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Yun Hao Hsiao (蕭昀豪)

Highly motivadfaeted software engineer, eager to support the dev team with excellent coding skills. Developed 3+ projects on Github. 

Cooperative design thinking coach. Invited speaker at NTUIB, NCHU, and NTUIM workshops.

 Phone: (+886) 963098836 |  Email: [email protected]

GitHub LinkedIn |  Personal Website

| Education National Taiwan University, 2017-Present

Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Management

Overall GPA: 3.88/4.3

Ranking top 20% every academic year

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| Capacities


  • Chiniese(Native)
  • English
    • TOEIC 765, 2017
    • GEPT High-intermediate first stage, 2016

Programming Language

  • C++ | Python | R
  • HTML | CSS | JavaScript
  • PHP
  • SQL

Programming Knowledge

  • Data Structure
  • Algorithm
  • Networks
  • Database Management
  • Computer Security
  • Operations Research

| Projects 

TCP client-server communication system in C++ 

  • Use C++ to build a TCP client-server communication system
  • Implement self-defined protocol on the application layer to ensure reliable data transfer
  • Use thread pool technique in server program to handle multiple requests from clients

Text Mining Tool in Python 

  • Compute the useful numerical measures of the given documents or corpus
  • Use AVL tree as the based data structure to increase efficiency

Database Project: Delivery Service in MySQL 

  • Build a delivery system like Uber Eats
  • Build an ER diagram and database diagram to determine the structure of database
  • Build SQL queries to access MariaDB

| Experience

Computer Security

  • Attend 2019 Advanced Information Security - Summer School, Jul.2019 - Aug.2019
  • Get 47th place out of 692 teams with my partners in 2019 watever CTF, Dec.2019
  • Participate in the first stage of 2019 AIS3 EOF CTF, Jan. 2020

National Taiwan University Presentation Contest 6th

  • Enter the final stage, where only 12 people are selected, Dec.2018
Design Thinking
  • Invited as a coach of design thinking workshop by the NTU International Business Camp, Jan. 2019
  • Invited as a coach of design thinking workshop by the Health and Counseling Center of National Chung Hsing University, Nov. 2018
  • Invited as the lecturer of design thinking in the NTU Information Management Camp, Jul. 2019
  • Attend the NTU d.thinking club, Mar 2018 - Feb 2019
Career Diary Campaign, held by the City Wanderer
Jul.2019 - Aug.2019
  • Conquer a series of challenges, including "free hugs", "face to face bartering with strangers". 
  • Experience the lives of various occupations, e.g. salesperson of Cathay Life Insurance Co.,Ltd. 
  • Do interviews with the influential people, e.g. the founder of Zashare, Ozzie SU

Other Activities

  • Selected the first stage of the "CEO for One Month" program of Adecco, May 2019
  • Attend the NTU student association, and set up an exhibition about gender friendliness, Sep 2018 - Feb 2019
  • Attend the artistic design department of the NTU mental club, Sep 2017 - Jun 2018
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