Jules Repusseau


  Taipei, Taiwan

My name is Jules Repusseau, I’m a French postgraduate material engineer.

I acquired my master diploma in Polytechnic school of Lyon-1 in France. During my master program, I specialized in material simulation and biomaterial. By following courses on material simulation and participating in a Phd research project about it, I developed a strong interest in infinite elements therefore I want to extend research work in this field.

I have knowledge in material modelisation including hybrid composite mechanical properties (Hexcel 2016, Cermel 2018) , and microfluidic interaction (CNRS 2020). In my last job in the French national research center (CNRS) last year, I led research work on microfluidic systems applied for micro-vessel modeling. It was a part of CNRS’s cancer treatment research study. I was in charge of designing, implementing, automating as well as simulating the microfluidic system. My material engineer background brought my technical and scientific skills to work on a finite element simulation of the inflow model.

From 2020 I am pursuing an entrepreneur certification in Euratechnologies willing to improve my marketing and business development skills. In a previous work in South Korea I was host manager in a guesthouse and frequently have to deal with customer services in a multicultural environment.

I also built up data processing skills through data projects in my past working experiences. I’m skilled in data exploration, cleaning, analysis and deep learning model creation. As a side project I also run websites and marketplaces for Non-profit organizations.

I am a hard worker, I regularly come up with practical solutions to resolve complex situations. I am familiar with Taiwanese educational and working cultures, I studied engineering in National Tsing-Hua University (國立清華大學) and mandarin at the National Taiwan Normal University (師大) training center.


Work Experience

Technical Support  - Ackuretta

June 2022 - Now

Customer support: Help customers reach via website and ticketing system. Diagnose customers’ dental 3D
printers issue based on customer description. Offer redesign service for improved print. Fill technical report.
 IT developer: Create data automation between Inventory and webstore. Create an data flow to generate weekly
shipment report. I work on various website tool including ROI calculator.
 Software testing: Collaborate with RD to debug the 3D Cad software

Technical Support  - Splashtop

June 2021 - June 2022

ct as the initial point of contact for customers reaching via website and ticketing system.
Diagnose remote software issues remotely and solve them. Fill out debugging report.
 Pre-sale: Demonstrate Splashtop remote desktop program to prospects. Conduct product deployment in
prospect’s environment. Train customers for software usage.
 Product development: Collaborate with RD and customer to develop and finetune customized software features

Business Developer / BA  •  Euratechnologies

January 2020 - February 2021

I completed a business/entrepreneur certificate with Euratechnologies [France]. It's a 180-hour course about business development, operation, CRM, communication and presentation skills, etc. I’m proactive in doing business. My start-up project ended top 10 and won 15000 euro fund.

Assistant Engineer  •  National French Center for Scientifique Research (CNRS)

May 2020 - December 2020

醫療用微氣泡研究 - 合成微氣泡,測量微氣泡大小及界面電位,並分析實驗老鼠腦中的微氣泡核磁共振影像,為癌細胞標靶治療技術的研究。
o 超音波作用最佳化 – 研究超音波與微氣泡作用,透過流式細胞分析,得到微氣泡在體外實驗中最佳的傳送效果。
o 流體環境微氣泡實驗 – 體外腫瘤模型微流系統自動化,模擬血液流動環境,並檢測微氣泡鎖定腫瘤細胞精準度。

◦ Analyze MRI and echography: Using Machine Learning to analyze MR and echography imagery to detect glioblastoma in patient brain.

◦ Optimize ultrasounds performance : Lead study in ultrasound and microbubbles interactions. Coordinates with practitioners to optimize an ultrasound system for in vivo glioblastoma treatment.

◦ Build microfluidic system: Collaborate with microfluidic equipement vendor to find solution and setup microfluidic system for in flow cell culture.

Data scientist intern   •  Maprochaineauto.com

October 2018 - January 2019

o 資料分析 – 與汽車零售商合作,將其銷售資料用Dataiku資料清理與視覺化
o 預測 – 使用Python Scikit-learn 套件進行機器學習,分析消費者購車消費習慣並建立預測模型,做為汽車零售商的線上推薦系統。

◦ Engage with customers: Elicit customers requirements then build features and design user interface.

◦ Data analysis: Collaborate with retailers to conduct data pipeline processing and datasets visualisation using Dataiku.

◦ Predictions: Create predictions models under Python environment and use Automatic Machine Learning libraries to detect relevant criteria in purchase habits. This model can be implemented for recommendation system.

Engineer Intern   •  CERMEL

February 2018 - August 2018

軍規合成橡膠成分檢測 – 測試合成橡膠在高溫高壓環境中的表現,並設計訂定成分標準,檢測結果為軍規合成橡膠所使用。
◦ 材料模擬 – 研究爆裂物隔熱材料微球粒合成橡膠成分與調製配方。

◦ Composite elastomer testing: Elastomer material benchmarks design and testing in wide stress and temperature environment. Applications in military field.

◦ Material behavior simulation: Studies on particular elastomers composites materials using Matlab and research for a physical law description.


2019 - 2023


Mandarin Language

Professional intermediate level

2015 - 2019

Polytech Lyon

Materials engineering

2012 - 2015

Polytech Orleans

General Engineering


User Experience

  • User testing
  • Web usability


  • Competitor analysis
  • Business research


  • Chinese
  • English