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Joseph Tien (田茂堯)

Learning, thinking, communicating, creating, inventing, and enjoying.

Software Engineer
Taipei, TW
[email protected]

Work Experience

Truetel, Taiwan / Nauto, Palo Alto, California

Software Engineer, 2019/9

- Develop the system of an AI-powered, Driver Behavior Learning Platform to help predict, and reduce 
  high-risk driving events. 
- Work on a portable in-vehicle specified device which has ML chip, cameras, multiple sensors, LTE… and so on.
Design / Implement algorithms and logic.
  (e.g. Dealing with the signal from IMU sensor, deserialization, applying math model and extracting 
   useful information.)
- Focus on C++(14) development under Android JNI (Java Native Interface
), as well as Java development.
- High level system design, with scalable, real-time and multi-thread requirement.
 On the other hand,
  refactoring legacy code.
- Deal with cross platform compilation under ARM architecture, with Android OS environment.
- Build up infrastructure and tools, create Python or Bash script, helping development and analysis.
  (e.g. Offline playback system which later be used by test-automation, code auto-generating, result 
- Analysis performance and create efficiency profiling. As well as a
nalysis data from algorithm result or 
  backend feedback.
- Fully collaborate with team in California and Poland. Report TW C++ team's progress.

Central Information Technology Office of Belize, Central America

Technical Assistant (Engineer), 2018/9 - 2019/9

Obligation of Alternative Military Conscript for one year with the specialty of information and  diplomacy 
  under Technical Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize.

- Assist the IT project : "Motor Vehicle Registration and License Information System"

  (e.g. local promotion, function guidance, requirements collection, feedback analysis, troubleshooting...)

- Be the technology transfer consultant.

  (e.g. interpreting the technique, briefing the system and function, translating in the meeting…)

- Develop IOS/android/web applications.


Contract Engineer, 2018/3 - 2018/7

- Assist in developing the ETL systems of the bank AML projects, 

  using SQL, javascript and Pentaho Data Integration tool.

- Require the knowledge of database and the ability to efficiently process huge data. (up to millions of rows)

- Require being sensitive to data, so as, for example, to detect potential defects. 

- Require being careful of complex logic to prevent subtle but critical problems. 

Stark Technology Inc.

Intern, 2015/3 - 2015/6

- Assist in Developing a large SI project, 

  using C# with MVC pattern.


National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU)

Computer Science Master, 2015/6 - 2018/1

- Grade : GPA 4.2/4.3
- Lab: Computer Graphic and Vision
- Master Thesis : "Thin Structure Fabrication with Molding Technique" (See Projects section for details)

National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU)

Computer Science Bachelor2011/9 - 2015/6

- Grade : GPA 3.5/4.3
- Undergraduate Project : "Painting in the air" (See Projects section for details)


  • As a semi-senior engineer in an international startup company, I experienced the atmosphere of being energetic, spontaneous, and initiative. I'm responsible for the progress of our timezone, being well-communicating and easy-going. We together have worked on plenty of problems from scratch, brainstorming the proposal, co-work with the expert and customers from different fields, utilizing the new knowledge and tools that we've just learned, and coming out with clever, comprehensive, and logical solutions, but easy to be understood.
  • To summarize how I work, I'm well-known for my creativity to solve problems, as well as my persistence to conduct the best design with the correct philosophy. I care about efficiency a lot, always seeking the most ingenious way, but at the same time thinking deeply, trying to find the balance between the best and the quickest. Also, I'm always enthusiastic to try new thing, no matter for my job, my side project, or my life. I always catch up fast, but on the other hand, having good control and management of everything that I've done.


  • Language: Mandarin (native), English (fluent), Spanish (beginner)
  • Programming Experience:
    • Major:
      • C++, Java
    • Minor:
      • Scripting: Python, Javascript, Shell
      • Backend:  Node.js (Typescript), Golang, SQL
      • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JQuery
      • Mobile: IOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), Flutter (Dart)
  • Tools Experience:
    • gRPC, Protobuf, Flatbuffer
    • JNI, NDK
    • Tensorflow-lite, Eigen, OpenBlas
    • CMake
    • GTest, GMock, PowerMock
    • Docker, Github, CircleCI, Jenkins, Conan, Kibana
    • Express,
  • Relevant Coursework:
    • Lab research field (Computer Graphic)
      • OpenGL, Shader Rendering, GPU computing
      • Mesh Processing, Fabrication (3D Printing)
      • Depth Sensor (Kinect), Point Cloud Registration
      • Game Programming, VR & AR
    • Other courses
      • Cloud Programming, Parallel Programming, Music Information Retrieval, Functional Programming
      • Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures

Extra Curriculum Experience

  • Graduation Student Association
    • Event General Coordinator (2014/9 - 2015/6)
  • Student Association of CS Department 
    • Chief of Sport Affair Department (2013/9 - 2014/6)
    • Staff of Sport Affair Department (2012/9 - 2013/6)
  • NTHU CS Camp 
    • Staff of Management Department (2013/5 - 2013/8)
    • Staff of Activities Department (2012/5 - 2012/8)
  • High School Alumni Association
    • Event General Coordinator (2012/6 - 2013/9)
    • Staff (2011/6 - 2012/9)
  • MeiChu Competition Preparatory Association
    • Staff of Public Relations Department (2012/11 - 2013/3)
  • Basketball Team of CS Department
    • Team member (2011 - 2016)

Personal Projects


Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Binance Crypto Arbitrage Helper

- Flutter (Dart), Nodejs, Golang

- Introduce:
        - A tool to access to binance crytpo account, manipulate the asset, search and notify
          opportunities, help establish arbitrage(spot-futures) trading and manage profits.


Moblie App

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Belize Bus

- IOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), Web (Node.js)
- Google Map API, AWS
- Introduce:
        - A tool to query the bus timetable and transfer information,
          as well as some information of other transportation.
        - Comes with a taxi bulletin board.Futures-Cash
        - Also built an open data json api for the timetable.
- Links: 
Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745


- IOS (Swift), Web (Node.js)
- MVVM, AutoLayout, UserDefaults, Today Widget, Socket
- Introduce:
        - A convenient tool to manage and save the clipboard of iPhone.
        - Provide a web to synchronize the clipboard with the computer's.
- Links:
        Github (IOS)
        Github (Web)
Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Mony Note

- IOS (Swift), Web (Golang)
- Firebase & Google Sheet API, Threading & Race Condition
- FileManager & NSCoding, Camera streaming & QRcode
- Introduce:
         - An accounting tool dedicated for reimbursement purpose.
         - Allows users to synchronize the data with Google Sheet.
         - Provide a very simple web version for user to add record to a Google Sheet.
- Links:
        Github (IOS)
        Github (Web)

Novel Interactive System

Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Painting in the air

- Android, Java
- Mobile motion sensor, Real-time Network Interaction, User Experience
- Introduce :
        - An embodied interactive mobile painting system 
          that enables children to add their voice and action as materials into the painting  
          and enjoy drawing together by waving the mobile in the air.
        - Contains numerous functions and complete system, indicating marketing potential.
        - Makes use of the mobile motion sensors and analysis the data
          to achieve an innovative intuitive controlling pattern.
        - Has a smooth real-time network interaction between mobile and computer,
          also allowing multi-connection.
        - Won huge success in many contests.
        - Was reported by news.
- Link : 
        Demo Video
        Paper (Mandarin)
- Report : 
        News Report
        News Report
- Award : 
        1, 2, 3, 4 in Award section

* This is also my Undergraduate Project

Game Project

Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Bucky chess

Unity (C#)
- 3D rendering, Real-time network interactions, Complex Geometric Physics System
- Introduce : 
        - An innovative, cross-platform, connected 3D board game.
        - CCG (collectible card game), TCG (trading card game)
        - TBS (turn-base strategy), SLG (simulation game)
        - Has a very ingenious rule and pattern, 
          which means having potential of wide extension.
        - Won success on contests.
        - Was targeting to launch on the market.
- Links :
- Award : 
        5, 6 in Award section

Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Gravity Maze

- Unity (C#)
- 3D rendering
- Introduce :
        A multi-dimension maze adventure game.
- Links : 
        Propotype video

Research Project

Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Thin Structure Fabrication 

with Molding Technique

- C++, Unity (C#), CGAL, OpenMP

- Mesh Processing, CSG, Fabrication (3D Printing), Negetive Fabrication (Molding)

- Parallel Computing, Data structure, Algorithm

- Introduce :

       - A methodology to calculate the mold of a complex thin structure.

       - Simulating the process of assembly and disassembly.

       - Consider the reality into the calculation,

         fabricating the object using 3D-printer and molding material.

* This is my Master Thesis

Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Caricature Doll

- C++, OpenGL, CGAL

- Mesh Processing, CSGFabrication (3D Printing)

- Depth sensor (Kinect), Skelton, Face Feature

- Introduce :

        - Using Kinect to scan the body pose and facial feature, 

           so as to create a customized caricature doll.

        - Consider and calculate how to assemble, then fabricate the doll with 3D-printer. 

Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

CSG Command Line Tool

- C++

- Mesh Processing, CSG

- Introduce :

        - A command line tool for boolean operations and transformation of mesh.

- Link:


Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Ocarina Simulation

- C++, Matlab

- DSP, Mesh Processing

- Introduce :

        - A research about the relation between ocarina chamber and pitch.

        - Built a simple simulator from pitch to shape.


- First Prize

  Computer Science Senior Project Contest 2014

  Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University 

- Best Students Award

  Mobileheroes Contest 2014 - The User Experience Design of Smart Wearable Devices

  Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB/MOEA) 

- First Place

  International ICT Innovation Services Contest 2014

  Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB/MOEA)

  Ministry of Education (MOE)

  Chinese Society of Information Management (CSIM) 

- Golden Prize, Company Recommendation Award-Best Work, Most Potential

  4C Digital Design Awards 2014

  Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB/MOEA) 

- Best Game Design, Best Innovation, Most Popular

  Game Design Competition

  Nation Taiwan University

  Nation Taiwan University of Technology and Science

  National Tsing Hua University

  National Chiao Tung University

- Excellence Award

  Taiwan Original X Awards

  Taiwan Game Industry Promotion Association

  Taipei Computer Association

M.B.A Challenge Award

  FinTech Innovation Challenge (Mobile, Blockchain, AI)

  Hua Nan Investment Trust Corp.

  Institute for Information Industry