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Joseph Tien (田茂堯)

Learning, thinking, creating, inventing, and enjoying.

Software Engineer
Taipei, TW
[email protected]

Work Experience

Truetel, Taiwan / Nauto, Palo Alto, California

Software Engineer, 2019/9

- Develop the system of an AI-powered, Driver Behavior Learning Platform to help predict, and reduce 
  high-risk driving events. 
- Work on a portable in-vehicle specified device which has ML chip, cameras, multiple sensors, LTE… and so on.
- Implement algorithms
  (e.g. Dealing with the signal from IMU sensor, deserialization, applying math model and provide
  useful information.)
- Focus on C++(14) development under Android JNI (Java Native Interface)
- Deal with cross platform compilation under ARM architecture, with Android OS environment.
- High level system design, with scalable, real-time and multi-thread requirement.
- Build up infrastructure and tools, create Python or Bash script, helping development and analysis.
- Analysis performance and create efficiency profiling. 
- Fully collaborate with team in California and Poland.

Central Information Technology Office of Belize, Central America

Technical Assistant (Engineer), 2018/9 - 2019/9

Obligation of Alternative Military Conscript for one year with the specialty of information and  diplomacy 
  under Technical Mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize.

- Assist the IT project : "Motor Vehicle Registration and License Information System"

  (e.g. local promotion, function guidance, requirements collection, feedback analysis, troubleshooting...)

- Be the technology transfer consultant.

  (e.g. interpreting the technique, briefing the system and function, translating in the meeting…)

- Develop IOS/android/web applications.


Contract Engineer, 2018/3 - 2018/7

- Assist in developing the ETL systems of the bank AML projects, 

  using SQL, javascript and Pentaho Data Integration tool.

- Require the knowledge of database and the ability to efficiently process huge data. (up to millions of rows)

- Require being sensitive to data, so as, for example, to detect potential defects. 

- Require being careful of complex logic to prevent subtle but critical problems. 

Stark Technology Inc.

Intern, 2015/3 - 2015/6

- Assist in Developing a large SI project, 

  using C# with MVC pattern.


National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU)

Computer Science Master, 2015/6 - 2018/1

- Grade : GPA 4.2/4.3
- Lab: Computer Graphic and Vision
- Master Thesis : "Thin Structure Fabrication with Molding Technique" (See Projects section for details)

National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU)

Computer Science Bachelor2011/9 - 2015/6

- Grade : GPA 3.5/4.3
- Undergraduate Project : "Painting in the air" (See Projects section for details)


  • Language: Mandarin (native), English (fluent), Spanish (beginner)
  • Programming Experience:
    • C, C++, Java
    • C#, Javascript, Python
    • SQL
    • Mobile
      • IOS (Swift)
      • Android (Kotlin) 
    • Frontend
      • HTML, CSS,  JQuery
    • Backend
      • Node.js, Golang
    • Desktop
      • WPF, QT
  • Relevant Coursework:
    • Lab research field (Computer Graphic)
      • OpenGL, Shader Rendering, GPU computing
      • Mesh Processing, Fabrication (3D Printing)
      • Depth Sensor (Kinect), Point Cloud Registration
      • Game Programming, VR & AR
    • Other courses
      • Cloud Programming, Parallel Programming, Music Information Retrieval, Functional Programming
      • Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Data Structures

Extra Curriculum Experience

  • Graduation Student Association
    • Event General Coordinator (2014/9 - 2015/6)
  • Student Association of CS Department 
    • Chief of Sport Affair Department (2013/9 - 2014/6)
    • Staff of Sport Affair Department (2012/9 - 2013/6)
  • NTHU CS Camp 
    • Staff of Management Department (2013/5 - 2013/8)
    • Staff of Activities Department (2012/5 - 2012/8)
  • High School Alumni Association
    • Event General Coordinator (2012/6 - 2013/9)
    • Staff (2011/6 - 2012/9)
  • MeiChu Competition Preparatory Association
    • Staff of Public Relations Department (2012/11 - 2013/3)
  • Basketball Team of CS Department
    • Team member (2011 - 2016)


Moblie App

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Belize Bus

- IOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), Web (Node.js)
- Google Map API, AWS
- Introduce:
        - A tool to query the bus timetable and transfer information,
          as well as some information of other transportation.
        - Comes with a taxi bulletin board.
        - Also built an open data json api for the timetable.
- Links: 
Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745


- IOS (Swift), Web (Node.js)
- MVVM, AutoLayout, UserDefaults, Today Widget, Socket
- Introduce:
        - A convenient tool to manage and save the clipboard of iPhone.
        - Provide a web to synchronize the clipboard with the computer's.
- Links:
        Github (IOS)
        Github (Web)
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Mony Note

- IOS (Swift), Web (Golang)
- Firebase & Google Sheet API, Threading & Race Condition
- FileManager & NSCoding, Camera streaming & QRcode
- Introduce:
         - An accounting tool dedicated for reimbursement purpose.
         - Allows users to synchronize the data with Google Sheet.
         - Provide a very simple web version for user to add record to a Google Sheet.
- Links:
        Github (IOS)
        Github (Web)

Novel Interactive System

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Painting in the air

- Android, Java
- Mobile motion sensor, Real-time Network Interaction, User Experience
- Introduce :
        - An embodied interactive mobile painting system 
          that enables children to add their voice and action as materials into the painting  
          and enjoy drawing together by waving the mobile in the air.
        - Contains numerous functions and complete system, indicating marketing potential.
        - Makes use of the mobile motion sensors and analysis the data
          to achieve an innovative intuitive controlling pattern.
        - Has a smooth real-time network interaction between mobile and computer,
          also allowing multi-connection.
        - Won huge success in many contests.
        - Was reported by news.
- Link : 
        Demo Video
        Paper (Mandarin)
- Report : 
        News Report
        News Report
- Award : 
        1, 2, 3, 4 in Award section

* This is also my Undergraduate Project

Game Project

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Bucky chess

Unity (C#)
- 3D rendering, Real-time network interactions, Complex Geometric Physics System
- Introduce : 
        - An innovative, cross-platform, connected 3D board game.
        - CCG (collectible card game), TCG (trading card game)
        - TBS (turn-base strategy), SLG (simulation game)
        - Has a very ingenious rule and pattern, 
          which means having potential of wide extension.
        - Won success on contests.
        - Was targeting to launch on the market.
- Links :
- Award : 
        5, 6 in Award section

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Gravity Maze

- Unity (C#)
- 3D rendering
- Introduce :
        A multi-dimension maze adventure game.
- Links : 
        Propotype video

Research Project

Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Thin Structure Fabrication 

with Molding Technique

- C++, Unity (C#), CGAL, OpenMP

- Mesh Processing, CSG, Fabrication (3D Printing), Negetive Fabrication (Molding)

- Parallel Computing, Data structure, Algorithm

- Introduce :

       - A methodology to calculate the mold of a complex thin structure.

       - Simulating the process of assembly and disassembly.

       - Consider the reality into the calculation,

         fabricating the object using 3D-printer and molding material.

* This is my Master Thesis

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Caricature Doll

- C++, OpenGL, CGAL

- Mesh Processing, CSGFabrication (3D Printing)

- Depth sensor (Kinect), Skelton, Face Feature

- Introduce :

        - Using Kinect to scan the body pose and facial feature, 

           so as to create a customized caricature doll.

        - Consider and calculate how to assemble, then fabricate the doll with 3D-printer. 

Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

CSG Command Line Tool

- C++

- Mesh Processing, CSG

- Introduce :

        - A command line tool for boolean operations and transformation of mesh.

- Link:


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Ocarina Simulation

- C++, Matlab

- DSP, Mesh Processing

- Introduce :

        - A research about the relation between ocarina chamber and pitch.

        - Built a simple simulator from pitch to shape.


- First Prize

  Computer Science Senior Project Contest 2014

  Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University 

- Best Students Award

  Mobileheroes Contest 2014 - The User Experience Design of Smart Wearable Devices

  Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB/MOEA) 

- First Place

  International ICT Innovation Services Contest 2014

  Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB/MOEA)

  Ministry of Education (MOE)

  Chinese Society of Information Management (CSIM) 

- Golden Prize, Company Recommendation Award-Best Work, Most Potential

  4C Digital Design Awards 2014

  Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB/MOEA) 

- Best Game Design, Best Innovation, Most Popular

  Game Design Competition

  Nation Taiwan University

  Nation Taiwan University of Technology and Science

  National Tsing Hua University

  National Chiao Tung University

- Excellence Award

  Taiwan Original X Awards

  Taiwan Game Industry Promotion Association

  Taipei Computer Association

M.B.A Challenge Award

  FinTech Innovation Challenge (Mobile, Blockchain, AI)

  Hua Nan Investment Trust Corp.

  Institute for Information Industry