Kadiyali Srivatsa (Dr Maya)


Doctor, author, keynote speaker, visiting lecturer, publisher and inventor who worked in pediatric intensive care for more than three decades and later as family physician in UK. His mission is to “Fight Infections Saving Lives”. In 2006, he challenged healthcare providers and institutions in the High Court in London, to stop non-medically trained professionals, prescribe antibiotics. In late 1980s, he conducted observational studies, identified causes, developed methods and devices to reduce MRSA infections in hospitals. He warned healthcare profession about the threat of super bugs to healthcare industry and humanity. The callous attitude of people in power and healthcare professionals, helped MRSA create an army of eighteen bacteria viruses, fungus that is not only threatening our profession but also our very existence. He collected data, compiled a list of common symptoms, tested his hypothesis and created a simple tool called “MAYA” (medical advice you access). Integrating this innovation, he created Dr Maya Apps to help identify clusters of infection to prevent epidemics and pandemic. He believes “Knowledge of health is Knowledge of life” and so dedicated to help “Bring Tears Of Happiness”, by systemise healthcare advice, management to reduce social in-equalities in health.

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