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李鳳君 Anna

Anna , a positive and goal oriented person , is good at Customer Relationship Maintenance, Project Management and Cross-Departmental Communication. 

Three years of experience in the Marine and SaaS industries 
More than three years of project planning.

  [email protected]

  (+886)961333263


Chinese - Proficient 

English - Upper Intermediate

Taiwanese - Proficient


#Project Management

#Product management

#Process improvement

#Customer relationship maintenance and management

#Cross-departmental resource integration and 



Hard Core Technology Corp 

— Project Owner/Senior Customer Success Specialist

Oct 2021 ~ Present

- Project Owner of GoFreight Pay, one of the most profitable value-added services of the company, and be in charge of this project from A to Z. 

- The go-to person of both internal and external accounting affairs. 

- Host webinars to clarify laws and regulations of different countries and discuss implementation of accounting features with Product Managers. 

- Supervise the email reply quality and assist team member to solve tickets according to the CS procedures. 

- Create internal cross-department SOP and optimize CS efficiency. 

- Complete the project of accounting manuals. 

- Improving the customer service process, guiding customers to use new functions which enhance the sales channel dramatically. 

- Assisted with the product development and UI/UX design by collecting user feedback. 

— Customer Success Specialist

Feb 2021 ~ Oct 2021 

-Take responsibility for all the Generic & Enterprise customer support with a special focus on the accounting section via email, Wechat and Whatsapp. Familiar with product logic and solving common questions. 

- Identifying customer needs, analyzing pain points and providing the best solution. Enhance and optimize customer processes.

- Build user manuals and host product training in English and Mandarin. 

- Coordinated with interdepartmental personnel to effectively track tickets. 

- Maintain knowledge of maritime transportation and accounting. 

- Build multiple email templates which increases not only efficiency by 900% but also reduces errors and ensures consistency. 

CMA CGM Group — Port Operations Officer

Feb 2019 ~ Feb 2021

- Cooperate the cargo delivery and handling process with terminals and suppliers. 

- Integrate supplier status and coordinate with internal departments. 

- Cost estimation and control. 

- Conduct crisis handling. 

- Build DG SOP and organize internal documents to optimize the process facilitate and efficiency. 

- Arrange import and export cargo affairs and shipping schedule, correspondence with international agents. 

- Handle payment business. 


Nov 2018 ~ Feb 2019

- Executive tasks at SA stage.

- Assist project cycle report.

- Assist to test with QA control during the development process.

- Assist to monitor planning and document signing at the stage of project execution. 

Horizon Fixture Group Co., Ltd. — Product Manager

Jul 2018 ~ Sep 2018

- China, US and Europe business contact, responsible for quotation and product introduction, product management and other related matters. 

- Cross- departmental coordination and delivery confirmation within the factory. 

- Presentation to international clients during their visit. 

- Follow up and complete more than 10 samples of project production processing. 

- Build PM SOP to make the process run smoothly. 

- Purchase various raw materials and negotiate prices. 

- Receive international customers and assist to answer the question of products. 

- Respond to customer complaints, and provide a better solution and service for the customer.

(Intern) SINBON Electronics Co., Ltd. — Sales Assistance Intern

Jul 2017 ~ Dec 2017

- Processing and organizing of shipping orders and orders. 

- Confirm delivery date and arrange export/triangle trade HUB operation and follow up one- step production. 

- Assist sales to handle sample/NRE Charge/transportation charges and other internal requests for payment. 

- Assist sales to handle internal administrative operations related to sales business. 

- Handle other business matters. 

Student Organization

學生會副會長,Oct 2017 - Jun 2018 

Advocate for students' rights and organize various activities, and specialize in publicity, public relations, and event planning.


Jul 2015 - Jun 2016 

Lead the team to hold two large-scale employment recruitment activities and three corporate visits. About 2,000 participants/time.


Jul 2015 - Jun 2016 

Joined International Volunteer in my freshman year and served as the vice president of the club in sophomore year. I've served in Cambodia, Burma, and Hsinchu Cinsbu. - Planning of volunteer services - Creating teaching materials. - Leading the team to accomplish the task - Handling all payment and bill in club.


Jul 2015 - Jun 2016

As a Residence Officer, you know how to keep everyone in a group (residents) safe and responsible.

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