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Justin Joseph Taylor

[email protected]  •  (317) 832-9726  •  Nantucket, MA

A leader that is driven by a humanitarian vision and entrepreneurial spirit. His creativity is expressed through connecting people and ideas, along with finding new paths of communication in the community. He plans to unify Nantucket's leadership with a common self-sustaining vision and looks for a team to achieve this goal.


Wabash College - Wabash College is a small, private, liberal arts college for men, located in Crawfordsville, In.

Major/Minor:  Psychology/Religion                                                                                                                     2010 - 2014 (Did not graduate)


Principal, May 2015 - Present

Lean Guerrilla

A network of consultants and professional service providers for small businesses, start-ups and organizations.

  • Connected freelancers, consultants, and service providers to opportunities and clients
  • Consulted in 7+ industries including non-profit, real estate, technology, and education
  • Implemented software, strategic plans, fundraising partnerships, and marketing initiatives

Head Innovation Advisor, Jan 2013 - June 2014

Wabash College Career Services 

A department that offers services for Wabash Men to get them prepared for life after college.

  •  Organized school’s first entrepreneur competition called IdeaSpark, a 2-day idea pitch competition with over 40 attendees
  • Redesigned the Wabash Entrepreneur Summit, a speaker event with over 250 participants and 14 speakers
  • Lead a 4 person team in the development of school’s first co-working space and its programs

Founder, Feb 2012 - Aug 2014 


A higher education startup to solve college admissions problems using big data and social networking. 

  • Placed 3rd at Princeton's Boston Chapter Business Plan Competition
  • Raised $30,000 in investment and secured 8,000 customers
  • Learned about business strategy, venture capital, founding partner dynamics, and much more

Road Warrior, Jan. 2015 - May 2015

Thirst Project

The Thirst Project is a non-profit organization whose aim is to bring safe drinking water to communities around the world.

  • Coordinated a cross-country road trip via van for 14 weeks as spokesperson for youth focused water non-profit
  • Spoke to over 75 audiences of middle through college students via assemblies, conferences, and tabling to raise over $250,000 with team
  • Fundraised $4,000 with marketing campaign called #3daysofthirst using Periscope (>370 live viewers), SnapChat (added 200 new followers), and Challeng (crowdfunding)

Founder, Nov 2015 - Present

Young Creatives
  • Catalyzed community of millennials for a diversity of events focused around their unique talents
  • Hosted a 3-part think tank on affordable housing
  • Developed a business model for co-op housing on Nantucket 

A tribe of socially focused and driven young professionals.

Additional Experience

  • Co-Organizer at Entrepreneur Escapes
  • Consultant at Stryder Corp (Handshake)
  • Data Analyst at LeadJen
  • Advisor at W Advisors & Co
  • Marketing & Web Dev Intern at FindJive
  • Barista/ Marketing Tech at Handlebar Cafe

Work Examples

Pitch Deck Example.png

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck for Young Creative's co-op project. It was used for an event hosted with the Chamber of Commerce and Nantucket Community Music Center.
Business Plan Example.png

Business Plan

A business plan for Young Creative's co-op project. This plan was used to pitch to local organization for partnerships and secure $750,000 loan pre-approval.

Business and Market Analysis.png

Business Analysis

An business and market analysis, along with the beginning framework for a fundraising program.


Professional Development


Microsoft Suite, Wordpress, Squarespace, HTML5, CSS, JIRA, Google Apps, SAAS, Hubspot, Saleforce IQ 


Visioning, Strategy, Project Planning, Technical Ideation/Innovation, Brainstorming, Pattern Recognition, System Mapping, Market Analytics, Marketing, Fundraising, Partnerships


Entrepreneurship, Technology, Transformative Technology, Education, Community Building, Integral Theory, Action Inquiry, Consciousness, AI, Self-Actualization, Human Design


Justin is versatile and articulate, with an exceptional ability to learn quickly. He also thinks big, while developing clear, concrete goals that help him achieve a goal. His work on entrepreneurship in our office and his leadership among his peers has been invaluable.

Dr. James Jeffries, Chief Learning Officer at iScribes

It’s rare that I encounter someone of Justin’s maturity and communications skill. Justin has the heart of an entrepreneur, and tremendous enthusiasm to go along with that.  He is able to take more complex concepts and explain them in understandable terms, and explain them in different ways if the first explanation didn’t “click”.

Robert Shook, Program Director at  IBM