Karen V Davison Plano

Emergency Room Nurse

Karen V Davison Plano is a Registered Nurse who works in Plano. Karen Davison has been active in this role after she graduated college with a degree in nursing. She has a wealth of experience in this role and is capable of performing blood tests, patient care, as well as administering a wide range of medications and treatments.

Work Experience

Emergency Room Nurse  •  Texas,USA

Karen V Davison works in Plano in one of the city's busiest hospitals. She has been involved in the healthcare industry after receiving a degree in nursing. Karen V Davison enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends. She regularly hosts parties at her home where she welcomes those close to her.Karen V Davison is a Nurse. She has worked in healthcare since graduating college and is currently based in a busy hospital in her hometown of Plano. Karen V Davison is fully licensed to work as a Nurse in Plano and hopes to continue her work for many years as it's her true purpose in life.


Texas Board of Nursing


Karen Davison has worked in the healthcare industry after she graduated college. She holds a nursing license from the Texas Board of Nursing. She would like to continue working in healthcare as she demonstrates a natural affinity for working closely with her patients and assisting with their recovery.


Healthcare Industry Expert

  • Emergency Room Nurse
  • Healthcare Professional



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