Kai-Ting, Wang 汪楷庭 

In a such information explosion era, I am willing to accept knowledge and new information while training my ability to think critically. I want to internalize useful experience into my strength, step out of the comfort zone and move forward, and always consider the environment that can be improved. I hope to use my information expertise to analyze and improve, build solutions that can solve existing problems, and Contribute to my community.

0952-297-885 | Taichung,TW | [email protected]


National Changhua University of Education 2019 - 2023

Bachelor's Degree in Technology Major in Computer Science 
Expected Graduation 2023 
 GPA 4.2/5 in the first year (1st place)

Skills and Competencies


Proficiency, able to write programs that meet the needs.


Proficiency, able to write programs that meet the needs.


  • C/C++
  • Git
  • HTML

  • TensorFlow (Keras)
  • Android
  • Linux

Extracurricular Activities (Related Experience)

DSC NCUE, Google Developer, Core Team member, Aug 2020 - Current 

Encourage a community organized by school students to discuss Google’s development technology. Learning knowledge and experiencing that organizing communities and activities. Not only have more opportunities to improve the development of technology, but also make more like-minded friends.

NCUE, Department of Computer Science, Judge and Assistant, Nov 2020 - Dec 2020

2020 CCPC Central College Program Design Competition.

  • Provide problems and test-bench, maintenance of the system.

Ministry of Education, Judge and Assistant, October 24th, Oct 2020

2020 HACC High School Academic Competence Contest (Computer Science).

  • Provide problems and testbench, maintenance of the system.

SITCON Student Computer Conference, March 2019

2019 Participated in SITCON 2019 Student Computer Conference

  • There are many industry personnel engaging in SITCON who comprehend the talent demand that the industry generally needs and will start getting in the future direction.

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