I'm a full-stack developer with industry experience building websites, RESTful API and so on. Using PHP and Go at daily work. Usually, using Docker and sometimes have to maintain services on a Linux based server. I also have enthusiasm for problem-solving and digging new techs like Microservices, Event souring, etc.

I don't know how to explain myself specifically because people change. However, I know one thing that will never change is my unwavering passion for being a developer, I know I can not stop doing this for the rest of my life. Also, I participate actively in software communities. 


Software Engineer, Dec 2013 - Present

PChomePay is a Taiwan company operating an online payment system that supports online money transfer, and it is also the main payment tool in Ruten which is one of the largest C2C platforms in Taiwan. Developers usually using PHP as the main tech stack in the company. In the last year, I'm trying to introduce the Go(AKA Golang) in our dev team, in order to overcome difficult implementation in PHP like concurrency programming.


  • Creating a webhook and gateway API to receive and connect to Seven-Eleven services in Go language
  • Defining RESTful API for Ruten payment tool and other third-parties to integrate with PChomePay payment service
  • Building data parser and integrating third-party service like NCCC, Seven-Eleven, ATM, and bank account link
  • Developing a new feature about the website
  • Sometimes have to log in to remote Linux server to fix or deploy services
  • Providing skills training to team members - 
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Web Developer, Oct 2011 - May 2013

Funtime is a website for finding affordable travel plane, fly tickets and so on

  • Maintaining Apache server and MySQL database
  • developing new feature using PHP and Javascript

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  • Familiar with PHP
  • Good understanding of Go(AKA Golang)
  • Mostly follow TDD develop flow
  • Understanding of design pattern and abstraction
  • Good understanding of SQL base database
  • Knowing how to use docker like building image, running container by docker-compose
  • Recently learning
    • Go programming language
    • DDD and microservice knowledge
    • Figuring out some microservice transaction strategies like SAGA pattern
    • Kubenetes
    • ELK



St. John's University

Management Information Systems

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