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Kevin Wang 王愷文 


  Age 38 (1984-04-19)

  Taipei, TW (R.O.C.)

   +886 (0) 960660888

  [email protected]



Web Development

  • JavaScript (ES6+) / Vue / CSS3 / Node / Java (Spring Boot) / MySQL
  • Bootstrap / ElementUI / Vuetify
  • SPA / RWD / RESTful / Webpack / Git
  • VSCode / Eclipse / Postman / Docker / SourceTree  / Gerrit / Jenkins


  • Chinese - excellent
  • English - great
  • Taiwanese - understand

Business Development B2B 

  • Customer relationship management
  • Negotiation
  • Communication skills
  • Business Analysis
  • Business management skills

  • TOEFL-iBT - 92/120
  • GRE (verbal - 380/800, Math - 720/800)
  • Programming - Vue, Javascript, Java, NodeJS


you are appreciated to view my work in the below link:



Expected Position

  • Position Type: Full-Time position
  • Position Category: Frontend Engineer 
  • Expected Salary: NTD 780,000+ / Year
  • Location: Taipei
I appreciate your time for reading my resume. Since graduated, I've experienced in many positions at different industries, such as Fin-Tech, Hotel, FMCG, and Venture Capital. As a result, I have gained different domain knowledge. Moreover, I'd like to absorb cutting-edge technologies and always be passion and dedicated to my work. Last but not least, as help others makes me feel great, I always open my arms to assist others. I'm currently looking for a position which can build my connections with other, and also the treatment is fulfilled my expectation. I tend to get the challenge job with potential salary package. If you consider I'm the one fitting the open position, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I expect to get your call or email.  sincerely appreciate! Stay Healthy!

Work Experience

Six Facet Limited 香港商六寰科技有限公司 

Frontend Engineer, Aug 2019 ~ Dec 2020

  • Responsible for front-end development in projects. From anticipating UI/UX and function design, implement, to develop backend API.
  • Participate in projects, such as:
1. B2B system for China Construction Bank project:
    • This project is to build the APIs service system for CCB so other enterprises can use CCB's APIs. This system allows enterprise clients to use the selected APIs and use them after application submission is approved
    • I was in charged to develop the frontend, including the functions implementation/ optimization, and the control panel for administrator to manage (e.g. Application approval, APIs management, and user privilege control, etc. )
2. The claim system for FWD Singapore project:
    • This project is for FWD Singapore to build the e-claim system.
    • I was responsible for accomplishing the dynamic PDF file, including all the information the applicant provides. The generated PDFs could be different due to different insured roles (employee, spouse, or child, etc.), the exist of specific beneficial, or the chosen insurance package.
3. The Co-Browsing project
    • This project is to achieve the online contact accomplishment for insurance company where applicant and agent can be in different location. Both parties can see the same screen but with their own access privilege to the fields. (e.g. agent can not sign the e-signature for the user). Moreover, This system has the chat room and concall function. And agent can records the screen for policy purpose.
    • I was in charge of implementing all the frontend function and UI. 
  • Act as a bridge between clients and the company for delivering solutions and maintaining relationships.
  • Skills and tools in used: Vue, Vuetify, ES6, CSS3, H5, Java, SpringBoot, Mustache, RESTful, Oracle SQL, RESTful, Agile Development, Postman, Chrome DevTool, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Swagger, Gerrit, Slack, SourceTree, Agile.

PlugAndPlay China 即聯即用(中國)

Investment Manager, Mar 2017 ~ Dec 2017

  • Searching for tech startups with technical barriers or competitive advantages.
  • Act as a buyer to perform due diligence for startups, from the core members' background check, technical content study, to product inspection in person. On the other hand, I act as a seller to present and promote the startups and their product to the investment committee.
  • Participate in cross-border program, which helps global startups land successfully in China market. I had assisted startups to join the technical runway or the conference.
  • Post-investment management, such as advising startups' routine operation in PnP's incubator ecosystem, or helping their business development.
  • Skills: Due Diligence, Time Management, Negotiation, Communication, B2B Sales, Business Analysis, Presentation, PowerPoint.



Tendering Representative Apr 2016 ~ Dec 2016

  • The company had owned a high class hot spring resort, and I was in charge of looking for and negotiate with those well-known hotel management companies to take over the property. 
  • Through interpersonal network and social media, such as LinkedIn, Weibo, etc., I've reached around 10 foreign/domestic management groups. Some of them are well-known, such as Howard Johnson (the U.S.), ClubMed (France), and Libre Resort, etc.
  • Many times, I brought the investigated representatives to visit the resort, and introduced the hotel properties with investment proposal in both Mandarin and English.


Business Development Representative Jun 2014 ~ Feb 2016

  • Expanding the business opportunities of the east region in China market.
  • Achieve the assigned quoter KPI.
  • Monitor the merchants' sales conditions of the products and give assistance if needed.
  • Review the weekly result with the manager 
  • Prepare the training materials, including product knowledge, time management, and sales skills, for the new co-workers.


UCLA Health System

Jr. Full Stack Engineer, Mar 2013 ~ Dec 2013

  • Build an internal system for UCLA staff to file documents. According to the manager's requirement, using Drupal7 with PHP, MySQL, and frontend languages to build the system. By using phpMyAdmin to connect and manage the database, and by using Ajax, JSON, and XML to interact with the backend.
  • Design and mockup UI/UX (Adobe XD)
  • Build the database. (MySQL)
  • Program skills: PHP, Javascript, CSS3, MySQL
    Tools and other skills: Adobe XD, Sublime Text, phpMyAdmin, Chrome DevTool, etc.



California State University, Long Beach 加州州立大學, 2010 ~ 2013

Master of Science in Computer Science

  • In school, besides learning the knowledge of computer science and the network, I was more focused on practically building projects.
  • Build an 3C e-commerce website as a graduate project, including functions such as backend MySQL database, user privilege, shopping cart, and billing system.
  • Several years of overseas study and work experience have broadened my vision and cultivated my ability to solve problems by myself.


Soochow University  東吳大學, 2003 ~ 2008

Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science

  • Class outline: Computer Concept, Data Structure, OS, Digital Design, Algorithm, Digital Image Processing, Network Security, MIS, Business Management, Financial Accounting, Patent introduction and Application, Organization Structure and management.
  • Programming Language: C, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Cobol, VHDL, Visual Basic
  • My graduate project is to use Visual Basic based on RFID technology that simulates a monitor device, which is worn on a the prisoner on parole to trace his activity region.
  • Join the Harmonica Club and the Volleyball Team
  • After graduation, I have basic computer related knowledge and basic concept of enterprise management. The knowledge and skills I've learned in the university play a certain role in my previous works.

Impressions from friends:

  • Think logically and detail-oriented
  • Easy-going and sociable 
  • Curious about things and keep learning 
  • A quick learner and learn by mistake 
  • Open-minded and respectful of other’s opinions 
  • A self-starter and a good team player 
  • Genuine and trustworthy


     Compare to others, my past work experience have crossed a wide range of domain, as a result, I‘ve not only gained many valuable skills during these years but also clearly understood what kind of job fits me. For example, by running a hostel business, I’ve realized how difficult to raise funds for a startup and learned experience in controlling costs. In addition, I had worked as an investment manager in an international VC corporation. I built connections with many investors and mastered the skill in targeting investments as well. My last job is as a front-end engineer (also titled an Application consultant) of the micro-service system. I like to learn new skills, which brings me fulfillment. I believe these experiences could be helpful to my future work!

     I’m brave to face challenges and learn from mistake. As to my working style. I’d like to think, to ask, and to explore the principle of things. I have many habits, such as camping, mountain climbing, reading, or appreciating a movie. In daily, I like to learn cutting-edge technology related to my work.

     The years of work let me truly realize that frustrations in work are inevitable, but what's more important is how we choose to deal with it. I believe that "Be nice with people" is the most important, as successful people are always having good connection with others. 


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