Kenny Hsieh

A data analyst with proven experience in deriving insights from data and implement action-oriented solutions to business problems with management consulting methodology. Possess strong commitment to teamwork with the ability to contribute expertise.

Seeking opportunities related to Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer for Graduate Hire.

Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]


Data Analytics

• Python 

Machine Learning : Scikit, XGBoost, LightGBM 

Deep Learning : PyTorch 

Big Data : Spark, Hadoop Ecosystem

Data Engineering

Network : Nginx, OpenResty, Flask

Database : MongoDB, MySQL, Redis

MQ : Kafka, ELK

Microservice : Docker, Kubernetes

Work Experience

Big Data Engineer Intern | IBM, Great China Development Lab

2019/7 - 2019/8

  • Researched and designed cognitive asset with appropriate architecture and open sources 
  • Developed a POC of scalable real-time streaming data pipeline to fulfill client application scenarios

Machine Learning Intern | TenMax ADTech Lab Co., LTD.

2019/3 - 2019/6

  • Analyzed the E-commerce platform customer clickstream log data, delivered customer behavior data-oriented insights 
  • Developed a repurchase propensity prediction model, increasing accuracy of precision advertising mechanism 
  • Performed large-scale data processing pipeline and complex feature engineering only using standalone server

Machine Learning Intern | Delta Electronic, Analytics and Optimization

2018/7 - 2018/8

  • Researched and Implemented deep learning algorithms to extract knowledge graph from domain-specific corpus 
  • Developed automatic corpus data collection package, able to accelerate following projects up to 30% faster
  • Achieved the industrial criteria and POC by coordinating with domain experts and data scientists


MSc of Information Management | National Taiwan University

  • 2018 - 2020
  • Research Area : Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain

BS of Information Management | National Sun Yat-sen University

  • 2014 - 2018
  • Award : Academic Excellent Student Honor for 6 Times, Academic Honor Undergraduate


Projects 00 00@2x

Automated Trading Agent 

in Cryptocurrency Market

Proposed an automated trading agent that could assist investors to maximized the value of portfolios. By leveraging the sentiment analysis, technical indicators and Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient, our agent is able to achieve +3% ROI in certain conditions.

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