Kent Chen

A responsible and motivated person seeking a challenging position that offers growth in the software and hardware fields. Working in the tech industry for nearly seven years, including four years in the hardware field and three years in the software field. I'm familiar with the project process (from RFI to MP) on hardware. Experienced in new feature innovation and troubleshooting issues related to software. I would like to continue to devote myself to the tech industry and to apply my experience further more.

  Taipei City, Taiwan       [email protected] 

  1991/3/10                      0960-653893

Work Experience

Oct. 2018 - Nov. 2021 

Sr. Project Manager  at  HODWA Co., Ltd. 

[Project Process- NPI]

1. Innovate and release a new feature monthly.

2. Develop the key features for App.

(Trigger function, App Scan LAN, System Log)

3. Write the feature SPEC for engineers and designers.

4. Coordinate with RD leaders to construct a monthly development plan. 

5. Negotiate with engineer leader and designer to achieve the common good.

[Leadership Management]

1. In charge of 50% of the lectures for newcomers.

2. Guide the sustain PM to deliver four enhancement proposals per month. 

3. Mentor the sustain PM to create the SOP for company.  (Software test, FAQ, and App content format) 

4. Arrange one on one meetings with the sustain PM each season.

[Inventory Management]

1. In charge of the cargo shipment.

2. In charge of the part-time worker training.


1. Assist HR in hiring RD and PM team members. 

2. Has interviewed over 30+ candidates.


1. Create three KEY SOPs for company from ground up. 

(Project process, Trouble shooting, Inventory Process)

2. Manage five device vendors and in charge of the purchasing.

Jul. 2014 - May. 2018

Product Control Coordination at Wistron Corporation

1. Responsible for tracking the component from vender to make sure the Notebook or Desktop can be built up on time.

2. Solve the problem in production lines with factories in China.

3. Maintaining the BOM list to make sure it's error free.

4. Coordinate with other function teams for the material and product issues    .

5. Recycling all of the test material when the product is in MP stage.

6. Train the freshman on how to start a new case.


2009 - 2013

National Sun Yat-Sen University 

Business Administration Department


Trigger Function

It’s the function that App can set the specific value of sensor, controller, or other weather information. Once firmware detects the value has achieved above setting, then it can prompt other controller devices to update state automatically.

System Log

This function allows Gateway to record the log regard to the Device log, Gateway setting, connection, and application. Gateway will store the log and recycle the data regularly.

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