Karim Mostafa

Embedded Software Engineer

Determined Embedded Engineer who's been into couple of hackathons and competition and got out on the first place, exceling in what I do is what I strive for, and I take none other than being the best in what I do




Smart Garage Control

Based on Atmega microcontroller, Servo motor, LCD, Infrared sensors
Drivers designed and implemented for project: LCD and Timers  

Safe Door Locker

Based on 2 Atmega microcontroller, one “HMI” for user interfacing using LCD and Keypad and the other
“controller” for storing data in an external EEPROM, controlling the DC motor and the Buzzer used for alarm.
Drivers designed and implemented for project: Timers, I2C, UART, LCD AND Keypad.


Based on Atmega microcontroller and six 7-segments connected to a microcontroller using 10 GPIO pins “4
pins for two 7-segment and 6 pins for 6 transistors for selection”, with 3 buttons for Start, Stop, and Resume
Drivers designed and implemented for projects: Timers and external interrupts.

Simple Calculator

Based on Atmega microcontroller, LCD and keypad connected to calculate any of the 4 basic operations with
up to 3 numbers calculations.
Drivers designed and implemented for project: LCD and Keypad.

Motor control

Based on Atmega microcontroller, DC motor, LCD and potentiometer to control the speed and the directions
of the motor.
Drivers designed and implemented for project: LCD and Timers.

Bank management system

Using C language, creating a system to withdraw or deposit money in the system using the customer ID code
and name, the whole project was created using the idea of a pointer to structure.


2017 - 2022 (Expected)

New Cairo Academy

Bachelor of Communication Engineering


ARM Architecture based on TM4C Micro-controllers Course

  • ARM Architecture and Programming Model. 
  • TM4C GPIO Driver. 
  • SysTick Timer Driver. 
  • NVIC System: 
    • TM4C Edge Triggered Interrupts.
    • SysTick Interrupts.
    • Fault Exceptions. 
    • Software Interrupts.
  • TM4C PLL Driver.

Embedded Automotive and AUTOSAR Device Drivers Course

  • AUTOSAR Layered Architecture.
  • AUTOSAR Device Drivers.  
  • AUTOSAR and C Misra Rules.
  • Automotive buses Lin and Can. 
  • Implement Dio and Port AUTOSAR Driver for TM4C Micro-controllers. 
  • Final project to apply the full layered architecture model.

Full Embedded Systems Diploma

  • Basic Concepts of Embedded Systems. 
  • C Programming. 
  • Data Structures (Linked-List, Stack and Queue). 
  • AVR Micro-controllers Interfacing (Implement all the drivers). 
  • C for Embedded Applications (Embedded C). 
  • A brief about Real Time OS (RTOS). 
  • Software Engineering.
  • Embedded Tools.


  • Software Engineering
  • ARM Architecture
  • Embedded Systems
  • Data Structures
  • C Programming
  • Real Time OS
  • Architecture
  • Programming
  • Embedded C
  • Automotive


  • Arabic — Native or Bilingual
  • English — Native or Bilingual
  • German — Intermediate
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