Ken Li

Visionary user centered product manager who loves to be the pioneer in exploring creative ways to solve hard problems. 

[email protected] |
(415) 819-8512
San Francisco, CA

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   PM & Design Skills

  • Understand users through active listening, personas, scenarios, and journey maps
  • Identify system bottlenecks using service blueprints
  • Facilitate meetings to prioritize everything with 2-by-2's, dump & sort, and stack ranking
  • Lead team to continuously expand their strengths and create healthy dynamics that encourages mistakes and improve weaknesses

   Technical Skills

  • Sketch for wireframes and mockups
  • Prototyping in code in HTML, CSS, & JS
  • Familiar with SQL and Excel VBA
  • Tableau 10 Certified

   Culture Fit

  • Adapted to China and Singapore culture
  • Heavy user of Chinese consumer apps
  • Empathetic about US-Asia differences


  • English - Native  
  • Mandarin - Native 
  • Cantonese - Native


  • PM bootcamp @ Product School
  • BA in Economics @ UCDavis 
  • Exchange @ University of Göttingen


Product Manager of Business Intelligence @ Pivotal, Oct 2015 - Present 

Product manager aspires to make analysts rockstars in their jobs and cultivates a data-driven culture for Pivotal. Leads a highly entrepreneurial team in Shanghai. Identifies business needs and develops strategies to improve end-to-end data analytics offerings including data warehouse, BI applications, and enablement.


  • Identify user problems from interviews, observations, and participating in their daily tasks

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders on defining data goals and strategies

  • Drive data pipeline optimization by implementing business process changes with clients

  • Streamline cross-function team collaboration by setting clear scope and deliverables.

  • Operate product concierge services to support user throughout

  • Own the designer's responsibility in creating personas, wireframes, and mockups

  • Cultivate user-centric approach and agile methods in product team

  • Motivate and guide team members on career directions and development


  • Initiate database architectural changes to eliminate nearly 85% of data integrity issues, significantly decreasing user's time spent in data validation.

  • Advise and guide data acquisition process changes for the client to obtain higher quality data with 10% less manual effort.

  • Automate over 80% of routine reports for key business units such as Global Support Services, Sales Operations, Pivotal Academy, and marketing


Product Manager & Cofounder @ SPEC, Dec 2012 - Oct 2015

Entrepreneur owning product and business development working with team of five to make a mobile product that helps build trust between peers in the global car enthusiasts communities. Learned that a successful startup must focus on aligning its visions and product goals with user values during the 3 years of full time engagement.

Product Development:

  • Built synergy between team members and users by defining and advocating shared vision

  • Developed strong relationship with 30 core users whom offered valuable product advice

  • Exceeded 1000 profiles with 50% active users within 6 months with almost no budget

  • Studied automotive aftermarket industry and tested assumptions through demo sessions

  • Coded and refactored web and mobile front-end to achieve UX consistency and scalability

  • Implemented landing page and user onboarding from design to code

  • Contributed to system design with self-taught backend knowledge and made product trade offs

Business Development:

  • Successfully acquired 3 paying clients to pilot our web service program

  • Developed sales and marketing strategies including prioritizing potential customers, finding effective ways to get in contact for demo opportunities

  • Worked closely with shop owners to convert loyal their customers to our users

  • Designed user on-boarding and marketing assets for partners

  • Responsible for revenue forecast and cashflow management


Revenue Assurance @ EMC Singapore, Oct 2011 - Oct 2013

  • Created revenue training and support plans for each Asia country finance team
  • Played key role in hiring decisions and owned the new hire training in Singapore
  • Communicated effectively crossed-functions to ensure proper revenue recognition

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