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My outreach project that attracted 2.75 million visitors to our website that sold privacy informational products. $220k in sales.

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Negotiated product placement on MrRobot TV show with viral campaign that generated 6000+ leads in 1 day. Improved SEO and domain authority.

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Content marketing and SEO traffic generated 1000's of attendees and 100's of SaaS subscriptions from weekly co-branded webinars

Work Experience

Automation88, Founder, Apr 2018 ~ Present

Lead generation experts helping companies transition from email to SMS text marketing and grow their business using AI and chatbots. We've nearly perfected the prospecting, nurturing and qualifying of leads in many industries.


Pwnie Express, Digital Marketing Lead, Apr 2016 ~ Apr 2018

Pwnie Express was a cybersecurity company. My job was to plan and execute all growth digital marketing efforts & measurable demand creation programs that drove pipeline through direct sales team efforts. Focused acquisition using SEO, paid, lead generation campaigns, content marketing, ABM and PR.
Successes: Wall Street Journal, WIRED, SC Magazine, AdRoll, CIO, Fortune, Wired.

Email marketing with HubSpot and Salesforce. Grew contact database from 2200 to over 140,000 with inbound, prospecting and retargeting campaigns

Sales enablement, traffic reports, persona research and competitive analysis

Grew lead generation program to 6,000 MQLs per month (not a typo) using content marketing and joint venture webinars with cybersecurity professionals

Negotiated product placement on #1 TV show Mr Robot -


Nuance, Sr. Inbound Marketing Director, Sep 2014 ~ Oct 2015

Transitioned Nuance marketing from an outbound call marketing model to a search-based inbound marketing user acquisition strategy. SEO, paid advertising (ABM, retargeting, Adwords, social)

Hired and managed a team of 5 for inbound marketing & lead generation, SEO, content writer, email marketing (Eloqua)

First 6 months with Nuance, increased MQLs by 32% and increased on-page lead conversions from 3% to 18%. SQL leads improved with better persona targeting that resulted in better pipeline and response

Developed educational “lunch and learns” for my division and international marketing teams to modernize marketing mindset


ORSYP Software, Digital Marketing Manager/Director, Oct 2011 ~ Mar 2014

Hired by CEO to take a $20 million consumer and enterprise software model into US markets.

Redesign website (WordPress), improving site structure, page construction, content, keyword themes & SEO copywriting. Ran several content audits to improve traffic indexability and lead funnels.

Built automated programs using social media, SEO and paid search across 7 key international markets. Drove pipeline lead growth into Salesforce and Marketo.

Used Marketo marketing automation to retarget users from segmented Salesforce database (ABM) and drip marketed them into an email autoresponder filled with articles and infographics. 24% open rate.

Creatively built social media and organic campaigns to beat out competition and improve organic rankings. Drove traffic resulting in 8x growth during 2012. 60+ blog posts, ebooks and infographics.


Metalogix Software, Search Marketing Manager, Dec 2009 ~ Jun 2011

Startup employee #3 hired to build marketing plan and go to market strategy. Developed a new website using Ektron and Hubspot.

Researched and analyzed competitors to understand the industry and gain data on what worked and improved upon competitors. Wrote Python scripts to crawl competitors and obtain pricing data.

SEO and PPC spend $25,000/month that brought in 70+ leads per day. Constant optimization and landing page offers were tested. Reduced cost per lead from $1000/lead to $65/lead.



University of Massachusetts - Lowell, Civil Engineering, 1992 ~ 1997

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