent Training camp 



Women in AI Launch Event


July, 2020

Google - Women Techmakers International Women's Day 2021 

IWD is one of the impactful event for Google. The IWD theme for 2021 is #CouragetoCreate. With 15 speakers ranging from AI, STEM, UX and D&I industries share their stories, experiences including an AI fireside chat. 

Mar, 2021

Data Scientists in Startups


Meet for startups X Taiwan Data Science Meetup

Apr, 2021

Paragraph image 06 00@2x
Welcome party for foreign students (Preparatory team)
Paragraph image 06 01@2x
Microsoft Innovate for Good
Paragraph image 06 02@2x
1st International Pioneer Training Program of CUST  (TCUS)

Honors & Awards

Hitachi company award - Business Innovation 

日立先端 業務革新賞

Jan, 2022

Won Hitachi FY21 company award - Business Innovation (業務革新賞)

Yonglin Foxconn Hope School Scholarship 

永齡・鴻海|台灣希望小學 優秀課輔老師 獎學金

Oct, 2012 

Yonglin Education Foundation 永齡教育基金會

台灣有20萬名學童,因為環境問題遭遇學習挫折,永齡・鴻海台灣希望小學用關懷與陪伴,走入學童家庭與成長環境,以專業課輔幫助學童克服學習落差,發展適性教育 鼓勵多元學習成就,擴大公共參與 發揮社會影響力。 


Dr. Li Yun Chen Memorial Scholarship 



NCHU 中興大學

Heritage 100 & Tutelage 100 Scholarship

「薪傳100 x 課輔100」獎學金 (第四屆)


China Development Industrial Bank Foundation 中華開發文教基金會

Devoted over than 100 hours of tutelage work to underprivileged junior students in remote areas


Paragraph image 01 00@2x


  • Scuba Diving
    • Open Water(開放水域潛水員證照) - PADI (Oct, 2017)
    • Advanced Open Water+ Nitrox (進階開放水域+高氧證照) - SDI/TDI (Oct, 2019)

  • Free Diving
    • Basic free diver (基礎自由潛水員證照) - RAID (Jun, 2018)
  • Baking
    • Hand-made baking class 美味甜點製作班 (Aug, 2017~Sep, 2017)
    • Hand-made baking class 美味手作烘焙班 (Jun, 2019)
  • Painting (Water Color/Acrylic/Oil Painting)

Paragraph image 06 00@2x
夜桜よざくら (Water color)
Paragraph image 06 01@2x
Diving with sea turtles 
Paragraph image 06 02@2x
Final presentation of baking class
Paragraph image 06 00@2x
Glow in the night painting: deer forest (acrylic)
Paragraph image 06 01@2x
Guitar Performance 
Paragraph image 06 02@2x
Dragon Boat Race

Volunteer Experience

NCHU Volunteer Team 



2010 Special Olympics Bowling Game


Translation Volunteer

July, 2010

Heritage 100 & Tutelage 100 Scholarship program  

中華開發薪傳100 × 課輔100計畫  


Volunteer Teacher 課輔志工

Yonglin Foxconn Hope School 


2012 – 2013 

Volunteer Teacher 課輔老師

2013 Country Music Marathon


Dec, 2013


Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation




2014 DanLin Canyon Marathon 


Feb, 2014 


2015 Taichung City Marathon


Dec, 2015 


2016 EarthRun


Apr, 2016


2017 Taiching Mofrun


Apr, 2017


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

國立臺灣美術館 志工隊

Oct, 2014 – Jun, 2019 (4 yrs 9 mos)


Godot Theatre: Volunteer 

果陀劇場 果籽志工

Apr, 2015 – Present

Volunteer / Teaching assistant



  • 劇場前台服務志工 & 行銷部行政工作
  • 音樂劇舞蹈創意課程 助教
  • 舞台劇基礎表演課程 助教
  • 音樂劇表演班課程 助教
  • 舞台劇進階表演課程 助教
  • 聲音創造工作坊 助教

2020 GOGORO × RE-THINK Beach Cleanup


Jul, 2020


Cosmetics Recycle Activity (Formosa County Beauty)

寶島淨鄉團  消費不浪費彩妝二手拍

Nov, 2020 - Now

因大量彩妝浪費的問題,寶島淨鄉團倡議「消費不浪費」的重要性,執行彩妝二手拍專案,協助大眾將用不 到的二手彩妝品找到新主人,物盡其用,減少垃圾及自然資源的浪費。

  • Volunteer (Finance team 財務組 & 產品分類組)
  • 富邦人壽將將好生活 幫地球深呼吸 (活動支援/結帳及發票開立)
  • 企業整理日 (翻譯及解說工作內容、引導並協助外籍老師執行彩妝整理工作)
  • 「遊綠川 從興出發」 綠川生活日 (活動支援/結帳及發票開立)

Taipei Arts Festival

臺北藝術三節志工 (臺北兒童藝術節、臺北藝術節、臺北藝穗節)

May, 2022 - Now


The Taipei Arts Festival is the product of an important cultural policy and has been held since 1998. It is an important platform that encourages young creation, provides a stage on which outstanding artists can bring their creativity fully into play, integrates related arts resources, and displays rich and diverse artistic inter-disciplinary cooperation. The various focused performances and art education activities every summer give citizens a quality aesthetic experience and create fond memories for the public. Also, related activities open up inter-disciplinary cooperation opportunities, activate the cultural and creative industries and promote the development of Taipei’s international tourism, pushing the Taipei cultural city image onto the world stage.

2022 I love ocean 🌊 Beach/Ocean cleanup

2022 我愛海洋 淨灘淨海-淨灘志工

Aug, 2022

Beach Cleanup Volunteer

Pyladies Taiwan 

Sep, 2022 ~ Now

助教 Teaching assistant /報到組 Reception team

Pyladies is a group of women developers who love the Python programming language. We are an international mentorship group with a focus on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community. We host monthly meetups with different topics such as beginners meetups, project of python presentation and tutorial. 

World Music Festival @ Taiwan 


Sep, 2022 Oct, 2022 

Liaison officer & translator for Estonian musicians Puuluup

The World Music Festival @ Taiwan is the island’s largest outdoor festival dedicated to world music.

Paragraph image 06 00@2x果陀劇場《接送情》志工前台服務

Volunteer team for Godot Theatre
Paragraph image 06 01@2x受訓學生參與 永齡鴻海希望小學 「夏日英雄榜」英語朗讀競賽 獲得區域決賽第一名

My student participated in Yongling Hope School English reading test and won first prize in the regional finals. We spent 2 months on the training of English reading.
Paragraph image 06 02@2x 中興大學志工隊

NCHU volunteer team
2022 Spring 音樂劇舞蹈創意 助教
2022 Spring Musical Dancing Course
2022 夏季 音樂劇基礎班 助教
2022 Summer Musical Basic Course
2022 藝穗節開幕活動 志工服務
2022 Taipei Fringe Festival Opening Event
Paragraph image 01 00@2x

Yonglin Foxconn Hope School 

<English teacher> 

  • Delivered English lessons including vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking, writing, and listening. 
  • Designed various games and activities to help students practicing English and increased student's interests. 
  • Have been invited to share the teaching methods and preparation of interesting exercises/activities with all teachers. 
  • Trained my student for English reading test and won first prize in the regional finals. 
  • Awarded scholarship for prominent teacher from Yonglin Foxconn Foundation.

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