Kent (Chia-Hao), Hsu

I am a Process Engineer working at Corning Display Technologies Taiwan with experience on data analysis and project development on manufacturing issue troubleshooting. With enthusiasm for programming and data technology, I kept building up my software skills and looking forward to contributing my knowledge to solve more real world problems at different fields.


Programming Language

  • Python: data engineer tasks
  • Java: object-oriented programming
  • SQL: database interaction

Data Engineering

  • ETL Data Pipeline
  • Data Warehouse
  • Streaming System

Software Development

  • Version Control: Git
  • Container: Docker
  • Workflow Automation: Airflow

Data Storage

  • SQL: Postgres
  • NoSQL: MongoDB
  • Cloud: AWS S3 / Redshift

Data Processing

  • Pandas
  • SQL script
  • Apache Spark

Data Analytics

  • Statistical Significant Test
  • Multi-linear Regression
  • Exploratory Data Analysis


Manufacturing Process Modeling

  • Simulated process phenomenon with Gaussian regression and tuned coefficients by L1/L2 regularization
  • Developed a data application to demonstrate modeling results and machine learning concept
  • Delivered fundamental understanding solving manufacturing issue and saved process downtime

Dimension Data Model

Udacity Data Engineering Nanodegree

  • Redesigned data storage by extracting data from CSV files to relational (Postgres) and NoSQL (Cassandra) database
  • Built fact and dimension tables with star dimensional data modeling  as a basis of an OLAP data warehouse

Data Warehouse with AWS S3 and Redshift

Udacity Data Engineering Nanodegree

  • Built an ETL data pipeline to extract data from S3 data source and deposit the data into staging area on Redshift
  • Transformed and loaded data to create a data warehouse with dimensional data modeling tables

ETL Data Pipeline with Apache Spark

Udacity Data Engineering Nanodegree

  • Utilized Apache Spark to build an ETL pipeline and interacted with data stored in AWS S3 with JSON file format
  • Completed data ingestion and transformation then stored data back to AWS S3 in Parquet file format

Data Pipeline with Apache Airflow

Udacity Data Engineering Nanodegree

  • Scheduled a data pipeline with Airflow to complete routine ETL jobs and monitor task status
  • Run data quality check to confirm data pipeline works as expected to guarantee data lineage

Optimizing Public Transportation with Kafka

Udacity Data Streaming Nanodegree

  • Built a stream event pipeline to simulate and display train line status in real time
  • Serialized/Deserialized data with Apache Avro and manage data schema with Schema Register
  • Managed 3 Kafka producers with Producer/Consumer, Kafka Connector and REST proxy
  • Processed Kafka consumer streams by Python streaming library Faust and writing SQL statements with KSQL

Evaluate Human Balance with Spark

Udacity Data Streaming Nanodegree

  • Built a streaming system with Kafka without influencing a running application
  • Processed Kafka producer data with Spark Streaming and transformed data in real time
  • Send data back to application with Kafka consumer to build a new application feature


Forming Process Engineer

Corning Display Technologies Taiwan Co. Ltd

Oct 2017 - Mar 2021
Taichung, Taiwan

Data Analysis & Project Development 

  • Modeled process with regression over-fitting concept and saved 50% troubleshooting downtime
  • Optimized in-field equipments to prevent undesired equipment interaction, mitigated defect loss by 75% and decouple future design interference
  • Demonstrated leadership on developing new ultra-thin glass product and delivered 1.5 times product output


National Taiwan University

Master of Chemical Engineering

2015 - 2017


  • Molecular simulation by Fortran ran on Linux servers (CentOS)
  • Utilized Python and Bash script for image processing and handling hundreds of  jobs and files

Extra Coursework

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Data Structure and Programming
  • Algorithm

National Taiwan University

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

2010 - 2014



  • Chinese (native)
  • English (business): TOEIC: 805
  • Japanese (intermediate): JLPT N2


  • MongoDB University - Developer
  • MongoDB University - DBA learning path
  • KT troubleshoot methodology (PSDM)

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