Shuo-Yun (Kevin) Kang                                                 

  : [email protected](+886) 958-632-239 

Work Experience

B2B Project Internship  •   Inline Apps Limited                                                                 2021/12 - 2022/06

  • Conducted market research to filter the target audience, and collaborated with team members 
    to build up a lead pool of 1000+ companies.
  • Made 250+ cold-calls to potential corporations and achieved a conversion rate of 10% closed won. 
  • Assisted sales managers with setting up meetings, taking meeting minutes, and drawing up 
    contracts for 10+ corporate clients. 
  • Delivered sales pitches and signed contracts with 5+ companies and 10+ restaurants.
  • Established the standard workflow of the Corporate Order Service from 0 to 1 with the managers.
  • Managed 15+ corporate accounts, which accounted for 50% of the project's GMV, with tailored proposals, immediate customer support, and coordination between companies and restaurants.

NLU Applied Techniques Intern  •   Droidtown Linguistic Tech. Co, Ltd.                        2020/12 - 2021/03

  • Collaborated with a team to develop a chatbot, which allowed users to search for the ticket price 
    and the current timetable of Taiwan High Speed Rail.
  • Designed the conversation process, built 70% of the sentences in the language model, and wrote 
    20% of the Python code in the chatbot project.
  • Improved the reply accuracy of the chatbot by 30% through gradual revision of the sentence structure based on user experience and personal linguistic knowledge.

Linguistics Intern  •  Glossika                                                                                           2018/09 - 2019/01

  • Boosted the registration rate by 10% by promoting the main product to customers and guiding potential clients to product experience at the "Meet Taipei - Startup Festival".
  • Annotated 500+ new data in the English database and optimized 30% of the annotated data. 

Education Background

National Taiwan Normal University  MA, Department of English                                   2020/09 - Present

National Chengchi University            BA, Department of English (GPA: 4.01/4.3)              2016/09 - 2020/06

Extracurricular Activity

NCCU Pop Dance Club                       Coordinator of the In-club Battle Activity

  • Recruited and coordinated the crew to organize an 80+ person activity.
  • Increased the number of participants by 15% through redesigning the concept and rules of the event.

Personal Ability

  • Mandarin: Native / English: Fluent
    TOEIC - (L&R) 985/990 ; (S&W) 370/400
  • Microsoft Office / G-Suite


  • Keep up with the latest issues through platforms such as YouTube and Podcasts
  • Watch sports games, movies and dance.
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