●個性及多元能力的培養與經歷 :






My name is Yu-Ching, studying in Feng Chia University, Department of Foreign Language and Literature.

To start my personal introduction, I would like to say that I am a person who is quite enthusiastic in different kinds of events and school campaigns. The most interesting and impressive school club is Taichung United Alumni Association. This club gave me a lot of chance to hold quite many big events with my peers. I’ve learned the importance of team works and I have also promoted my creativities through the time.

During my college life, I also minor in the Department of International Business. The reason why I have made this decision is because I would like to widen my possibility instead of limiting myself. I prefer to combine language ability and international business skills together. I think this combination can break the rules and make things possible.

As for English ability, I’ve studied English since I was a kid. Therefore , I am able to communicate, chat and have meetings with others fluently in English. As I study in college, I’ve got TOEIC certificate in the score of 840. Moreover, I am quite interested in Korean so I am also able to speak and listen Korean.

In addition, I have got the most precious experience since my second year in the university. That was, I have got a part time job in Uniqlo. It was such a hard work and also a great number of rules waiting for me to remember. I've learned to control the time really detail so that I could keep up working efficiently as my colleagues do. This work really gives me a lot of inspiration and experience which I will definitely cherish forever and also put them into practice along the way in other works.

I'm looking forward to use the skills that I've learned to make profits for your company. Thank you.

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建達補習班, 高中英文輔導老師, Sep 2019 ~ Feb 2020


康是美, 門市人員, March 2019 ~ September 2019 


UNIQLO, 門市人員, Feb 2018 ~ Aug 2018



逢甲大學, 學士學位, 外國語文學系 & 國際經營與貿易學系貿(輔系), 2016 ~ 2020


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