林承翰 JB Lin

I am a technical project manager who loves to develop software. I am familiar with communication, coordination with cross-functional teams and stakeholders, and be able to quickly clarify the requirements from various domains. 12+ years analysis and development experience in financial and software industries, including Credit Card Scoring System and Derivative Financial Pricing System, Logistics Transportation Management, icash e-wallet, and HR Performance Evaluation System.

Key completed projects/products:
- Logistics Transportation Management System
- SAP ERP/HR/BW upgrade
- Credit card receipts cloud solution
- 7-Eleven icash contactless
- Taishin Bank Loan on line project

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Fu Jen University (輔仁大學)

Master's degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering  2003 - 2005

論文:Under-Sampling Approaches for Improving Classification Accuracy of Minority Class in an Imbalanced Dataset

Yuan Ze University (元智大學)

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering 1999 - 2003

Work experience

CyberSoft (經貿聯網科技)   Technology Consultant  Dec, 2018 ~ so far

  1. Determine Banking SaaS Product roadmap, cost and profits, requirement analysis and development in fast-delivery, agile environment with automation testing, continuous integration.
  2. Requirement taking from customers and cooperation with Terminal team and other vendors.
  3. Technical survey and POC, including of development stacks and cloud solutions (Azure, GCP, Firebase). 
  4. Improve product's UI/UX and performance. Analysis of similar products and TA, performance tuning on AP and Database.
  5. Implementing Mircoservices based on ASP.NET Core and Vue.js.
  6. Implement Continuous Integration/Delivery based on Python, Jenkins, Ansible. 
  7. JIRA & Confluence admin. 
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Wah Lee Group (華立企業),Section Manager  Jun, 2017 - Oct, 2018

  1. In charge of dev team's budget and KPI, and development process optimization.
  2. Internal Agile and Technical Instructor.
  3. Outsourcing, vendor survey and management, project documents confirmation and bargaining, including of RFP, SOW, contract.
  4. Lead an 8-ppl dev team, responsible for eliminate team bottlenecks and strengthen the team's skills and capabilities.
  5. Coordination between cross-departments, stakeholders and customers.
  6. Completed projects/missions:
    - SAP ERP/HR Upgrade and PM(Plaint Management) module integration.
    - HR performance evaluation system that CEO and BU heads can scoring and distribute bonus based on the performance of sales.
    - Logistics Transportation Management System that can booking and schedule the Delivery order online.

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Wah Lee Group (華立企業),Senior Engineer Jul, 2015 - Jun, 2017

  1. Complete the Transportation Management System independently. From on-the-spot Field investigation, end-users requirement taking to go-live with Agile methodology.
  2. Complete Team Foundation Server upgrade and customize the Task board with the actual organizational process.
  3. Integrate and synchronize between SAP HR module and Microsoft AD.
  4. Build Official Websites for Taiwan and Shanghai.
  5. Create development templates, Nuget server and integration CI/CD flow with Microsoft Team Fundation Server to increase the development and deploy pace.


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ThinkPower Information (昕力資訊),Project Manager  Jul, 2014 - Jul, 2015

  1. Responsible for POC, SOW and project chapter and labeling a derivative financial products management platform project (TARF, Pivot, Options) of an industrial bank, serving as project manager and SA, from the establishment environment (soft and hardware), SVN version control, construction management, recruitment 7-ppl development team to go live.
  2. Focus on pricing logics of derivative financial products and establish a price comparison model and algorithm.
  3. Support system requirements taking discussion and Spec of Chunghwa Telecom.

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BankPro E-Service (金財通商務科技),Technical PM  Dec, 2012 - May, 2014

  1. Backend development Team lead. 
  2. Cooperate with the card-terminal team, NEC JP, and other POS vendors to complete the Contactless icash card project from kickoff to go live, including the Account system integration, online transaction certification and balance settlement. 
  3. Building Team Foundation Server and developing control processes. 
  4. Agile development process and serve as Scrum master. 
  5. Presale and system interviews and integrations for second-generation cards and Stand-alone card machines and services, such as gas station complex stores, Taipei/Kaohsiung MRT, etc. 
  6. Leading the team to win the second prize in the company's project evaluation in 2012 with icash Accounting and Settlement project. 

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BankPro E-Service (金財通商務科技),Senior Backend  Mar, 2009 - Nov, 2012

  1. Develop and launch the first 7-Eleven icash Android APP.  
  2. Migrate the maintain the icash accounting system, that can support settlement for different merchants.
  3. Analysis and develop icash reports based on the the consumer and product transactions.  

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Taishin International Bank (台新銀行),Software Engineer  May, 2007 - Dec, 2008

  1. Develop the batches of Credit card, Loan ETL tasks.
  2. Develop Credit Card Behavior Scoring and Loan-on-line systems.
  3. BU Requirement taking.
  4. Use SPSS Clementine / SSAS and Oracle PLSQL, Microsoft SQL Server to analyze customer data and credit card data.
  5. Development and maintenance of CRM website (ASP, ASP.NET, javascript).

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Visual Studio

Visual Studio Code 

MS Sql Server


Oracle database


Team Foundation Server/Azure DevOps Server


Tortoise SVN

Azure - App Service and SQL database






Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Affects

Microsoft Office, Project, Visio

JIRA and Confluence





Entity Framework Core 

Entity Framework 6 




Vue.js 2

Angular 5~






Domain Driven Design 

Design Patterns 

Unit test (MSTest, xUnit)

Load test


  • 2019 iThome 30 days iron-man-challenge : "Vue.js modern packages and samples".
  • 2018 iThome Serverless all-star Speaker.
  • 2018 iThome 30 days iron-man-challenge: "Design Patterns in real-cases".
  • 2017 iThome 30 days iron-man-challenge: "Learning ASP.NET core + Angular2".
  • TOEIC Score:765.


  • Chinese
  • English

                                 Project & Product Quickview


透過整合卡機及簽單合成系統,電子簽單服務是一個跨平台且支援快速佈署、橫向擴充的線上服務。 我主要擔任產品規劃前期的微服務軟體架構及設計,包含前後端、認證及金鑰交換系統。 產品中期負責跨部門需求討論及整合(包含卡機及端末管理系統介接) ,並支援開發簽單查詢等相關使用者介面功能。 後期調校簽單傳送及查詢效能至三倍以上,並參與導入至收單行過程,透過使用者研究及需求訪談以改善產品。

專案管理工具:JIRA, Confluence

使用技術/平台:ASP.NET Core 2.2 + Entity Framework Core + PostgreSQL, Vue.js, Redis, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible

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1. Survey廠商(顧問)、License、議價、RFP/合約/SOW、建立專案計畫書及外包管理

2. 促進兩岸業務單位使用者及顧問合作完成三大模組之整合測試

3. 協調其他部門專案計畫及排除障礙,歷時一年成功完成升級

PS. 純專案管理,本身不具備有SAP導入或ABAP開發能力

專案管理工具:MS Project, Visio, Sharepoint

TMS 運輸管理系統

藉由ASP.NET MVC5及AngularJS打造一個可快速建立託運單及排車的系統,支援熱鍵帶出資料、 複製託運單及主動儲存草稿、合併排車任務及產生調度計劃書等功能。
此系統由我獨力實地探查、 訪談使用者及開發,以Scrum進行。

專案管理工具:TFS task board, Visio, Astah UML, 白板/便利貼

使用技術/平台:ASP.NET MVC5 + Web API, Entity Framework 6, AngularJS, Gulp, MS Sql Server, SSRS, UML

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帶領七人團隊完成以TRF、Pivot、Synthetic Forward為主的交易管理平台。

專案內擔任PM/SA/QC 負責專案時程及成本、甲乙雙方資源協調及軟硬體設備,並實際設計整個系統資料庫結構及訪談交易員,建置核心的比價(Fixing)功能函式庫。

專案管理工具:MS Project, Visio, Astah UML/ERD

使用技術/平台:SVN, C# Library, MS Sql Server, TDD, UML


擔任三人後端團隊Team lead,與NEC及統一超商合作從規格訪談至全省佈機上線。主要擔任帳務Technical PM,負責與各家廠商訪談規格、至統一相關通路做Presale,及建置線上交易(認證、加值、扣款)平台及後端帳務清算系統,支援Stand-alone卡機及POS之交易。

專案管理工具:MS Project, Visio

使用技術/平台:ASP.NET MCV5 + Web API, jquery, MS Sql Server, IIS

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Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745


支援後臺管理及內容審核之官方網站,後續並以此平台微做客製化導入至其他兩家海外公司。 網址 

使用技術/平台:ASP.NET MCV5 with Identity, jquery, MS Sql Server, IIS, HTTPS, Google Analytics, 百度統計/站內搜索/地圖



使用技術/平台:ASP.NET MCV5 + Web API, Vue.js, Gulp, Redis, HangFire, MS Sql Server

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Side Project : Lottery Chatbot

Lottery Bot 是基於微軟Azure雲端及智慧應用程式服務之 Chatbot,提供查詢台灣彩券的開獎號碼, 以及使用資料探勘(關聯式規則)來預測下一期幸運號碼。
更多介紹: (目前服務已經下架)

使用技術/平台:ASP.NET Core, Bot framework, Azure App Service and Cognitive Services

Side Project : 福委會入口網站

使用ASP.NET Core + Entity Framework Core+Angular 5開發之福委會問卷網站。
支援以Windows Authentication登入填寫問卷,並提供生日會及尾牙抽獎簡報(Full page)。

使用技術/平台:ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Angular 5, Google Firebase

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Paragraph image 01 00@2x 1a3881c875a7a1fb1e859435ef9363b5ddf36f4e73d1ad63a1a0af69f2a9f745

Open-source Project : EzOracle

以Window form為基礎之Oracle 10g GUI軟體,支援P/L SQL查詢及Tansaction,並可匯出Table Schema文件。

使用技術/平台:C# (Winform), ADO.NET Oracle Provider

使用ASP.NET Core及Microsoft Bot framework 打造對話機器人 

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