Tian Kevin

Study After graduating from the middle school, at the Huaxia Technical College, the original choice is mainly to hopes that he can understand more in the field of science and technology commodities and electronic, from the most basic board welding to the entire computer's internal equipment understanding and computer software. Cognition, also participated in the operation of the program and the operation of computer painting element map, plus the students' constant help and discussion, step by step, gradually has basic knowledge and skills, plus teachers and schools encourage the test, tutors and The teachers also carefully teach us. The students discussed learning, and spent a period of time to prepare for the test, but the exam is a few accidents, that is, when the road is checked, it is not careful to be called. The whole arm is instantaneous, and after some Small correction, but finally passed, and obtained the qualification certification specified in the school, it is quite worthy, after graduation, take the Taiwan employment market with the threshold for the educational skills required by the current environment, choose to continue to upgrade the second skills to increase their own The wider field of learning and institutions, the future outline, my personality will be discussed before and after the completion of one thing, and complete it. At present, the study experience During this period, you will know how to learn and work, let me know how to learn and operate, so that I have learned the norms in group life and individuals in expertise, as well as interpersonal relationships and cooperation . First step into the FAE ecology: I have never been RD, I got to kill the industry, began to talk about the marathon learning method, understand the industrial spirit and culture of Microchip IC, whether it is product solution and application, other operators IC's function comparison, customers use IC The above problem (hard body or soft body problem), all kinds of technical capabilities, even sample application and production product structure plan planning, FA test (production line passensible or customer flights), Their unique process is walking, this is a set of FAE standard itineration. First step into the factory ecology: Also have experienced Hananda Technology to take the factory production line, from the product PCB washing, on the test, power-on function test, watch the voltage current is normal, and whether the soft interface is normal to output display data, and then do A large number of long-term materials testing and thermostat test, high temperature testing, all kinds of experiments, let me experience the product in the customer's hand is the operation method of the program step, not the programs. The first academic combination work: Learning to the international certification company, learn the knowledge of safety, the main measurement of the regulations is the BSMI 14336-1 and the IEC 62368 version of the UL2054 and UL2056, whether it is testing, and the environment, it is necessary to comply with international standards. Different standards have different test methods and discriminates, and of course, there is also a so-called restricted value distinguishing part, and there is a power supply, pen electricity, host, wireless charging, action power, charger, and servers in my handicapped products. Power, computer power, projectors, etc. Other information products and power products, the company, this company is because it can be combined with my research institute, and also communicate with the boss can make me academic research through the company's instrument and equipment. Experiment, thanks to the boss and company to provide equipment environment to obtain an experimental data discussion, completing the report of the experimental results.

  Taipei City, Taiwan  


Safety test engineer  •  Weicheng International Verification Co., Ltd

七月 2020 - 二月 2022

Information product safety test Power product test
A small number of mobile power tests
Energy consumption product testing

Production engineer  •   Haoheng Technology Co., Ltd.

十二月 2019 - 五月 2020

1. Maintain and verify the product circuit
2 Semi-finished hardware and software testing and programming support
3. Production process mechanism analysis and improvement suggestions
4. Production testing and shipping procedures for production (DVT)
5. Production document SOP production
6. Environmental test through fixture
7.RMA produces semi-finished products and inventory
8. QC verification and product packaging and shipping
9. Support car charging department to replace consumables (charging board, charging cable)
10. Assemble large-scale instruments AC/DC LOAD and other power-related instruments
11.Contact with the manufacturer of the parts, and contact with the parts manufacturer about the samples
12 Laboratory Management Shuzhenghang Software System

Analogy IC FAE Engineer  •  Hongya Technology Co., Ltd.

七月 2017 - 十一月 2018

I belong to the part responsible for analog power products
1. Product marketing (hardware + MCU + peripheral products USB CAN LAN )
2. Solve the problems encountered by the client when using the product
3. Help the company sort out all the products shipped over the years and classify them into different categories (establish a database)
4. Make a product approval letter (some information is required when the customer wants to import this product to their board
let them admit
5. Make FA report (defective product analysis report)
6. To make Microchip PCN, what are the project changes in the part numbers used by the company and should be sorted out and sent to customers to let them know
7. Assist the business to compare and import the item number
8. Assist in holding product introductions for some large customers and also be responsible for introducing products
9. When customers are interested in some part numbers and make samples for customers' reference (most of them tend to be power supplies)
10. For customers to use product attributes, they must first construct the internal block diagram structure and plan which ones to use.
Part No
11. Make finished products of peripheral testing equipment to facilitate the customer's on-site assistance to deal with the problems encountered by customers


2020 - 2022

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

lithography optics , Temperature control of semiconductor components

2012 - 2014

National Taipei University of Technology

Power Engineering


  • Electric vehicle electromechanical integration license
  • Class C Industrial Electronics Technician
  • Class C Digital Electronics Technician
  • Product Structure Evaluation
  • Product mass production introduction plan
  • Production specification sheet
  • Production of engineering samples and management
  • PCB sample test inspection
  • product or part test verification
  • Production of product operation documents


  • English — 中階
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