KC Tung 董昆鑫

A magazine covered and award-winning executive with intense experience mastering both digital transformation and general management. Proven track record of strong sales, business development, online marketing strategy, data-informed management, and business consultation performance. Expert presenter and negotiator; able to make critical decisions during challenges and build relationships with strategic partners for business goals.

Sales Director | General Manager | eCommerce Mentor
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- Created from the ground, established the industry standard of growth support ecosystem for Taiwan exporters. Connected with 1000+ B2B suppliers as a consultant and helped them achieve uncountable e-biz revenues. Obtained 30% of the market share in Alibaba B2B service sector, being recognized as “The Most Influential eBusiness entrepreneur” among the B2B eCommerce community.

 - Worked from scratch, opened up global markets and new channels, revenue grew 400% in 5 years from 37 million to 145 million in the sinking optical disc media printing & packaging industry.

 - Established a solid data-informed e-based corporate operation system across administration, supply chain, sales activity, and customer retention for 1000% business expending.

 - The Winner of Alibaba eCommerce Competition Taiwan 2014.

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FANTASTICALI EC SERVICE CO, LTD, Founder and President, Jan 2016 ~ Jan 2020

Founded this successful 2nd business to support small to medium business achieve their objectives by private consultation and providing solutions to optimize their business performance across a broad range of areas with particular focus on sales, eCommerce, and human resource management.
Obtained Certified Alibaba Partner title and engaged with 1000+ B2B corporates growing their business online and offline.

Partnership with Alibaba to establish a Taiwan client support system helping B2B sellers opening up the global market with an efficient path.

Organized and participated in 300+ events of lectures, training, consulting, and sales competitions as The B2B eBusiness Mentor.

Gave business consultation and supervised cross-functional teams to overhaul the sales marketing process and modernize antiquated sales management system to modern internet and e-based applications at various companies across different industries. Helped 4 of them win Top 10 Alibaba
Suppliers in Taiwan award.

Obtained 100+ customized consulting service contracts, guided and coached various SMEs, in redesign or launch of new eBusiness team from recruiting, skill training, performance motivation, cross-team communication to a total sales BU solution, driving to greater engagements and sales revenues. Conducted total contract value of 40 million dollars.

Recruited, trained a competent consultant service team of 12 from the ground for this leading-edge business.

TST INNOPRINT CO., LTD, General Manager, Jan 2007 ~ Dec 2019

Built packaging and printing client-focused value-added service solutions, formed, led, and linked all functional teams by adapting the outdated paperwork process into a modern e-based system for a
400 sales growth in the early stage. Transformed the core business from traditional business to a well-blended online and offline B2B service enterprise in the later stage.

Defined business core values, set company vision, form functional teams operation, production, logistics, and finance, Led teams to determine company's customer minded operation policy, and implemented a new ERP system as the business management frame.

Communicated and negotiated with strategic partners to establish a bullet-proof chain from supply to sales channels, result in 4x revenue growth over five year time.

Implemented Alibaba eCommerce operation, obtained 1st Prize of Top Alibaba B2B Taiwan
Suppliers award December 2014 with an outstanding growth by a new data-oriented and minded team, a solid foundation for being the mentor of Taiwan B2B eBusiness later on.

Downsized organization and redesigned operation process to adapt industry updates with an emphasis on workforce upskilling for more exceptional efficiency results 25 reduction of cost, 30 more contribution per person, and 50 new client sales revenues.

TST INNOPRINT CO., LTD, Sales and Finance Director, Jan 2003 ~ Dec 2006

Established printing and packaging sales teams designed to help global partners make offshore
printing and packaging production to add values to their product presentation or their production
service branding.
Led sales teams, and drive to acquire markets, exceed sales target 400, created 200 revenue
increase within three years.
Researched market and clients in-depth, transformed the low-margin disc commodity trading
transactions into a high-margin value-added total media printing and packaging solution business,
results in 120 increase of sales margin.
Developed quarterly and annual budgets, defined and monitored monthly analytic reports,
maintained the operational cash-flow, all from scratch.

AMOR COMPUTER BV, Sales and Customer Service Manager, Feb 2000 ~ Dec 2002

My role was to manage the European computer parts sales and service. AMOR was a subsidiary of
ABIT Corporation Taiwan, the ex-top five motherboard maker.

Responsible for Benelux and Nordic territory of sales, ran co-op activities and on-site roadshow support with distributors, resulted in a record high sales revenues with 30 growth.
Led the RMA and FAE teams for pan European customer service, implemented consumer satisfaction program for better consumer experience and branding, received The Most Friendly Customer
Service award from PC Magazine 2001 poll.
Applied data-driven work process across both service teams to manage upcoming customer calls, repair materials and ECN manpower, resulted in a 50 cut of repair time and serval early discovered design defects, saved multi-million cost preventing it from recalling and repairing.

ABIT COMPUTER CORPORATION CO., LTD, Territory Manager, Mar 1999 ~ Feb 2000

Responsible for retaining 3 major accounts in the company, accounts 20 of the corporate revenue
with record high sales of 4 million USD a month on a single account.

ABIT, Sales Representative, Mar 1998 ~ Feb 1999

Responsible for the-rest-of-the-world business development as a rookie, tried hard in every
aspects needed for a senior sales manager, resulted 14x sales exceeding target, plus a company
record high single order in revenue from the area.
Traveled, visited global distributors on-site on a regular basis, signed 2 new annual sales deals for 2
million USD.


UC BERKELEY UNIVERSITY, English Language Program

August 1997 ~ January 1998

TAMKANG UNIVERSITY, Bachelor of Business Administration

September 1991 ~ June 1995

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