KC.Grace Lu

 English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation for 5+ year; started learning data analysis; I would love to continue to be part of the technology industry and seek new challenges in different business models.

[email protected]

Recent Work experience

Books.com(博客來, e-book Web-app tester ,  (2021/04-2021/06)

-Trouble shoot new functions from user's perspective; in charge of tracing problems on iOS devices and Web.

-Complete around 70-120 test per day: escalate key issues, demonstrate how to duplicate problems, and record known issue in daily reports.

Freelance translator and interpreter , (2016-present) 
-Project based translation cases from Kinaesthetics, cook book, documents, to family tree. 

Recent work: the Xie Family Tree (謝氏)(Chinese-English)
Previous work (published): 創新創業教戰手冊(Steve/The Startup Owner's Manual 1e) (合作翻譯)

More work Experiences

Keeda (then Grindr LLC), Translator/IT trainer, (2019/11-2020/11)

-Translated the course materials of GDPR and CCPA training.

  GDPR&CCPA fundamentals (2020), implemented the course frame, with 96.25% completion rate. 

  Anti-Phishing training (2020), with 97% completion rate of 115 employees.

-Facilitated cross-function meetings, and published all-hands meeting minutes weekly.

Keeda (then Grindr LLC), Admin/HR, (2019/01-2019/10)

-Performed HR function, monthly recruit 2-5 moderators; further provide orientation for new on-boards.

-Contact window for GrindrLCC, plan visits of 6+2 members from marketing and legal teams.

-Facilitate bilingual monthly meetings between CS team in Taipei and T&S team in LA.

Academia Sinica, assistant, (2016/07-2018/12)

-Manage office affairs and assist major events such as 2018 international forums and miniworkshops.

-Escort international scholars from the US, Spain, Australia, South Korea, etc.; arrange accommodation, transportation, and manifest hospitality during their stay.

Achievement: I assisted Prof. Robert Serrano, who has zero eyesight, from Brown University since landing to departure: escorted him from the airport to hotel, accompanied him to workshops and forums, plan and execute his itineraries, and showed him arround the Sinica.

Education Background

National Taiwan University, B.A. in DFLL & minor in Anthropology, 2006 ~ 2011

-In sophomore and junior years, I was an English/Chinese campus tour guide for visitors worldwide; in the second year I was promoted as a course TA to conduct English trainings and learning materials to students in NTU.

*National Taiwan University is widely considered the best university in Taiwan. The QS World University Rankings (2020) placed it at 69th worldwide and 22nd in Asia. 

Taipei First Girls' High School, 2003 ~ 2006

-Won fifth place in English writing competition in Taipei City


  • English (proficient)

          TOEIC: 985

          IELTS: 8.0

  • Spanish (DELE A2)
  • Mandarin Chinese (Native)

Computer skills

  • Microsoft, Excel
  • SAP_Litmos

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