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I learned Russian language in university and got the master degree with my graduate school thesis <social position of Russia’s LGBT in soviet and post-soviet time> I love to know different culture so I do love to talk to diffrent people and always feel free to make new friends, now i work at clothes shop , learned how to work with a team and how to finish the daily missions together.

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10/2016 ~ now

Work in clothes shop and work as a section leader ,learned how to train new staff to work as senior staff as possible , also learned how to work with a team and help each other to finish daily missions.
Make each new staff to enjoy the job as we do.


Work as a VIP top up assistant in mobile game company , learned how to analysis the costumers type and how can we get more sales from making new top up list and correct it.


Work as a Russian sales in molding machines company and learned how to communicate with different clients and how to work with Russians and how they work , it was a big challenge for me because it was my first job to work with Russians and need to speak Russian when I worked.

Skill -

Russian torfl LV.1

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